What is The Trust Project, and why should I care?

The Trust Project is a non-profit collaboration between top news publications created to fight false information. More than 120 news sites worldwide came together to form a consortium to make sure you never read false news ever again. In a world of social media, countless blogs, and opinions, this project brings clarity, insurance, and stability.

What does it mean for me as a reader?

If you see a Trust Indicator on a news site, it means that you can trust the information you read. It implies that a publication does its due diligence to publish the most accurate news, reports, data, and other forms of content. It also means that you can access the information about who writes articles –– it is publicly available. A Trust Indicator also tells you exactly what you’re reading –– whether it’s news, analysis, review, opinion, or a sponsored article.

Which publications use this?

More than 120 outlets, including The Economist, SkyNews, The Globe and The Mail, Independent Journal Review, are a part of The Trust Project.

What is BeInCrypto, anyway?

We are a news publication covering blockchain, financial technology, privacy, and many more. Founded in 2018, we are now a team of more than 70 people located in every part of the world. We report in 10 languages –– English, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Brasilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Korean, German, and French. At BeInCrypto, we fully adhere to The Trust Project principles. Our goal is to report, inform, explain, and educate about the financial technology sector. Our mission is to report facts and not fiction; we correct information quickly and transparently, providing a disclaimer specifying the correction.

How do we do the news?

We research, investigate, and verify all the information before publishing to ensure we deliver the news you can trust.

Our sources are either publicly available or shared with us exclusively.

Being available in 10 languages gives us unprecedented access to local officials, companies, and trends.

What else can I read at BeInCrypto?

We focus on news, features, opinions, and educational articles. Our news coverage includes the most important events, announcements, and developments in the industry. Feature articles provide a bigger picture –– we take a more in-depth look at why, how, and when, and answer the most pressing questions. Opinion articles are meant to become a platform for ideas, views, and statements from someone who deserves to be heard. Educational materials are the guide to the world of crypto and financial technology, explaining and showing how everything works and why.

Editorial Structure

Global Editor in Chief: Catherine Ross

Editors: Kyle Byard, Ryan Smith

Features Editor: Ana Alexandre

Spanish Editor: Daniel Ramírez-Escudero

Turkish Editor: Batuhan Gorbulak

Brazilian Editor: Caio César do Nascimento

German Editor: Alexandra Kons

French Editor: Celia Simon

South Korean Editor: Sora Kwon

Vietnamese Editor: Vivian Duyen

Russian Editor: Tanya Chepkova

Polish Editor: Jakub Dziadkowiec

CEO: Alena Afanaseva


BeInCrypto (BeIn News Academy Ltd) Street: Suite 1701 – 02A, 17/F., 625 King’s Road, Location: North Point Country: Hong Kong Phone: +1 (650) 746-4113






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