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The Simpsons: Will This XRP Price Prediction Come True After SEC Case Wraps Up?

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Updated by Nicole Buckler
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In Brief

  • The Simpsons have created absurd scenes in their sitcom that have come to pass years later
  • Years ago, the show predicted the rise of cryptocurrencies
  • XRP enthusiasts are now fascinated by a picture of scrawls on a blackboard by Bart Simpson
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The Simpsons story writers have a now-famous knack for predicting future events. In fact, it is verging on eerie. As the Ripple Labs Vs SEC case is nearing the endgame, we look at a rumored price prediction from the Simpsons’ writing team.

Update 30 Sept: The price of XRP has slightly recovered, and now sits at $0.43, well above resistance. But is everything in Bart’s prediction as it seems?

Is this the ultimate XRP price prediction? The Simpsons writing team have predicted anything from Disney buying Fox, to Donald Trump’s presidency, to accusations of faulty voting machines during the presidential elections. So, let’s zone in on what they have predicted about cryptocurrencies over the course of the show.

The Simpsons and Their XRP Price Prediction Might Just come True After SEC Case Wraps Up

Simpsons predict the rise of crypto

First of all, the Simpsons predicted the rise of cryptocurrency. While this seems fairly out there, check this out. It will wreck your head.

In Episode 17 of season 8, which aired for the first time on March 2 in 1997, a place named Crypto Barn made his first appearance. It was covered in signs about ‘code’ and ‘secret code.’

In a mind=blown moment, this episode aired more than 10 years before the rise of cryptocurrencies. So who on the Simpsons’ writing team is the in-house psychic?

The Simpsons and Their XRP Price Prediction Might Just come True After SEC Case Wraps Up

Bart’s XRP blackboard prediction

The Simpsons team have also been known to accurately predict several socio-political events via the scrawlings of Bart on the classroom blackboard.

In one episode, it is thought that the longest-running American animated series projected the price of XRP to be a little under $600.

Some of Bart’s chalkboard predictions have eventually come to pass. There are whole Reddit threads dedicated to the naughty boy’s scribbles.

There have been other episodes that have fascinated XRP fans. In one scene, Homer’s manager was presented with a card that looks exactly like the credit card or visa cards of today. It was presented in a fancy box, which enthusiasts say is a prediction that digital assets like XRP will have their own credit card.

Simpsons and Crypto Enthusiasm

Could all of these dives into crypto just be wishful thinking? It is obvious that the scriptwriters are enthusiasts.

In episode 13 of season 31, Lisa gets a lesson from Professor John I.Q. Nerdelbaum Frink Jr., about crypto. He shows Lisa a video whereby Jim Parsons (who plays Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory) explains cryptos.

As the episodes progresses, a book sings a song with the lyrics, “I’m closer to being the cache of the universe, not on your wallet, but I’m in your computer.”

The mind boggles. Is it time to believe this prediction about XRP from the psychics at the Simpsons scriptwriting table? Apparently, no. The pic is not a genuine splice from the show, it is just an altered screengrab by wishful thinkers hoping that XRP will go to the moon. But the hope for XRP remains valid. Will the price of XRP go gangbusters after the SEC case wraps up?

Should we all be buying XRP? Will we have FOMO if we don’t? These are the important questions as the SEC case nears the end.

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