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Top Stories of 2022: 10 Articles That Caught the Crypto Crowd

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In Brief

  • These are the top 10 most-read articles of 2022 so far
  • Our readers followed a few topics very closely, including price predictions
  • Other popular topics included Terra drama, XRP stuff, and AI-generated art
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Top Stories of 2022: If you are a dedicated crypto bro or crypto sis, then you may have already seen some of these articles. For everyone else, it will give you an idea of what subjects your fellow crypto lovers have been getting all up into.

While the year is not over yet, it is definitely interesting to see what caught readers in 2022.

Turns out, the crypto crowd was obsessed with Simpsons predictions, using crypto to rebel against governments, AI-generated art, the Terra Luna debacle, XRP, the Ripple case, and influencer scams. Read on to open the articles that just keep on giving.

Top Stories of 2022: First Place

The Simpsons: Will This XRP Price Prediction Come True After SEC Case Wraps Up?

The Simpsons and Their XRP Price Prediction Might Just come True After SEC Case Wraps Up

This story about The Simpsons and about XRP was our most viewed article of 2022 so far. Hundreds of thousands of people had a good gawk at the story. Why? Because the Simpsons team have often featured scenes in their carton that seem ridiculous at the time. But these events depicted eventually came to pass.

As for this article, it was published as the Ripple Labs Vs SEC case was nearing the endgame. (We are still hanging on for a resolution, by the way.) The article had a look at a rumored price prediction from the Simpsons’ writing team about XRP. The picture in question was of Bart Simpson writing on the blackboard that Ripple’s cryptocurrency would hit $589. XRP investors were hopeful that this was another successful premonition from the scriptwriting team. But was everything as it seemed?

Top Stories #2

Ethereum Proof-of-Work Suffers Replay Attack, Price Tanks 18%

This story was also seen by hundreds of thousands of eyeballs. The Ethereum proof-of-work token suffered a replay attack. This happened via the Omni bridge of Gnosis chain.

It Takes 2 Minutes to Create a New ERC-20 Crypto and Scam Newbies

After the news broke, ETHW token shed 18% of its value within 24 hours. Which is high drama for a crypto bro or sis who is into the whole ETHW deal. It was nearly panic stations, until it wasn’t.

Top Stories #3

Canadians Withdraw Money from Banks in Astonishing Numbers

This story had all the elements of human protest, rebellion against the government, and the ditching of banks. And this is why we are all caught by the promise of decentralized currencies.

The story covered how Canadians were protecting their financial sovereignty. After people protested about mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, Trudeau and other officials announced that they planned to freeze the bank accounts of people taking part in the protests. The government also said they would add people to terrorist lists. Citizens started withdrawing their money in wild amounts. They then swapped it for Bitcoin. This was a spectacular use-case for Bitcoin: It can’t be confiscated.

Top Stories #4

Shiba Inu: Will the Price Reach $1? When Will it Happen?

This piece caught the imagination of the #ShibArmy, who love a good pro-SHIB article. 2021 was an explosive year for the memecoin Shiba Inu (SHIB). Some investors turned some astronomical profits, creating new billionaires.

Shiba Inu SHIB Price

Since then, SHIB has seen growing adoption and has introduced a metaverse, creating utility for the crypto. SHIB even appeared in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Alas, the prediction here was that SHIB would take 128,000 years for the cryptocurrency to reach $1.

Top Stories #5

Jake Paul Exposed as $2.2m Serial Crypto Scammer

This story was a perfectly good example of an influencer using their fame to do some scammy stuff and fleece their followers. An investigation by crypto sleuth Coffeezilla linked Jake Paul to a series of dodgy crypto projects and promotions. The YouTuber also had his own NFT collection that was phallically inspired. It was called STICKDIX. Classy!

Logan Paul Top Stories of 2022: 10 Articles That Caught the Crypto Crowd

Paul showed a pattern of behavior whereby he happily enriched himself via the misfortune of others.

On a side note, his brother isn’t having much luck either: Logan Paul’s $623,000 Azuki NFT is now worth $10.

Top Stories #6

Jamaica Becomes First Country to Make a CBDC Legal Tender

This story is the most read out of multiple stories about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). The CBDC stories have been very popular with our audience.

Jamaica CBDC

Earlier this year, Jamaica’s central bank officially recognized the “Jam-Dex” central bank digital currency (CBDC) as legal tender. This made Jamaica the first country to do so. The reason the central bank likes this is because Jamaica is a cash-based economy, man. Now that the ganga is decriminalized, I guess we all are going to be paying taxes on it when we roll up there and use CBDCs.

CBDC uptake has been good, but this might be something to do with a $2,500 incentive given to people to start using the Jam-Dex. And it can be used without a bank account. It may work well, it may go up in smoke. We will keep you posted.

Top Stories #7

AI Art: World’s First Bot-Generated Graphic Novel Hits the Market

This article was one of three stories about developments with artificial intelligence (AI) and artistic pursuits. All articles were eyeballed by a lot of people. So we know the crypto bros and the crypto chicks can be pulled into topics other than how their cryptos are doing.

AI-generated art in graphic novels is here.

Previous to this story, AI-generated art hit the news for beating humans in a fine art competition. This caused a storm of clashing opinions in the art world.

This article was about a new novel that featured mesmerizing pictures and only took 100 hours to craft. This made artists, who have spent years honing their craft, wonder if they were now obsolete.

Top Stories #8

Islamic Coin Claims it Will Scale Like Bitcoin and Hit $1 Trillion in Value

This article is about a Shariah-compliant Islamic Coin. The creators have wild hopes for it. Namely, that it could scale like Bitcoin and hit $1 trillion in value. That’s based on an adoption rate of around 3% of the existing 1 billion Muslim internet users.

Islamic coin islm Top Stories of 2022: 10 Articles That Caught the Crypto Crowd

However, people in the Middle East are loosening their ties to Islam. This is especially true in countries such as Iran. But, wilder things have happened in crypto, so we will keep watching.

Top Stories #9

Three Big Crypto Predictions for October 2022

This article rings true of what our readers love: Our expert opinion on whether cryptos are going to go gangbusters or not. This story thusly detailed how macro conditions continued to dictate the short-term path for crypto predictions. And, that bearish sentiment took over the larger market.

Top Stories of 2022: 10 Articles That Caught the Crypto Crowd
Top Stories of 2022: 10 Articles That Caught the Crypto Crowd

All eyes on this article were hoping for greener crypto predictions and better performance. Whether they get a journey into the green or not remains to be seen.

Top Stories #10

Terra 2.0 Genesis Imminent, So Who Gets a LUNA Airdrop?

This article features more of the drama from the Terra Labs debacle. Our readers were informed of a new Terra 2 native asset called LUNA. And, that the old token would be called LUNA Classic. It also let readers know who was eligible for airdrops of the new token.

USTC Terra Luna Stablecoin pumping price

The Terra Labs collapse was a catastrophic event for investors and was credited as the catalyst of the crypto winter. The whole Terra topic was followed hard by our readers this year.

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