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13 Best MetaMask Alternatives in 2024

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by Ish Bautista
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MetaMask, a widely utilized tool for NFTs, DeFi, and DApps, grabbed attention due to controversy. In November 2022, the platform began gathering users’ IP addresses. What prompted this change? Consensys, the blockchain company responsible for MetaMask, had recently updated its privacy policy. This concurrently impacted MetaMask’s decentralized stature. Unsurprisingly, the announcement angered the entire cryptoverse. So, what are some alternatives to MetaMask? In this article, we take a look at the top decentralized wallet alternatives.

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MetaMask: The omnipresent crypto wallet

metamask crypto web3

Let’s be honest: MetaMask is insanely popular. The browser/mobile wallet currently boasts a massive 30 million user base. Most importantly, MetaMask isn’t just a wallet. Instead, it is a tool to help you navigate web3. It lets you connect to over 3,700 decentralized apps (DApps), making Ethereum more accessible to everyone.

The need for MetaMask alternatives

Decentralization and autonomy have long been considered fundamental to the concept of web3, yet recent developments that occurred in 2022 suggest a shift away from these principles. Specifically, the controversy surrounding MetaMask highlights a movement towards centralization. Notably, MetaMask is veering towards centralization. In light of these concerns, here are some of the caveats that MetaMask has faced over recent years:

Unwelcoming censorship

In March 2022, Venezuelan users of MetaMask complained of downtime. While this could have been a standard server issue, it wasn’t. It was a result of a configuration settings change following the economic sanctions in the country at that time. 

MetaMask’s over-reliance on Infura was the reason for this momentary hiatus. All of this occurred at a time when ConsenSys was facing an independent audit of its own following a transfer of control involving Infura and MetaMask.

MetaMask blocking user access across jurisdictions, citing compliance issues, was perhaps the first sign that its web3 ethos was wavering.

Privacy-breaching data collection

MetaMask, if used via Infura — a specialized API tool — will collect and store your wallet and IP address. Let’s consider the concept.

MetaMask, RPC, and the blockchain: How it all works

MetaMask, like any other tool, needs an RPC node to interact with a blockchain — that is, to read data. Hence, the name Remote Procedure Call. Simply put, RPC helps build better DApps — apps and their blockchain connections. 

Consider this: MetaMask has a user interface, the one we see when the app loads. However, our transactions on MetaMask touch the blockchain, as you cannot move ETH or NFTs out of thin air. Different RPCs let users connect MetaMask to the blockchain. Therefore, with an RPC node in play, you need not become a full node to interact with the blockchain.

Infura is one such platform/tool that works as your RPC node or provider when you use MetaMask. ConsenSys highlights that if you use Infura, you will have to make peace with credentials collection. But there is a way out: or rather two.

Way 1: You can manually change the RPC to connect to Ethereum, adding a custom network that’s not Infura.

Way 2: Use a MetaMask alternative!

The best MetaMask alternatives

With the Ethereum ecosystem rife with centralization and censorship concerns, we never know the stance other Ethereum developers will take in the coming days. Hence, it is better to ramp up your self-custody plans and take a look at the following MetaMask alternatives:

1. Coinbase

Who’s behind it?

Coinbase Wallet is the flagship wallet for the U.S.-based exchange. Unlike the popular wallets of the Coinbase app, the Coinbase Wallet is self-custody, meaning you own your private keys.

Top features

The wallet also serves as a browser extension. This allows it to connect to many DApps and DEXs. This makes the transition from using Metamask to Coinbase Wallet extremely smooth. It creates an efficient and streamlined web3 experience for many users.


  • Coinbase users have additional security features when using Coinbase Wallet
  • Supports third-party payment providers
  • Coinbase Wallet allows you to create up to 15 sub-wallets linked to one recovery phrase on your Ethereum and Solana wallet
  • Supports Ethereum and all EVM-compatible networks


  • No longer supports BCH, ETC, XLM, or XRP
  • Only supports Ledger hardware wallet

2. OKX Wallet

okx web3 crypto wallet
OKX wallet:

Who’s behind it?

As the name suggests, OKX is the mastermind behind the OKX wallet.

Top features

You can use the OKX Wallet to buy and sell NFTs on any marketplace, not just OKX. You can also interact with decentralized apps from anywhere in the crypto world (sometimes called web3).It operates through a Google Chrome browser extension.


