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Web3 Jobs: How to Get a Job in the Crypto Sector

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The digital economy is evolving, and at the forefront of this transformation is the cryptocurrency sector. This area quickly becomes the most sought-after career path due to its expanding influence across various industries. Currently, industries related to blockchain technology are experiencing unparalleled growth worldwide. A rising demand for specialists in blockchain technology and web accompanies this surge.

In 2024, key industries like real estate, gaming, and finance are integrating advanced technologies. Major players such as Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and The Sandbox are leading this change. Let’s dive into how to land a job in web3.

What jobs are there in web3? 

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As the metaverse and web3 sectors continue to draw interest from major corporations, the DeFi, crypto, and blockchain job market is experiencing significant growth. To effectively capitalize on these opportunities, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, its applications, and the dynamics of the crypto community.

Consider mastering these following web3 skills, or at least familiarizing yourself with them:

1. Smart contract development

Smart contracts are an agreement between two or more parties hosted on a blockchain, such as Ethereum or Solana. It involves several lines of codes with predetermined conditions, which are self-executed once those conditions are met. 

They allow trusted transactions and contracts to be automatically and anonymously executed among different parties without intermediaries such as banks or legal systems. A smart contract developer has a solid understanding of the working principles of many blockchain platforms. They can easily point to the right platform based on the use case, specifications, and other requirements.

Building a skill along this line requires knowledge of computer programming languages such as JavaScript, NodeJS, React, and application programming interface (API) integrations. 

2. Community management

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Community management is another in-demand skill that has become highly popular and recognized in crypto. However, more often than not, it still needs to be defined by many platforms.

So, what makes it so demanding? Ultimately, it involves building an organic DeFi community among crypto users, team members, and partners through various means. Through effective community management, blockchain projects can relate better with their audience to create a futuristic environment.

Community managers combine extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency and marketing to develop a web3 project’s communications and brand. They are crypto experts and professional marketers responsible for moderating communities, including social media accounts, blogs, forums, and other marketing channels. Crypto community managers are also called crypto community moderators or blockchain community managers. 

Getting involved in this space requires solid expertise in marketing and extensive knowledge of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and web3.

3. Content creation

Content creation is creating entertaining, informative, or educational crypto materials across any social channel or platform. Creating crypto-related content might mean writing digital marketing resources, emails, blogs, technical reports, web3 news, advertorials, project communications, and more.

Crypto content creation is not limited to writing. It extends to podcasts, videos, graphics, and much more. For instance, a graphic designer with knowledge about tools such as Blender, Maya, and Cinema 4D can easily create NFTs and monetize them on OpenSea.

Likewise, you can make a video about a particular crypto project and post it on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The same thing goes for other content. Content is anything users, readers, or viewers derive value from. Whatever content you create exposes you and your knowledge to the world.

4. Front-end web development

Frontend development is an aspect of web development that involves an interface visible to users. The concept revolves around altering a set of codes into users’ relatable graphical interface, ensuring all information within the site is displayed in a durable and user-friendly format.

Frontend developers make sure all website contents are easy to read and well-organized across different browsers (cross-browser), different operating systems (cross-platform), and different devices (cross-device).

As crypto projects are increasing, so is the need for frontend developers to create a comprehensive user interface. If you’re already familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you’re good to go. You only need to up your game by learning web3 coding languages such as web3.js and ethers.js.

5. Design

In the web3 space, particularly within the crypto community, designing websites to enhance user experience has become a crucial skill. Initially, as a Web3 designer, your primary focus will be on the project’s visual elements, including its appearance, layout, and overall design.

The design includes selecting suitable colors, fonts, and images, creating a visually appealing look. Furthermore, the layout involves strategically arranging content on the website to ensure both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Consequently, a well-designed website is as critical as its design. Therefore, if you aim to excel in this area, developing proficiency in JavaScript and becoming familiar with leading prototyping tools like Figma and Canva are essential.

How do you start a career in the web3 job space?

