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5 Easy Steps To Qualify for the Potential MetaMask Airdrop

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Airdrops are powerful wealth creators. Instances involving Starket (STRK) and Blur (BLUR) have shown us that. The sheer popularity of these airdrops — hype, quick exchange listings, and more — have made us even more optimistic about an upcoming MetaMask airdrop. Read through as we list the easy steps that could help you qualify for the potential and much-anticipated MetaMask airdrop event. 

Is there an airdrop for MetaMask?

MetaMask, a popular DApp browser and credible Ethereum non-custodial wallet teased a token — MASK — back in 2021.

The peek was later validated by Joseph Lubin, the CEO of ConsenSys, in March 2023, when an official confirmation and a possible decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) formation came to light. 

However, Lubin teased the token in 2021 in the form of a cryptic tweet.

The potential of an upcoming airdrop may cause you to consider migrating if you are using MetaMask alternatives like the Coinbase Wallet or Rainbow Wallet.

Did you know? MetaMask, the popular DApp browser and Ethereum wallet, is a ConsenSys product. ConsenSys is founded by Joseph Lubin, one of Ethereum’s co-founders.

Also, it is advisable to focus on credible and linear airdrops:

MetaMask aidrop drop: Speculative timeline

It’s 2024, and with airdrops dropping left and right, it wouldn’t be surprising if the potential MASK one comes along rather quickly. It is advisable to keep track of the announcements or key insights listed on the pages of ConsenSys and MetaMask.

Omg they said governance. Governance usually means airdrop. When. When airdrop. When moon. Metamask”

Matty, CEO of The Meta Key: X

What could be the value of the potential MetaMask airdrop?

Even though MetaMask is keeping everything under wraps, previous airdrops, especially those involving Arbitrum (ARB), revealed that tokens worth $1.97 billion went to eligible users as airdrops. The StarkNet (STRK) airdrop saw 728 million STRK tokens distributed, and if we take the average price at $1.65, even the STRK airdrop was worth $1.2 billion.

Some speculative value metrics:

Assuming close to 1 billion MASK tokens are airdropped — considering the ARB airdrop saw 1.16 billion tokens move — it will be interesting to see what price MASK trades at on exchanges. The final price would depend on several factors, including:

  1. Utility and governance 
  2. Initial demand and user base
  3. Tokenomics
  4. Market conditions

Considering UNI was close to $3 and ARB was around $1.69 days after the listing, one potential MASK token might trade in the $1.5 to $2.5 range. But then, this is only speculation. None of this is confirmed. 

Notably, MetaMask might have to rethink the token name as MASK is already taken by Mask Network and is trading on Binance, OKX, and other popular exchanges. As a user, even you must be careful as this $MASK isn’t MetaMask. Not yet!

How do I claim an airdrop on MetaMask?

Like any other airdrop, even the potential MetaMask airdrop hinges on qualification. At present, the standard MetaMask airdrop requirements include indulging in and interacting with the following elements:

  • Swaps
  • MetaMask’s Portfolio
  • MetaMask bridge
  • Ethereum DApps
  • Liquid staking features

Do note that, unlike other airdrops, none of these five easy steps to qualify for the potential MetaMask airdrop require a sizeable investment. 

Let us explore each step briefly.

1. Make strategic swaps on MetaMask

Every MetaMask airdrop guide you read will likely focus on ensuring that you use all the associated platform features. And the first one happens to be initiating a token swap. For that, you first need to enable Smart Swaps, a feature that lowers transaction costs and prevents concerns related to stuck and front-running transactions.

MetaMask airdrop and swaps
MetaMask airdrop and swaps

MetaMask aggregates the best swap offers across DEXs to minimize the friction associated with P2P trades. Even though the company hasn’t released any official documentation regarding the amount that needs to be swapped, it is advisable to swap tokens worth $100 at least two to three times to cover all bases. 


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How MetaMask Swap works: MetaMask
How MetaMask Swap works: MetaMask

Interacting with the MetaMask portfolio

Another approach to improving MetaMask airdrop eligibility is connecting your wallet — not just the MetaMask hot wallet — to the portfolio dashboard. While this will primarily help you track your portfolio, comprising tokens, NFTs, ENS domains, DeFi positions, and more, it might also potentially improve your chances of receiving a MASK airdrop.

MetaMask portfolio: MetaMask

Use the MetaMask Bridge

Another element of the potential airdrop eligibility would be the MetaMask bridge. Simply put, using a bridge means moving tokens from one network to another compatible network. A good strategy would be to bridge tokens from the mainnet to the layer-2 projects like Optimism or Arbitrum.

MetaMask airdrop and bridging
MetaMask airdrop and bridging: MetaMask

Pro tip: A lot of online discussions have surfaced regarding the potential airdrop associated with the zkSync Era. Bridging tokens to and from mainnet to zkSync might cover that base as well.

Participate in MetaMask-based staking activities 

Another activity associated with the MetaMask hot wallet, or the ecosystem, would be to stake ETH tokens via the dashboard. You can participate in validator staking, which is not feasible for most as it needs 32 ETH, or rely on pooled liquid staking via Lido and Rocket Pool to get liquid staking tokens or LSTs in return. As of Feb. 22, 2024, ETH and MATIC can be liquid-staked.