  • Multi-sig authentication
  • Cold storage support
  • Over 40+ networks supported


  • New compared to other wallets in the market
  • Not open-source

3. Rabby

Rabby Wallet: a MetaMask alternative.
Home page:

If discussing browser-based wallets for Ethereum, we must mention Rabby — the sought-after DeFi wallet that sits as a web extension.

The best thing about Rabby Wallet is that it supports all the EVM chains — blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the related DApps. Here is what the blockchain spread of Rabby looks like:

Rabby interface.
Rabby blockchain spread:

With the spread of the EVM chain, Rabby allows you to connect with most DeFi resources with ease. Plus, it is an open-source browser-based wallet that allows code to be tweaked when needed. This way, you can play around with Rabby’s code to add bespoke layers of security. Some non-EVM chains are also supported. 

Who’s behind it?

Rabby Wallet is the brainchild of the DeBank team. As for DeBank, it is a DeFi tracking dashboard offering advanced analytics.

Top features

  1. Offers the smoothest possible multi-chain experience
  2. It comes with a pre-transaction risk-scanning feature
  3. Shows the possible balance change before you sign off a new transaction.
  4. More resilient to connection glitches and supports reconnections.
  5. Allows you to add a wallet address as a contact as part of the whitelist feature
  6. Supports signing via hardware, mobile, and institutional wallets


  • Extensively audited
  • Supports up to 39 chains
  • It has a MetaMask-like key management feature for your private keys
  • Security specs are independent of backend APIs
  • Follows a decentralization-adhering privacy protection policy
  • No tracking parameters are involved.
  • Content and information uploading is subject to user confirmation
  • Open source
  • In-wallet widgets are supported
  • The seed phrase setup is detailed


  • No option to retrieve lost accounts
  • Confusing UI


XDEFI wallet
Home page: XDEFI

XDEFI is a cross-chain, browser-based wallet with native support for EVM networks like Polygon and BSC, THORChain, Solana, Ethereum, and more. This multi-chain wallet allows you to send, swap, and store crypto assets and NFTs between 16 chains. 

XDEFI is also one of the leading NFT wallets for digital art and collectibles. XDEFI supports swapping across 10,500+ crypto assets, at least 25 times more than Binance. If you are searching for MetaMask alternatives, XDEFI makes a strong case it is compatible with all of MetaMask’s supported DApps. 

Who’s behind it? 

This safer alternative to MetaMask is based out of London and is the brainchild of Emile Dubie and David Phan. 

Top features

  1. Ability to send NFTs across seven chains and counting
  2. Has a detailed DApp dashboard
  3. It comes with several filtering options
  4. Shows aggregate balance
  5. Aims to soon scale to 20+ chains


  • Interactive UI/UX
  • A wide spread of compatible chains
  • Doubles down as an NFT gallery
  • The wallet discord team is super responsive
  • Offers in-wallet crypto swaps


  • Not open-source at the moment
  • Support for more chains would be beneficial

5. Rainbow Wallet

Metamask alternative waller: Rainbow
Homepage: Rainbow Wallet

If you are looking for a minimal Ethereum-specific crypto wallet that is also aesthetically pleasing, Rainbow is a good option. The best part? Rainbow is great for beginners, boasting a smooth UI for swapping cryptos. Furthermore, it is a MetaMask alternative for Android and iOS, as it can be easily downloaded as an app. 

Finally, it stands out as a noteworthy MetaMask alternative for beginners, thanks to its robust support for DApps and NFTs.

Who’s behind it?

Christian Baroni, Mike Demarais, and Jin Chung founded the Rainbow Wallet as a New York-based technology firm in 2019.

Top features

  • Supports all ERC-20 and even ERC-721 tokens
  • User search via the ENS domain is supported
  • Comes with UniSwap integration for simple swaps and hands-on liquidity


  •  A reliable alternative MetaMask wallet for iOS and Android
  • High trust rating
  • Comes with DeFi and DApp support


  • Browser extension functionality is still not live
  • Only supports the Ethereum chain

6. Brave

If you prefer a new-gen web browser doubling as a wallet, you need to be Brave, or rather get Brave. While the MetaMask wallet is more like an extension, Brave has a wallet built within the browser.

Brave supports all the EVM chains, which include Ethereum and even the ERC-20 tokens. It also supports the Solana chain. With Brave, you can directly interact with the web3 ecosystem. Finally, it works with an open MPL (Mozilla Public License).

Who’s behind it?

Brendan Eich — the founder of the BAT (Basic Attention Token) project — is behind the Brave software: both browser and wallet. While Eich is the CEO, co-founder Brian Bondy is currently the CTO of the Brave software.