Blockchain Jobs Report 2023: Coincub
Blockchain Jobs Report 2023: Coincub

The surge in job opportunities within the crypto and blockchain sectors is a global phenomenon. While it’s not surprising to see this trend in countries with a positive stance towards crypto and blockchain, like Singapore, Switzerland, and Germany, it’s equally prevalent in countries with full or partial bans on certain aspects of crypto trading.

It’s imperative to select and concentrate on a specific area carefully. The world of cryptocurrency is too vast to dabble superficially in every sector. Focusing on one key area, DeFi, DAO, Gaming, or NFTs, is crucial. Rather than being a jack of all trades, aim to master one, immersing yourself deeply in your chosen field.

Become an early adopter

In most cases, early adopters are:

  • The people who decide the acceptance of a project for the early majority.
  • The late majority.
  • Even the dawdlers (the late adopters). 

Becoming an early adopter means you’ll need to work with data-driven information to make a solid decision, as you will likely be in it for the long haul. Doing this might be time-consuming, but subscribing to trusted crypto news channels, like BeInCrypto, to get the latest happenings around the crypto world might save you a lot.

Apply for an internship 

Securing an internship position in a blockchain company helps to improve your job and research experience and lets you determine exactly the kind of career you want to build. It enables you to decide if certain roles fit your personality and specifications and allows you to network with people to advise and guide you career-wise.

Additionally, becoming an intern will expose you to the daily rigors of the crypto market, working space, and tasks without a strong devotion to the career path. You get to build a good resume, secure recommendations, build confidence, and potentially switch to a full-time role.

Join an active community

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We all know the idea of joining a crypto community, and most people only join these channels passively. After a day or two, we get tired of reading the passive information.

However, becoming an active member of several crypto communities on Twitter and Discord is the foundation of being a crypto enthusiast and landing gigs. Joining these communities increases the chance of being chosen for an airdrop, giveaway, or whitelist but also opens you up to trending job opportunities.

For example, projects such as Algorand have a contribute button on their developer page that allows users to contribute and earn money for their work.

Search for reputable DAOs and participate

Becoming a part of decentralized autonomous organizations gives you a sense of belonging among users who share common goals and make profitable commitments to creating useful products. DAOs provide democratized governance, transparency, pooled resources, and the chance to make money and an impact.

DAOs are used for several purposes. For example, KlimaDAO focuses on climate change, while MakerDAO manages the Dai stablecoin. Upon choosing your preferred community, search them out on Discord. Here, you can introduce yourself, participate, and engage in conversations. DAOs are common among developers but also available for community managers, designers, and others.

Reach out to your preffered team

The first step in pitching yourself is to do your homework. Don’t just send an email shabbily; research the team, refine your message, and direct it to the sector within the company you would like to join. For instance, if you want to be a software engineer, targeting the blockchain development team will likely get you a response rather than reaching the HR team. The same goes for designers; you would rather not add to thousands of unanswered messages in HR’s inbox. 

Filtering your pitches to suit major players in a web3 company will give you an edge over random, unrefined cold emails. Key team members can always be trusted, and you stand a chance to gain the attention of HR.

Attend meetups and web3 events

Meetups allow you to learn and explore the latest and upcoming developments in the blockchain space. During these events, you meet many other crypto enthusiasts and interact with experts in the web3 field.

You can attend crypto/web3 events both physically and virtually. There are several crypto clubs you can participate in person. Use Google or Meetup to see if there are any around your area.

You can also join crypto clubs and attend virtual events. You will always learn something at these events regardless of your skill level. Now, whatever club or meetup you join, you get to share your thoughts, learn from their experience, and get exposed to suitable job openings.

Are web3 jobs worth it?

Web3 offers an exciting and transformative opportunity in the technology sector, full of potential for those eager to explore it. Entering this vibrant and much-discussed industry requires technical skills and a solid understanding of blockchain technology. However, anyone passionate about tech can significantly impact the web sector with dedication and the right learning approach. This field is not just about challenges; it’s about the immense possibilities and advancements that await.

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