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Ananda Banerjee

Ananda Banerjee

Ananda Banerjee is a technical copy/content writer specializing in web3, crypto, Blockchain, AI, and SaaS — in a career spanning over 12 years. After completing his M.Tech in Telecommunication engineering from RCCIIT, India, Ananda was quick to pair his technical acumen with content creation in a career that saw him contributing to Towardsdatascience, Hackernoon, Dzone, Elephant Journal, Business2Community, and more. At BIC, Ananda currently contributes long-form content discussing trading, decentralized projects, crypto hacks, on-chain indicators, crypto project reviews, and coin-specific analysis. Before this, Ananda was with CoinSwitch — a leading Indian crypto exchange — helping the company increase its editorial and YouTube reach by over 50% in under 14 months. Here Ananda led a solo crypto price analysis show, anchoring and scripting over 30 episodes. He also assisted DhiWise — an Indian-origin pro-code platform — to their first Product Hunt award with a robust content strategy and technical blogs. When not busy drafting explainers for BIC, Ananda continues working on his upcoming AI- and Blockchain-powered recruitment and staffing platform A.C.E.S.

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