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Top Crypto 2023: Coins with Huge Potential According to Experts

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Editorial Note: The following content does not reflect the views or opinions of BeInCrypto. It is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. Please conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

After suffering a problematic 2022 following the collapse of several big crypto players, including the recent demise of FTX, and despite harsh global economic conditions, experts expect a market rebound to occur in 2023. There could be healthy returns to be made by investors that move quickly to purchase ahead, while prices remain low.

Some of the top cryptos with massive potential in 2023 are:

1.    Metacade (MCADE)

Metacade is the world’s first metaverse arcade built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform’s primary focus is on providing gamers with a vast array of addictive play-to-earn (P2E) titles while allowing them to generate revenue through rewards as they beat challenges and progress through tournaments and up leaderboards.

Alongside its huge P2E potential, Metacade’s roadmap includes plans for its innovative Metagrants program, designed to support developers in producing new blockchain-based games. Community members vote on the proposals from developers, ensuring only titles they want to play go into development. Winning developers receive Metagrant funding to bring their games into reality.

Other developments within Metacade include a jobs board, due for introduction in Q1 of 2024, which will see exciting Web3 job opportunities made available for those seeking future-proof career progression opportunities.

The ultimate goal for Metacade is to transition into a fully-functioning decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This process is set to begin in Q2 of 2023 and conclude in Q4 of 2024. Upon conclusion, all critical positions within the business are due to be held by community members, while the governance and future direction of Metacade will be determined democratically by MCADE token holders.

The sale of MCADE tokens is in its presale stages and has sold out in its initial beta presale phase, raising $1 million in just over three weeks. With the price increasing by 2.5 times with each step from its beta price of $0.008 per token to $0.02 per token, early investors in Metacade look set to be one of 2023’s top cryptos with gains not often seen during a crypto bear market.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here

2.    The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox will be familiar in aesthetic style to fans of Minecraft and Roblox. It is a metaverse platform that allows users to build and share their content, such as games and characters. With blockchain user-generated content (UGC) increasing in popularity, The Sandbox is one of the leading UGC exponents. This makes SAND one of the best crypto coins to buy now.

The interactive open-world aspect of The Sandbox attracts players, allowing them to create virtual reality 3D landscapes they can share while exploring other metaverse creations from other users. The native SAND coin can be used to purchase assets, such as LAND plots, on the platform’s marketplace. These virtual assets can be bought, sold, modified, or monetized.

One of The Sandbox’s primary appeals is that it can be used to create blockchain-based games using a unique plug-and-play creator. This means that even users with no prior coding knowledge can use it.

This accessibility makes The Sandbox one of blockchain gaming’s leading lights. With a platform that allows for continual evolution and genesis as new metaverse worlds are created, SAND is one of the top cryptos that is prime for huge growth potential in 2023. Investors seeking impressive returns could see significant growth by taking advantage of SAND’s current low value.

3.    Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is an open-source platform allowing users to build, develop and release decentralized applications (dApps) currently in use across several industries. This market-leading blockchain offers excellent levels of scalability through the Avalanche protocol, which also provides excellent security. The protocol achieves consensus through its directed acyclic graph (DAG).

This consensus allows a clear pathway for transactions to be achieved quickly, safely, and smoothly, allowing projects to be built on the blockchain that delivers near-instantaneous finality at meager costs. Consequently, the customer experience using Avalanche is much smoother and better than with similar blockchain platforms.

Finance, data science, entertainment, and gaming are just some industries that benefitted from Avalanche’s excellent blockchain performance thanks to their protocol, which is widely considered the best since Bitcoin launched.

With Avalanche perfectly placed to be the blockchain of choice in coming years for many people that want to build dApps thanks to its ease of scalability, security, and seamless transaction speeds, the demand for AVAX tokens will increase.

Although AVAX is trading at more than 90% less than its all-time high (ATH) level, this likely increased demand for Avalanche’s blockchain services could make this one of the top cryptos to buy now. Investors can purchase at a low level and potentially reap excellent profits over the coming months and years.

4.    Axie Infinity (AXS)

A decentralized P2E gaming metaverse, Axie Infinity, will be familiar to fans of Pokemon Go. Users can collect, train, and battle Axies, metapets, while trading NFTs that upgrade their Axies and make them more formidable in battle. Gamers stand to earn rewards by successfully winning battles against other users.

