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4 Best Crypto Learn and Earn Platforms in 2024

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The concept of “learn to earn” in crypto has emerged as a revolutionary approach to education and investment. Through interactive crypto learning, including tutorials and courses with rewards, participants can enrich their knowledge while accumulating free crypto. This innovative model not only provides educational crypto content but also opens avenues for passive income and participation in crypto rewards programs. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, these platforms offer a unique way to engage with the crypto ecosystem and earn crypto rewards. Here’s our pick of the best four.

Our methodology for choosing the best crypto learn and earn platforms

Best crypto learn-to-earn platforms

BeInCrypto Learn to Earn

Earn crypto rewards with BeInCrypto and YouHodler
Crypto rewards
0.000836 BTC
Six lessons
E.U. & 180+

Coinbase Learning Rewards

Earn crypto rewards with Coinbase
Crypto rewards
Various coins
Depends on availability
E.U. & 50+

Binance Learn and Earn

Complete quizzes and earn free crypto on Binance Academy
Crypto rewards
Various coins
E.U. & 100+
Crypto Learn and Earn

Learn & earn crypto
Crypto rewards
Three lessons
E.U. & 150+

What is a learn-to-earn crypto program?

A “learn-to-earn” crypto program is an educational initiative offered by various cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges. The main objective of these programs is to educate users about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and related financial products in an engaging and interactive way. 

Here’s a breakdown of what these programs typically involve:

  • Educational content: These programs offer a series of lessons, tutorials, or modules that cover various topics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The content might include the basics of different cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, the technology behind blockchain, DeFi (decentralized finance), NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and other emerging topics in the crypto space.
  • Interactive learning: The educational content is often delivered in an interactive format, such as video lessons, quizzes, and practical tasks. This approach helps users to understand better and retain the information.
  • Earning crypto rewards: One of the key features of these programs is that participants can earn cryptocurrency rewards for completing educational modules or passing quizzes. This serves as an incentive for users to engage with the content and learn more about the crypto ecosystem.
  • Accessibility to beginners. These programs are typically designed to be accessible to beginners who might not have prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. They provide a stepping stone for new users to enter the crypto world.
  • Platform-specific. Often, these programs are hosted by specific cryptocurrency exchanges or platforms, like Coinbase, Binance, or Cake DeFi. Each platform may focus on different aspects of the crypto universe and offer varying rewards.
  • Promoting platform engagement: Besides the educational aspect, these programs also serve as a tool for crypto platforms to increase user engagement and introduce their services and products to a wider audience.

How do crypto learn-to-earn programs work?

Crypto learn-to-earn programs offer an engaging way to earn while you learn crypto. These platforms provide educational crypto content through various crypto courses with rewards. Participants can delve into cryptocurrency tutorials, covering everything from crypto staking mistakes to the basics of spot trading.

These interactive crypto learning experiences are designed to cater to both beginners and advanced users. A number of crypto exchanges for beginners host these programs, making them accessible to a wider audience. Participants can engage in crypto exchange day trading tutorials, learning valuable strategies and techniques.

As part of these crypto rewards programs, users can earn crypto rewards for each completed course or tutorial. This approach not only educates but also incentivizes learners with free crypto, enhancing their understanding of the digital currency world.

Furthermore, many of these platforms feature crypto affiliate programs, allowing users to generate passive income by referring new participants. This aspect turns learning into a potentially profitable venture, as users can continue to earn rewards and build their crypto portfolio.

Pros and cons of crypto learn-to-earn programs

learn to earn


  • Educational value: These programs offer comprehensive educational content, making learning about cryptocurrency accessible to beginners and advanced users.
  • Earn rewards. Participants earn crypto rewards, which can be a motivating factor to engage with the learning material.
  • Interactive learning. The use of interactive elements, like quizzes and practical tasks, makes the learning process engaging and effective.
  • Exposure to crypto: Users gain firsthand experience in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which can be invaluable for those new to this space.
  • Opportunity for passive income: Through crypto affiliate programs, users have the potential to earn passive income in addition to the rewards for completing courses.


