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Cryptoblades Guide: Everything To Know About the P2E Game

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Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way people live their lives, and it’s not limited to just business. GameFi — the merging of finance and gaming using blockchain — has opened up new opportunities for everyday gamers. Games like Cryptoblades provide the perfect landscape for gaming enthusiasts to earn while they play. Find out how to play, earn money, and buy the native token, SKILL, in this comprehensive Cryptoblades guide.

With Cryptoblades (the protagonist in this game guide), gamers journey into an epic digitized landscape. Here, enemies must be defeated and powerful blade weapons crafted. Let’s dive in and prepare for battle.

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What is Cryptoblades?

What is Cryptoblades?

Cryptoblades is an NFT play-to-earn (P2E) and RPG game all-in-one that runs on the BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) blockchain network. The game is now also available on other networks. These include Polygon, Avalanche, and Aurora. Developed by Riveted Games, Cryptoblades rewards players with SKILL tokens which act as the game’s currency. The game features uniquely-minted “Heroes” who engage in epic battles and accumulate legendary weaponry, all while earning SKILL.

Cryptoblades guide: Gameplay

Getting Started

Before playing Cryptoblades, users must access the game and connect their wallets. A Binance account is required in order to purchase BNB and swap it for SKILL in ApeSwap. BNB can be bought and sent directly to your Metamask wallet. Then, users can perform the swap. Once swapped, players can mint their first character and weapon. However, players can only recruit a maximum of four characters and up to three weapons, depending on their funds. Players should also always ensure they have extra SKILL to cover gas fees.

Cryptoblades gameplay
Cryptoblades: Gameplay


Initial characters and weapons are minted in the Plaza, where the gameplay starts. The first character starts with a beginner’s weapon and 200 stamina. In the game, characters, enemies, and weapons are assigned an element that can either hinder or help success in battle. These are:

  • Fire (stronger than Earth but weaker than Water)
  • Earth (stronger than Lightning but weaker than Fire)
  • Lightning (stronger than Water but weaker than Earth)
  • Water (stronger than Fire but weaker than Lightning)


Weapons can be found in the Blacksmith section, and players can hold an unlimited number. They are also NFTs that can be sold in the marketplace or traded with other players. Weapons also contain elements and can be combined to match your character based on its elements to increase your odds of winning. The chances of minting each tier of weapons are based on a star system. One star is 44%, and five stars are 1%. Moreover, players can burn weapons to obtain Dust, which can be used to reforge weapons. 


Characters battle out creatures in the Cryptoblades universe in combat mode. You can check out your opponent’s stats and equip different weapons here. Players receive the highest returns for the most challenging battles. Simply choose an opponent, then match and sign the transaction. To play in PVP mode, players need to enter the Arena. In this mode, you gain ranking points and SKILL rewards if you win or successfully defend an attack. Additionally, players can also team up with others to fight bosses in Raid mode.


Kingdoms is another aspect of the game set to launch in the near future. This NFT game utilizes the KING token. It features Dungeons, where players can win rewards that rotate weekly. Users start with a small village and can expand their empire and influence. After some weeks, villages may be eligible to recruit missionaries. The Kingdoms are contained within four warring nations’ realms.

Cryptoblades token ($SKILL)

The Cryptoblades SKILL token serves as the native currency for the game. At the time of writing, it is valued at $0.738, with a market capitalization of $736,000. The current circulating supply is 910,768.11 with a max/total supply of 1 million. The token can be used for:

  • Burning or forging characters and weapons
  • Wagering on PVP
  • Trading NFTs
  • As a fee for entering Raids
  • Staking  


Cryptoblades has a unique SKILL staking pool called “SKILL for SKILL.” Players can earn more SKILL by staking SKILL from their wallet or unclaimed tokens in the rewards pool. The SKILL gets locked for seven days. Additional deposits after the initial one do not “refresh” the lock period. So, a small amount of SKILL can be staked and continue to be staked on top without extending the lock timer. Players can withdraw their staked SKILL after seven days into their Metamask wallets at no tax. 


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SKILL tokens were distributed as follows:

  • IDO – 35%
  • Gameplay Incentives – 20%
  • Development – 20%
  • Initial liquidity – 15%
  • Liquidity incentives – 10%

Price history

CoinGecko: Cryptoblades guide price history
CoinGecko: Cryptoblades price history

The token has followed the overall market sentiment with a downward trend since mid-2021. The SKILL token experienced a significant price surge back on July 24, 2021, when it peaked at $184.46. And this followed its all-time low of $0.69 on July 04, 2021, just a few weeks prior.

Where can I buy and trade ($SKILL)?

The Cryptoblades SKILL token is available in most major exchanges on both centralized (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX).  

Centralized exchanges

Decentralized exchanges

Connect wallet - cryptoblades
Cryptoblades: Connect wallet

Cryptoblades guide: How to earn while playing?

The SKILL token runs in-game and is issued as a reward or used for trading in the marketplace. To earn SKILL, a player must:

  • Combat enemies in Adventure mode
  • Defeat other players in PVP mode
  • Be one of the top three players in the PVP season
  • Claim unclaimed SKILL from Treasury
  • Stake SKILL to earn more SKILL 
  • Sell NFTs in the marketplace (includes your character and/or weapons)

Cryptoblades guide: NFTs

Players mint their characters and weapons in the game with the ERC-721 standard. Both assets are tradeable on the Cryptoblade marketplace. Since this is a play-to-earn game, the SKILL token is earned through gameplay and NFT sales. The Cryptoblades marketplace — the Bazaar — is where players can sell characters and items and buy resources.

Cryptoblades guide: Developer team

Award-winning game studio Riveted Games is behind the development of Cryptoblades. The team was founded in 2014. It comprises key individuals, including CEO Philip Devine, COO Nick Newcomer, and CFO David Diebels. The project’s vision from inception was for gamers to regain control of their digital assets while spearheading blockchain adoption in gaming. The mission is to provide a fun and profitable environment and meet the evolving needs of gamers globally. 

Cryptoblades adds a layer of efficiency to blockchain

Cryptoblades is one of the most entertaining P2E games in the blockchain marketplace. Game enthusiasts will appreciate the platform’s intuitive interface, a marketplace to earn real money, and the chance to battle friends. This is all while retaining the traditional gaming model, where players can customize characters for battle in an immersive landscape. Other blockchain networks have added an extra layer of efficiency to the gaming experience. And with some networks offering lower gas fees, players have an opportunity to generate a higher income.  

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