Top Crypto Airdrops 2021

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In Brief
  • Airdrops are popular ways to get started in the crypto industry.

  • There are so many airdrops to look forward to in 2021.

  • They include DATA Streamr, Bella Protocol and many more.

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If you want to get started in the industry and re looking for some free rewards for completing simple tasks, look no further than airdrops.

There are many different ways for users to obtain cryptocurrency. You can mine coins, buy them for cash or exchange the coins that you might already have for something else.

Other methods include staking rewards and interest rates you earn from lending crypto. However, one of the most popular, consistent ways to obtain new cryptocurrencies is through airdrops.

It’s an easy way to get started in the Cryptocurrency industry, as most only require a wallet address, social media information and simple tasks to complete.

In this article:

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrops are crypto events where issuers of digital currency distribute coins to their users for free.

This is done so that the coin will receive greater exposure, liquidity from trading, and so that it would attract more users through free rewards.

Of course, when we say ‘free cryptocurrency,’ we mean that you don’t have to spend money to buy them.

However, there might be some other conditions before you get your cryptos. For example, projects might ask that you engage in community-building activities and efforts, which usually have a goal of expanding awareness of the project, completing surveys to give feedback to the issuer, and alike.

Generally, this method of distributing coins has been very successful in the past, as many projects have utilized an ICO airdrop to grow into big and popular cryptos. As a result, the airdrops have continued to this day.

This is hardly surprising, as everyone likes a free cryptocurrency sent to their wallet in exchange for small services, such as retweeting a tweet or completing a short survey.

Now, as mentioned, airdrops are still very much alive and well, and there are plenty of them that take place every month. We had a few great ones in September, such as Uniswap, Binance Jersey, and many others.

While these have ended, many more are coming up, in case you plan on joining in. Here are some of the most notable ones.

Best Airdrop in 2021


The most exciting airdrop to start with is Stormgain, which includes an trading contest that offers a prize pool of 15,000 USDT as a reward.

To win the coins, you will have to show off your trading skill in a live market, under real market conditions, right alongside fellow traders.

By participating, you get to try out your trading skill, potentially learn something new, and if you do well, win quite a bit in rewards. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Top Crypto Airdrops to Look Forward To

There are plenty of airdrops to look forward to in 2021, featuring some promising projects that provide generous airdrop rewards for signing up and completing simple tasks.

The top Crypto airdrops to look forward to in 2021 include:

DappRadar x Streamr

Our first choice is DATA Streamr, an open-source, crowdfunded, decentralized platform for real-time data.

The Streamr platform is already being used to provide real-time data for businesses, and its native coin, DATA, is tradeable on Binance.

Getting started with the airdrop is easy — First, visit Streamr’s Airdrop Page and then create an account, connect your ETH wallet via Metamask and join the exclusive airdrop.

DappRadar x Streamr is giving away 30,000 free DATA tokens for 500 lucky winners, so you have to be entered and signed up to be in with a chance.

When the airdrop has finished, check your accounts to see if you’re one of the lucky winners!

Bella Protocol

We also have the Bella Protocol’s airdrop starting September 30th.

However, it will be a long-term airdrop that will end on July 15th, 2022, divided into eight rounds of drops in total. You have more than a year and a half to participate in it and win as much as you can of the 2 million BEL coins distributed during this period.

Bella Protocol is an aggregated UI for existing DeFi protocols, and with DeFi being the hottest new trend of the crypto world, this airdrop and the project behind it are likely to attract a lot of attention.

However, to be eligible to participate in the airdrop, you have to hold APRA — a token made by the same team which created Bella Protocol. All you need to do is hold APRA tokens to one of the supported exchanges at the time of the snapshot, and you will get 1 BEL for each 5,000 APRA that you hold.

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Vine Protocol

Launching soon on the popular Binance Smart Chain network, Vine Protocol is a DeFi platform that provides staking, liquidity mining and swap functions for users.

Before the launch of their platform, VINE Protocol is airdropping VINE tokens to participants that sign up for their airdrop.

Image credit: Vine Protocol

To get started with the airdrop, users have to complete simple tasks via their Telegram page and submit their details to the Telegram bot to receive the tokens.

For joining the airdrop, users will receive 500 VINE tokens, and for every referral to somebody else will receive 20 VINE tokens. The airdrop could prove to be very lucrative, so make sure you’re signed up and see what you get!


Next, we have Morpher – a new zero-fee trading platform for all kinds of crypto and traditional assets. You can use it for trading digital coins, commodities, and even stocks at any time.

The platform is already fully functional, and its native token MPH is available for trade on Coingecko and Uniswap. However, it is also distributed to any new user.

You can get them too by signing up for their platform, completing a KYC check and connecting your wallet. That’s all it takes to get 100 MPH for free. Plus, you can get an additional 50 for every person who registers by using your link.

So, don’t wait any longer — join the platform right now and claim your free coins.

WINk by Binance

Supported by Binance, Kucoin and Atomic Wallet, WINk is airdropping free WIN tokens to TRX holders on these platforms.

WINk is a gaming platform that allows users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple networks. It uses the native WIN token as the native currency.

Starting from August 28, 2019, WINK will airdrop free WIN tokens to eligible TRX holders in 3 rounds. The first round has already been distributed, but don’t worry, the next two are still available.

Image credit: Binance

The next distribution periods are:

September 28, 2020 – August 28, 2021 1,082,250,000 WIN
September 28, 2021 – August 28, 2022 1,165,500,000 WIN

To start, simply sign up for one of the supported platforms or use your private TRX wallet. To be eligible for the WINk airdrop, users need to hold a minimum of 100 TRX on the supported platforms to receive their airdrop share.

Liquifi Exchange

Liquifi Exchange is a decentralized digital asset exchange that provides farming pools and swap functions for users of the Binance Smart Chain network.

To get started with the airdrop, users have to first sign up via their sign-up form and then complete simple tasks via their Telegram page.

image credit: Liquifi Exchange

For joining the airdrop, a total pool of 100,000 LQF will be equally distributed among all the eligible participants. The rewards will be distributed after April 14th, 2021, so get signed up now and be in with a chance of the LQF rewards!


Next up, we have GoodDollar — a project that is actually a non-profit organization, which aims to leverage new blockchain technologies. Its ultimate goal is to help deliver a sustainable and scalable model for delivering basic income.

GoodDollar also created its own wallet, which allows anyone to sign up and claim its GS coins every single day.

Yes, that’s correct — the project is airdropping free GS every day to its participants. All you need is to create an account and complete a video KYC verification to claim the 1 GS registration bonus. Then, simply log in, and you will be able to claim free GS every 24 hours.

It’s a great way to get some free coins!


These are some of the best airdrops both available now as well as ones to look forward to. Simply pick your project of choice and get some free cryptos to start building up your fortune without investing your own money.

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