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The Trust Project

The Trust Project

The Trust Project is a non-profit collaboration between top news publications created to fight false information.

More than 120 news sites worldwide came together to form a consortium to make sure you never read false news ever again. In a world of social media, countless blogs, and opinions, this project brings clarity, insurance, and stability.

If you see a Trust Indicator on a news site, it means that you can trust the information you read

What does it mean for me as a reader?

It implies that a publication does its due diligence to publish the most accurate news, reports, data, and other forms of content. It also means that you can access the information about who writes articles — it is publicly available.

  • 120+

    More outlets are part of The Trust Project

The 8 Trust Indicators

We asked people what they look for in trusted media — and from their answers, we created ‘Trust Indicators’ for the press to build into news sites.

Diverse Voices
Journalist Expertise
Type of Work
Actionable Feedback
Best Practices
Locally Sourced

At BeInCrypto, we fully adhere to The Trust Project principles

Our goal

To inject transparency into an industry rife with disingenuous reporting, unlabelled sponsored articles, and paid news masquerading as honest journalism.

Our Mission

To report facts and not fiction; we correct information quickly and transparently, providing a disclaimer specifying the correction.

What steps do we take to report the news?

We research, investigate, and verify all the information before publishing to ensure we deliver the news you can trust. Our sources are either publicly available or shared with us exclusively.
Being available in 20 languages gives us unprecedented access to local officials, companies, and trends.

Editorial values



We utilize well-respected data providers and fact-check sources to bring you information that’s updated daily across the pages of our site.



We provide all the facts and accurate figures to enable the reader to make their own decision. We are fair, honest, reliable and unbiased.



We ensure that each bit of information we share is clear, informative, accessible and easy to understand to all types of readers.

Our top writers

We are a collaborative newsroom of talented journalists, writers and editors who discuss topics, trends, and hot news and organize the process of content creation.