Launched in 2018, Axie Infinity was one of the first GameFi offerings to be released on a blockchain. This led to enormous growth during the 2021 bull market as millions of users flocked to the platform to experience one of the best GameFi experiences in the crypto world.

One of the most innovative blockchain platforms, Axie Infinity, is a leader in metaverse gaming, offering a high-quality and, more importantly, diverse and addictive gameplay experience. The unique Web3 gaming technology makes the most of the potential provided by Ethereum’s blockchain and facilitates a smooth experience for gamers.

With metaverse and blockchain gaming set to grow exponentially in the coming years, Axie Infinity has the opportunity to evolve its platform to continue attracting new gamers and retaining existing users’ loyalty.

Although AXS hasn’t escaped the current crypto bear market, with its value sitting 95% lower than its ATH, its continuing solid usage and potential for developments make AXS one of the top crypto investment propositions for 2023. Purchasing at its current low levels, allied with its previous growth performance, could provide excellent profits for investors looking for an alluring GameFi opportunity.

5.    Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is an open-source blockchain whose primary USP is the ease with which it enables cross-blockchain data and asset transfers, known as blockchain interoperability. By creating a vast network of independent links, known as parachains, disparate blockchains can combine seamlessly into a single integrated network using Polkadot’s unique consensus mechanism.

This makes Polkadot one of the leading blockchain providers of modular platforms for smart contracts, from small low-level solutions to grandiose enterprise-level provisions. Their infrastructure allows users to validate their own transactions with the confidence of a false positive rate, often as low as 0%, while offering security, governance, and above all, high levels of user assurance.

While blockchain technology continues to advance rapidly, providers offering interoperability are rare. With independent blockchains using closed-circuit technology, cross-blockchain transactions can be a risky business. However, Polkadot’s unique solutions mitigate against these risks and provide users with an experience as smooth as they’d have using a single network for their transfers.

Another currency currently sitting more than 90% below its ATH, DOT is expected to make significant gains in the coming months and years, particularly during the next bull market. With Polkadot’s unique multi-blockchain offering users with market-leading cross-chain operability, there looks to make DOT one of the top cryptos of 2023.

6.    Shiba Inu (SHIB)

A crypto coin that burst into people’s consciousness during the 2021 bull market, Shiba Inu, was designed and built as a competitor to Dogecoin. It’s a meme coin that prides itself on being a helpful entry point into Web3 technology and community-driven.

Shiba Inu’s entry into the market was unusual, with 400 trillion tokens sent to the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. He burned 90% of this haul, valued at $6.7 billion. While this was a highly unusual marketing ploy, it also caught the imagination of investors and crypto fans as the value of SHIB rapidly increased by 900%.

Plans for 2023 include an expansion of the SHIB token with the release of Shibarium, a Layer 2 network for Ethereum. SHIB token holders will have a fully scalable network to conduct transactions securely. In addition, Shiba Inu supports creating and selling artwork on its network.

The large volume of users makes Shiba Inu one of the most valuable crypto coins by market value. Its easy accessibility and utility use, something unusual for meme coins, means that as the Shiba Inu community grows, the value of SHIB tokens will increase.

2023 is a big year for Shiba Inu with the release of Shibarium, the success of which holds the key to the performance of SHIB over the next twelve months. Currently trading around 90% lower than its ATH, there is scope for investors to make serious profits by purchasing SHIB tokens now. Shiba Inu looks set to be one of the top cryptos in 2023.

In Summary

As much as 2022 has been a trying year for cryptocurrencies across the board and predictions that the current bear market could remain well into 2023, there is value for investors prepared to do their homework. Several established currencies continue to work hard at evolving their services to attract new clientele and maintain the loyalty of their existing users. Those currencies doing the hard yards now are likely to reap the rewards during 2023.

Meanwhile, innovative new projects promise much for investors as 2023 gets underway. The most promising of these is Metacade and its revolutionary GameFi virtual arcade. With early investors guaranteed profits by purchasing during the presale as the value of MCADE increases with each phase, the platform’s exciting multi-layered roadmap promises longevity, wide-ranging appeal, and potential for even greater profits for those that purchase early.

Early opportunities such as those offered by Metacade hold great potential in the future. This undoubtedly places MCADE in the top spot in this list of the best of the top cryptos to purchase in 2023.

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