Here is the Twitter page with over 230k followers:

Top features

  1. Ability to change the default RPC provider within the browser
  2. Focus on preventing data harvesting
  3. Self-custodial wallet
  4. In-wallet swaps are supported
  5. Supports imports from MetaMask


  • EVM-compatible wallet
  • Has built-in support for theft protection and antiphishing
  • Can store ERC-compatible NFTs
  • Supports imports to hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor


  • Doesn’t store BTC
  • Not the best DApp support
  • No support for retrieving lost accounts

7. Frame

Here is a pretty neat and compact Ethereum wallet available as a desktop application. The best thing about this MetaMask alternative is that it can connect seamlessly to most DApps — all while supporting tokens, accounts, and swaps. 

The Frame wallet is EVM-chain compatible and extends support to almost every chain the MetaMask extension works with. It’s not an extension but a standard desktop wallet with application variants for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

Who’s behind it?

Frame — a firm based out of North America — maintains a well-populated Twitter profile. The firm sets a decentralized tone by ensuring that the founders aren’t simply declared online. If you look at their Gitcoin page, you will notice that Jordan Muir is the creator. The wallet has a functional and responsive discord channel to help with anything you might need while using the wallet.

Top features

  1. Supports signing with hardware wallets
  2. Works well with most DApps
  3. Offers seamless cross-chain compatibility


  • Can work as a fully functional app or a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome
  • Supports NFTs
  • Open source with an active GitHub account


  • Users would love to see support extended to more chains
  • Error prompts are common during setup

8. MathWallet

For the best MetaMask alternative for storing crypto assets securely, we recommend a look at the MathWallet. This is a safer alternative to MetaMask, courtesy of the easy-to-set-up two-factor authentication. 

Plus, Math is compatible with top browsers like Edge, Chrome, and even Brave — the one with a built-in wallet. The MathWallet extends support to popular EVM chains like MoonBeam, Optimism, and more. But it is also compatible with Substrates like Kusama, Polkadot, and many more.

Who’s behind it?

MathWallet was launched in 2017. The company behind Math is based out of Singapore and was founded by Eric Yu. Check out MathWallet’s hugely popular Twitter handle:

Also, the company mentions that it uses its own Ethereum node as RPC, allowing you to scale beyond the problems posed by Infura and MetaMask. 

Top features

  1. Currently supports 142+ chains
  2. Now, it comes as an Android and iPhone application
  3. Works with Ledger and WOOKONG hardware wallets
  4. Has a fully functional DApp store


  • Easy to use
  • Offers compounding benefits for storing and staking crypto
  • Comes a token for cross-platform redemption


  • DApp support could be improved
  • No support for retrieving lost accounts

9. GameStop Wallet

Gamestop waller user interface: Metamask alternative
Home page: GameStop Wallet

Here is a reliable MetaMask mobile alternative, provided you’re looking for an iPhone app that even doubles down as a browser extension. GameStop is the bigger retailer of video games globally. It’s no surprise that the wallet lets you store cryptos and NFTs with equal ease. 

GameStop supports Ethereum and even Loopring, making it one of the rarest options to extend support to this zk-rollup-powered chain. 

Who’s behind it?

The wallet comes straight from the GameStop headquarters based in Texas, U.S., with Leonard Riggio, Richard Fontaine, and Daniel Dematteo as the founders.

Top features

  1. Offers in-wallet swaps
  2. Supports signing via hardware wallets
  3. Offers full control of crypto assets


  • One of the few MetaMask alternatives to offer support for layer 2s via Loopring
  • The recovery phrase explanation is clear and detailed


  • Only supports the Chrome browser
  • Only supports two blockchains for now

10. NekoMask

Unlike a standard wallet that only stores and allows you to swap, this MetaMask alternative lets you reap some ETH-based rewards.

The fun part here is that crypto swap fees related to this wallet are sent back in the form of ETH rewards, but only to the NEKO token stakers. Plus, NekoMask also supports multi-currency onramps if you want to work with fiat followed by two-factor authentication. 

Who’s behind it?

NekoMask is the brainchild of The Neko LCC — a company working with blockchain technology to launch new and innovative products. Its official Twitter handle — The Neko — is slowly moving up the ranks.

