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Workcation: These Crypto Companies Allow You to Work From Your Holiday Location

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In Brief

  • Workcation is a rapidly growing trend, with 53% of remote-capable Americans considering one within the next year.
  • Younger workers are particularly keen about working from a holiday location, with 65% of them showing interest.
  • Crypto companies, including Coinbase and OpenSea, are advocating for and benefiting from the workcation trend.
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The phrase “workcation” might have been alien to many just a few years ago. Still, today, with the rise of remote work and decentralized technologies, it has become a trending buzzword among companies worldwide.

The appeal? Balancing work with the allure of exotic or comforting locations allows employees to integrate leisure with productivity. And it is not just tech giants like Google and American Express, even crypto firms are advocating for the practice.

Workcation: Working From Paradise

The concept of “workcations” — the seamless blending of work and vacation — is rapidly gaining momentum, especially post-Covid. A YouGov poll revealed that 53% of Americans who can work remotely are considering a workcation within the next year.

“The workcation trend is especially popular among the younger workforce. Nearly two-thirds of US adults aged 18-34 (65%) who are able to work remotely say they are very or fairly interested in combining their work responsibilities with a vacation,” reads the report.  

The preferred destination for both Brits and Americans is Italy, followed by Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, and France.

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Remote Workers Interested in Workcation
Remote Workers Interested in Workcation. Source: YouGov

Such trends are not surprising when one considers the potential benefits. Roxana Gallardo, a Web3 community builder based in Medellin, Colombia, explained to BeInCrypto the charm succinctly.

While glamping in Guatape, she enjoys working close to nature. She can take a leisurely lunchtime stroll on the lake, seeking inspiration from the calming water, and climb the Stone of El Peñol after her last online meeting.

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This blend of work and relaxation can spark creativity and maintain mental well-being, a sentiment echoed by many embracing the trend.

“The ability to completely disconnect from work as soon as I’m done and merge with nature is what I love the most about workcation. Even after the most stressful day, within minutes, I can swim in the lake, relax, and return to work with a clear head,” said Gallardo.

The Perks of Working in Crypto

Crypto companies are no exception to this paradigm shift. Among the most notable names to promote workcation-style roles is Roblox, seeking a Project Manager.  As seen in BeInCrypto’s Crypto Jobs in Web3, Coinbase is looking for a Senior Legal Engineer, Enterprise Applications.

OpenSea, another significant name in the crypto industry, wants to recruit a Director of Engineering, Security. And BeInCrypto is looking for a Data Analyst and a Partnership Manager. These crypto giants, among others, encourage employees to take advantage of the workcation trend.

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But why is there such a surge in this trend, especially in the crypto industry? Richard Beech from Electroheads might have the answer.

He recounts a pivotal week in Cornwall, where he launched the company’s website while indulging in daily surfing sessions. A surprising revelation emerged for Beech after working in serene locations, free from the metropolitan hustle.

 “I was surprised by the benefits for my mental health. It’s been a transformative experience… Your pace of thinking goes down, but your productivity goes up,” said Beech.

He felt a mental uplift and experienced the luxury of focused work with fewer distractions than city life. Following this epiphany, Electroheads now promotes short workcations, hoping to imbue its employees with the same refreshing experience.

Regulatory Challenges Emerge

Yet, like every coin with two sides, workcations bring challenges, mainly in regulatory issues.

How long can an employee stay in a particular location before incurring tax liabilities? How does insurance cover the new “workplace”? What about immigration rules? Such concerns are prominent, especially for crypto companies that operate across borders.

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Popular Workcation Destinations
Popular Workcation Destinations. Source: Statista

Moreover, the practicalities of choosing a workcation destination matter. Connectivity and comfort reign supreme. After all, a picturesque but isolated villa might not serve an employee well if the internet is spotty.

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