MetaMask staking and airdrop qualification
MetaMask staking and airdrop qualification: MetaMask

Interact with the blockchain network DApps

You might consider using the MetaMask wallet or the desktop app across the Ethereum blockchain network to increase your chance of getting MASK tokens airdropped. The easiest way to do so is by interacting with decentralized applications. 

etehreum dapps
Ethereum DApps: Ethereum

Below, we are trying to use the web3 social publishing app — Mirror. Using the DApp might require you to sign transactions using the MetaMask wallet, which could help improve your eligibility.

MetaMask airdrop and DApp interaction: Mirror
MetaMask airdrop and DApp interaction: Mirror

As ConsenSys and MetaMask haven’t stated the number of DApps a person needs to use, it is advisable to try as many as possible. Interacting with Uniswap for DeFi ideas and OpenSea for NFTs also counts. 

Signing using MetaMask: Mirror

It is better to focus on the leading and even the more trending DApps. Also, if you are a developer, you might even want to use the MetaMask wallet to interact with smart contracts

Other airdrop tips: Should you do more?

While each of the five mentioned steps is easy to initiate, the MetaMask airdrop eligibility pathway might comprise all or a few of these. However, as we have no clarity on eligibility or qualification, you might want to indulge in a few additional activities to improve your chance of getting MASK token(s).

Buy, sell, send, and receive using the MetaMask wallet

A sure way to improve eligibility is to use MetaMask to make standard crypto purchases. You can buy using fiat, sell to specific fiat currencies (off-ramping), or even send wallet tokens to other addresses like that of a CEX. The idea here is to maximize usage. Also, receiving tokens from CEXs or other private addresses can highlight usage. 

Moving tokens: MetaMask
Moving tokens: MetaMask

Own an ENS domain purchased or renewed via MetaMask

Not into NFTs? Well, you can connect with the ENS DApp and purchase a domain name using the MetaMask mobile app or desktop app. If you already have one, renew it using MetaMask. 

 MetaMask airdrop and ENS domain
MetaMask airdrop and ENS domain: MetaMask

Indulge in DeFi using MetaMask

Not every user is accustomed to DeFi applications. However, if you are one of those who use DApps and protocols like Curve or Aave, we would recommend connecting the portfolio to the MetaMask dashboard. It is always good to have multiple angles covered to enhance eligibility.

 DeFi dashboard: MetaMask
DeFi dashboard: MetaMask

Indulge in multiple transaction signing activities using Gnosis Safe

Using MetaMask to create a multi-signature wallet using multiple private keys is a lesser-known strategy that could increase the potential of MetaMask airdrop eligibility. Once the Safe Wallet is ready, you might want to use it to sign 10 to 15 transactions. 

MetaMask airdrop and Safe Wallet: Gnosis
MetaMask airdrop and Safe Wallet: Gnosis

Foster community spirit by interacting with Infura

To maximize community-based chances and exposure, you might even want to consider joining the infrastructure-based, ConsenSys-owned platform, Infura. Joining the Infura discord after the sign-up might improve airdrop eligibility. 

airdrop eligibility
Airdrop eligibility and Infura account: Infura

Make Gitcoin donations

Gitcoin — a developer-specific collaboration and monetization interface — is backed by ConsenSys. Using MetaMask to donate something as small as $10 to the Gitcoin project(s) may amplify your chances of getting an airdrop.

Gitcoin donation and MetaMask airdrop: Gitcoin
Gitcoin donation and MetaMask airdrop: Gitcoin

BIC exclusive strategy for the MetaMask Airdrop

You might even want to connect your MetaMask wallet to testnet faucets like Holesky, Sepolia, and more to get hold of testnet tokens.

testnet addition metamask
Testnet addition: MetaMask

Using the tokens to test smart contracts, instances, and implementations might also increase your chance of getting MASK tokens airdropped. 

MetaMask airdrop and testnet ETH
Airdrop and testnet ETH: MetaMask

How to avoid MetaMask airdrop scams?

The actual stakeholders haven’t officially confirmed the MetaMask airdrop. And there will be attempts made by unscrupulous parties to sabotage accounts and private keys and acquire funds until the time the drop surfaces. Here are some quick strategies to stay safe:

  1. For any claim made by anyone, over email, chat, or in person, verify the source.
  2. Only trust comments made by the official MetaMask and ConsenSys handles, especially on Twitter (now X).
  3. Never fall for users who ask for money to simplify the airdrop experience. Only eligibility gets you airdrops, nothing else.
  4. Never access the MetaMask desktop app or mobile app via third-party links.
  5. Always keep private keys secure to ensure nobody else can gain control of your account, all while adhering to the security features of this Ethereum wallet.

Are crypto airdrops profitable?

From the Uniswap airdrop in 2020 to the ENS airdrop in 2021, followed by BLUR, ARB, and STRK token airdrops, profitability isn’t the question. Airdrops are free token wins, and if the concerned token or project comes with use cases, leading to a decent enough listing price, you can create a decent chunk of wealth. And for projects like MetaMask, which already have years of credibility backing their operations, the best course of action would likely be to HODL the airdropped token long term. 

But that’s just MetaMask and the potential MASK token airdrop. Check our list of the top upcoming airdrops that you can track in 2024.

MetaMask, the DApp browser, has been around since 2016, serving as a gateway to the world of decentralized applications. As of 2024, it already has a massive active user base of 30 million per month. This number alone makes the potential and upcoming MetaMask airdrop event nothing like we have witnessed before. 

This MetaMask airdrop, if and when it arrives, will aim to further MetaMask’s adoption, incentivizing and rewarding the loyal and active user base. And this MetaMask airdrop guide, if read through properly, can give you that wealth-creating edge. Remember to always DYOR and stay alert when operating within decentralized ecosystems.

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