Top features

  • Several usability features, including wallet hiding
  • Offers real-time charts for tracking assets
  • Comes with several color themes


  • Comes with fiat onramp support
  • Gas controls in place
  • Innovative UI


  • Still a hot wallet
  • Only available for Chrome

11. Enkrypt by MyEtherWallet

MyEtherWallet is a multichain crypto wallet.
Home page: Enkrypt by MyEtherWallet

Finally, here’s something from the house of MyEtherWallet — an Ethereum wallet that is both open-source and free. If you have ever used MEW (MyEtherWallet), you will love Enkrypt. It’s a multi-chain version of MEW, with support for multiple chains such as Ethereum, Polkadot, and more.

Who’s behind it?

Kosala Hemachandra is behind MEW and Enkrypt. He has been vocal about the MetaMask fiasco and has personally reiterated that MEW products will never collect or sell user data.

Top features

  1. Works as an easy-to-use browser extension
  2. Allows access to important private keys and hardware wallets
  3. Comes with extensive support for NFTs and DApps


  • Allows you to buy/receive/send crypto with one click.
  • Supports in-wallet swaps
  • Supports EVM-compatible layer 2 platforms like Polygon and BSC
  • Reliable MetaMask alternative with Ledger alternative


  • Not available yet as a mobile app

12. Phantom

Don’t be surprised to find a Solana wallet on the list. Phantom, a well-known wallet within the Solana ecosystem, has intentions to broaden its services to include the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.

Who’s behind it?

Chris Kalani, Francesco Agosti, and Brandon Millman are the names behind the Phantom Wallet. The wallet came into existence in 2021 with a focus on NFTs and the DeFi ecosystem — initially about the Solana ecosystem. And now, with the foray into the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystem, Phantom aims to become a worthy MetaMask alternative.

Top features

  1. Support for NFT and token swapping between multiple ecosystems.
  2. Will come with the ability to allow users to view all their holdings/tokens in a single view.


  • Multi-chain vision
  • User-friendly
  • Massive user base of almost 3 million
  • Beta version of this MetaMask alternative is already out


  • Comparatively new compared to other products in the market.

13. Zerion

zerion wallet home page
Home page: Zerion

Here is another wallet that plans to take on MetaMask by exploring the world of web extensions. Currently, the extension is still in the works, but a beta version is out — much like Phantom.

Who’s behind it?

This web3 wallet goes back to 2016. It is the brainchild of Vadim Koleoshkin, Evgeny Yurtaev, and Alexey Bashlykov. As of now, Zerion is sitting on $20 million, in terms of funding.

Top features

  1. Single view interface
  2. Support for NFTs
  3. Automatic blockchain switching during transactions
  4. Also comes as a mobile app


  • Non-custodial wallet
  • Compatible with multiple hardware wallets
  • Supports 60+ protocols


  • Might be a bit complex for new users

Honorary mentions

While you can pick any of these MetaMask alternatives, there are a few more options you may want to consider. This is provided you are willing to ignore a lack of open-source code or the presence of centralized exchanges handling the wallets:

  1. Trust Wallet: A Binance-backed wallet with support for 33+ blockchains.
  2. Binance Wallet: Here is a Binance-powered wallet that offers multi-signage, a reliable recovery method, and a custom PIN.
  3. Spot: A non-custodial wallet for Solana, Tezos, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and NFTs.
  4. Liquality Wallet: A browser extension that supports one-touch atomic swaps.

Beyond MetaMask: Alternate wallet choices

If you are pressed for time, here is a quick comparison table to look at:

ParametersMetaMaskOKX Wallet Coinbase WalletRabbyXDEFIRainbow WalletBraveFrameMathWalletGameStop WalletNekoMaskEnkrypt
Data collection standardPartially regulatedN/ARegulatedNot regulatedNot regulatedNot regulatedNot regulatedNot regulatedNot regulatedNot regulatedNot regulatedNot regulated
Chains supported10+40+EVM compatible39+16+17+9+142+2+5+10+
Risk scanningNoYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
NFT supportYesYesYesYesYesYesOnly ERC-compatibleYesYesYesYesYes
TypeBrowser and appWeb extensionWeb ExtensionWeb extensionMobileMobileBrowserApp and browser extensionMobileChrome-onlyChrome-onlyWeb extension

MetaMask alternatives offer excellent options

While some of these alternatives are standard apps like MetaMask, other offerings listed include desktop applications with excellent UIs. Regardless of the MetaMask alternative you choose, every digital wallet mentioned here is expected to store your digital assets safely and securely.

If you still enjoy MetaMask for its popularity and usability, we would recommend you try out one of a few of these MetaMask alternatives. It’s a good way to understand the market’s offerings and how each alternative handles your crypto assets for you.

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