  • Limited scope: The content might be limited to the specific interests of the platform, potentially giving a narrow view of the broader crypto market.
  • Variable reward value: The value of rewards can fluctuate due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.
  • Time investment: Users need to invest time to learn and complete modules, which might not always align with the rewards’ value.
  • Eligibility restrictions: Some programs have geographic or other restrictions, limiting accessibility for certain users.
  • Market risks: Engaging with crypto rewards also exposes users to the inherent risks of the cryptocurrency market.

How is crypto learn-to-earn taxed?

In general, cryptocurrency rewards received from learn-to-earn programs are subject to tax, as it qualifies as income. Remember that in most countries, a capital gains tax applies when selling, spending, swapping, or gifting the crypto. It’s important to check local tax regulations, as crypto taxation is an evolving area and varies widely across different jurisdictions.


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Here’s a brief overview of how crypto from learn-to-earn programs might be taxed in various countries:

United States: Likely to be taxed as income, as the IRS views airdrops and coins from hard forks similarly.

United Kingdom: Possibly subject to income tax, similar to airdrops for services. However, there’s an additional income allowance of £1,000.

Australia: The stance on taxing learn and earn crypto is unclear, but airdrops are generally taxed as income.

Canada: Unlikely to be taxed as income unless considered “business-like activities.”

E.U: Taxation on crypto learn-to-earn programs varies between 0-52%. It varies significantly between countries due to differing national tax regulations and classifications of cryptocurrencies. 

How can I earn crypto easily?

To earn crypto easily, you can participate in “learn to earn” programs offered on various crypto education platforms, such as Coinbase

These programs allow you to earn while you learn crypto by engaging with educational content. They include crypto courses with rewards and cryptocurrency tutorials, often involving interactive crypto learning.

By completing these courses, you can earn crypto rewards, essentially receiving free crypto for enhancing your knowledge. Some platforms also offer crypto affiliate programs, providing an opportunity for passive income. Through these methods, you can earn crypto easily while gaining valuable insights into the cryptocurrency world.

Can I earn crypto for free?

Yes, you can earn crypto for free through various methods. As well as crypto learning and earning programs, you can also get some free crypto by referring others to a crypto exchange. Many cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets offer referral programs as a way to attract new users. When someone signs up using this link and fulfills certain conditions like making a trade or deposit, the referrer earns a reward, often in the form of cryptocurrency. This method benefits both the referrer and the new user, as some platforms also provide a signup bonus to the person joining.

Airdrops are another way to receive free crypto. They represent a promotional strategy used by blockchain-based projects to increase awareness and distribution of their tokens. Giveaways are similar but might involve more engagement, such as participating in contests or social media campaigns. While airdrops and giveaways can be a source of free crypto, it’s crucial to research the legitimacy of these offers to avoid scams.

You might get free crypto by signing up on a new crypto platform. Some crypto platforms offer sign-up bonuses to attract new users. Upon creating an account and meeting specific criteria, like verifying identity or making an initial deposit, new users receive a one-time bonus in cryptocurrency. 

Yield farming and staking offer opportunities for passive income generation, which some might consider “free crypto.” While these methods offer relatively straightforward ways to earn rewards, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes to avoid potential losses. Remember, the crypto market is volatile, and profit is never guaranteed.

Best platforms to earn free crypto

Coinbase Earn

Check out the Earn page for staking
Coinbase Earn
Explore Coinbase Get free crypto from staking on Coinbase
Free crypto Yes
Availability E.U., U.S., U.K.
Withdrawal Fiat/crypto
Best feature Staking


Check out the Airdrop page
Explore KuCoin Get free crypto from airdrops on KuCoin
Free crypto Yes
Availability E.U. & 150+
Withdrawal Fiat/crypto
Best feature Airdrops


Check out Yield Farming Explore KuCoin Get free crypto from yield farming on OKX
Free crypto Yes
Availability E.U. & 110+
Withdrawal Fiat/crypto
Best feature Yield farming

Start earning with crypto learn and earn platforms

Crypto learn-to-earn programs merge education with incentives, helping users educate themselves while earning rewards. Whatever method you use to make money from crypto, it’s important to approach any opportunity cautiously and ensure they are from reputable sources to avoid scams. All of the listed programs represent legitimate ways to earn via learning. Remember, the crypto market is volatile, and profit is never guaranteed.

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