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4 Crypto Apps That Pay Free Money For Sign-Up In 2024

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Whether in a bull market or a bear, everyone likes free money. This guide lists several leading, trustworthy apps and platforms offering enticing user giveaways and money for sign-ups. Some ask users to complete simple tasks in exchange for cash. Here are the top four apps doing so in 2024.

Top crypto apps offering money for sign-ups in 2024

crypto apps free money

1. Coinbase: Free money for solving quizzes

The first app on the list is Coinbase, the largest regulated crypto exchange in the U.S.

The app pays money for sign-up and solving quizzes. No deposit is required. In April 2024, there are two quizzes available. Users receive an instant $6 in NEAR and SHPING crypto when solved. You are free to sell or swap these assets as you desire.

app that pays real money for sign-up is Coinbase

It is worth noting, however, that Coinbase regularly adds new quizzes. It is worth having an account as there will be options for further free money in the future.

To claim the free money for signing up with Coinbase, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the official Coinbase webpage:

Step 2: Create an account and pass identity verification. It’s a straightforward process and is no different from signing up on other platforms.

signing up at coinbase

Step 3: After you sign up, go to the Learning Rewards tab, select a quiz, and click Start Course.

free money for signing up in coinbase learn program

Step 4: Review the materials, then correctly solve the quiz, and that’s it. The free money for sign-up will be credited to your wallet.

2. Binance: Free money for learning about crypto

Binance is a leading global crypto exchange. The CEX offers many features, including a Learn & Earn program. After you sign up, this platform offers quizzes to solve. After completing them correctly, you get free money in the crypto you just learned about in this quiz. The whole process is simple and comes down to just a few steps:

Step 1: Create an account at and pass KYC verification. You can also claim a $100 Binance bonus by signing up with this link.

binance is app that pays for sign up as well

Step 2: Find the Academy (Learn and Earn) tab in the top menu of the platform — or in the mobile app.


Step 3: Answer quizzes and get free money for sign-up.

3. Wirex: Free money for sign-up (in WXT tokens)

Wirex is an app that allows you to exchange currencies and crypto at favorable rates and offers a payment card.

The free money you get to sign up for the Wirex app is in the form of crypto tokens. After creating an account, passing verification, and depositing $50, you will get 1000 WXT (the platform’s native token).

As of mid-April 2024, this equals about $6.50 just for signing up for the app and depositing funds. You can do whatever you want with the tokens, including converting them into real money.

Find out more about this platform in our comprehensive Wirex review.

In the meantime, here’s how to get free money for signing up to Wirex, step-by-step.

Step 1: Go to the official website Ensure to use this link. Otherwise, you will not qualify for the Wirex sign-up bonus. Then, create an account by following the instructions on-screen.

Step 2: Go through KYC verification. You must confirm the information you provided earlier with your ID and selfie.

Step 3: Enjoy the benefits of the Wirex app, make a $50 deposit, and 1000 WXT will be credited to your account within seven days of passing the verification.

wirex free money for signing up

4. YouHodler: Free money for clicking

YouHodler is another crypto app that offers free money for sign-up without requiring users to deposit funds. In this case, users make money by clicking. The process is simple:

  • Create an account at and go to the cloud mining tab.
  • Click on two tiles and wait the appropriate amount of time. After that, the free money in the form of BTC will be credited to your account.
youhodler is app that pays cash for sign up as well

And that’s it. Read more about YouHodler in our comprehensive YouHodler Review.

Why apps offer free money for sign-ups

Apps offering free money as a sign-up incentive is a clever marketing strategy that benefits both the company and the user. Attracting a solid user base as quickly as possible is crucial when a new app launches. Offering a monetary incentive is a straightforward way to grab attention and encourage downloads.

This strategy works because it taps into the fundamental desire for instant rewards. People love getting something for nothing, even a small amount. By providing free money for sign-ups, apps create a positive first impression, increasing the likelihood that users will explore the app further and potentially continue using it.

Moreover, this initial offering can be a win-win situation. While users enjoy their free money, apps gain valuable data. Each sign-up provides insights into user demographics and behavior, which are vital for refining marketing strategies and improving the app’s features. Essentially, what seems like free money is actually a strategic investment by the company in its long-term user engagement and retention plans.

Looking for more opportunities to claim free money for sign-ups from leading apps? Check our list of the top platforms offering crypto sign-up bonuses in 2024. Check it out here.

What are the risks of free money for app sign-ups?

Getting free money to sign up for an app can be worth it if you genuinely plan to use the app. However, just signing up to grab the bonus equals selling your data for pennies. Here’s what to consider before you click “sign up.”

When apps offer money for signing up, they’re not just being generous but buying your data. Each registration provides them with valuable information about your preferences and behaviors. This data can be used to tailor marketing strategies or even sold to third parties. If you’re signing up without intending to use the app, you’re essentially giving away your personal details for minimal return.

Moreover, this approach can clutter your digital life. Unused apps not only take up space on your device but can also lead to unnecessary notifications and potential security risks if the app isn’t properly maintained.

However, if the app offers services that match your interests or needs, the initial monetary incentive could be a great added benefit. In such cases, the free money becomes a bonus to services you actively use, making it a worthwhile sign-up. When considering these offers, consider the potential benefits against the risks of sharing your data.

Prioritize security at all times

In 2024, there are still apps that pay real money for sign-up. In some cases, you can even receive cash without a deposit. Nevertheless, such bonuses are only worth claiming if you actually intend to use the app. Remember only to click official links to stay safe from phishing attempts. Be mindful of crypto scams. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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