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DEXTools: What Is It and How To Use It?

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While DeFi exchanges offer benefits like self-custody and global market access, their technical complexity has kept mainstream adoption at bay. Aggregators and liquidity pools have come a long way over the years, but traders continue to struggle without consolidated, real-time market data. That’s where DEXTools, a platform built to address core barriers within decentralized finance directly, promises to make a difference.

DEXTools allows traders of all levels to finally confidently engage these DeFi markets by aggregating siloed data across exchanges and networks into one intuitive interface. Its comprehensive suite of analytics provides once-elusive insights into ever-changing market trends. This guide will explore DEXTools’ origins, its offerings, and the overarching impact of transparent, accessible information on DeFi markets. Here’s what defines the DEXTools platform and how it aims to steer DeFi into a new era of efficiency through data democratization.

What is DEXTools?

DEXTools aims to establish itself as a beacon that guides you through the murky waters of decentralized finance (DeFi). Its objective is to address the critical need for clarity and easy access to information within the DeFi sector.

Here’s a quick backdrop first to help you understand what specific pain points the platform wants to address:

Traders and investors in the DeFi space often grapple with fragmented data, obscure liquidity insights, and rapid price changes. The lack of consolidated, real-time market data, in particular, hinders your ability to make informed decisions amidst the chaos of decentralized exchange (DEX) trading. These inherent challenges make dealing with DEXs feel like wandering through an elaborate maze — that too without a map.

In response to these challenges, the DEXTools founders developed a comprehensive platform that consolidates market data from various DEXs. The idea is to give users a 360-degree view of the DeFi market. 

The platform approaches this objective by aggregating trading data, trends, and analytics into a user-friendly interface. This way, traders find it easy to stay ahead in the fast-paced crypto market.

DEXTools simplifies the inherent complexities of decentralized trading by offering a centralized information hub. This approach not only democratizes access to vital trading information but also levels the playing field. It equips both new and experienced traders with the right set of tools to strategize and trade with greater precision and insight.

Who is behind DEXTools?

Javier Palomino and Pablo Ojanguren, both technology and finance experts, launched DEXTools to simplify DeFi trading. Their vision was to build a reliable platform that offers real-time market insights and makes DeFi more approachable and efficient. 

With this objective, they gathered a team of technology and design experts to develop a user-friendly platform that offers analytics and data tools. The key was to build something that would help traders manage DeFi’s volatility. The founders have since appeared to prioritize user needs, continually enhancing the platform with new capabilities. 

DEXTools features

DEXTools serves as a comprehensive suite for traders by offering a range of features designed to enhance trading strategies and market understanding. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its key features and abilities:

  • Real-time analytics: Provides immediate access to crucial market data to help users make informed decisions quickly.
  • Pool Explorer: This feature offers insights into liquidity pools, allowing traders to assess the depth and stability of the market.
  • Pair Explorer: Delivers detailed information on trading pairs, including price changes, volume, and historical performance. 
  • Wallet Tracker: This enables users to view the transaction history and holdings of any specified wallet, thus offering insights into the strategies of successful traders.
  • Large Swap Explorer: Highlights significant market trades, which alerts users to potential shifts in market dynamics that could influence trading strategies.
  • Cross-blockchain support: Facilitates a broader market analysis by supporting on-chain analysis and data from multiple blockchains. This increases the platform’s utility for users interested in diverse cryptocurrency markets.
  • DEXTools Academy: The DEXTools Academy is an educational initiative by the platform to help traders improve their game. It helps both new and experienced traders level up their DeFi and crypto skills through bite-sized tutorials and guides.

Collectively, these features provide a handy DeFi toolkit for engaging the decentralized finance ecosystem on your terms. 

How to make the best use of DEXTools

A comprehensive approach is necessary to make the best use of DEXTools. You should ideally focus on leveraging its wide range of features to enhance your trading strategies. Here’s how you can maximize the potential of DEXTools for more informed and strategic trading decisions:

Understanding market dynamics with Pair Explorer

The Pair Explorer is your go-to for real-time analytics on trading pairs across decentralized exchanges. Say you’re eyeing the Ethereum (ETH) and DAI stablecoin pair. With Pair Explorer, you can track its price fluctuations, trading volume, liquidity changes, and transaction history as they happen. 

This lets you catch trends as they develop or spot potential reversals early. For instance, a sudden spike in trading volume might indicate growing interest, suggesting a possible price movement.

Assessing liquidity with Pool Explorer

The Pool Explorer feature is indispensable for anyone involved or interested in liquidity provision. It sheds light on the mechanics of liquidity pools, including the pool size, the assets it contains, and recent transaction activities. 

Understanding these elements is crucial for evaluating the potential returns against the risks of providing liquidity. For example, a pool with steadily increasing liquidity and a balanced ratio of assets might offer a safer investment opportunity compared to a more volatile one.

Tracking “whale” activity with Big Swap Explorer

Large transactions, often made by “whales,” can significantly impact market sentiment and price directions. The Big Swap Explorer allows you to monitor these transactions in real time. 

Spotting a whale making a considerable buy order in a token could be a precursor to price increases. This ability offers you a chance to ride the incoming wave. Conversely, a large sell order might signal an impending drop, allowing you to adjust your holdings accordingly.

Identifying opportunities with New Pairs

Newly listed pairs on DEXs represent fresh opportunities for early investors. The New Pairs feature alerts you to these listings, allowing you to investigate and invest before the masses. 

Early investment in a token with solid fundamentals and growing interest can lead to significant returns as more traders catch on.

Evaluating tokens with DEXTools Score

Assessing the vast number of tokens in the DeFi space can be difficult and time-consuming. The DEXTools Score evaluates tokens based on various metrics, including liquidity and trading volume. This way, it helps you identify high-quality projects. This scoring system can save you time and effort in research, allowing you to concentrate on tokens with the best growth potential.

Making smart and timely decisions

DEXTools is not just about monitoring; it’s about integrating insights into your trading strategy. You can combine the information from the Pair Explorer, Pool Explorer, and Big Swap Explorer to get a comprehensive view of the market. 

For example, if you notice a new pair gaining traction with increasing volume and a favorable DEXTools Score, it might be worth investigating further. Additionally, keep an eye on liquidity trends and whale activities for signs of the market shifting.

Staying ahead of the curve

Set up alerts for price changes, volume spikes, or new pair listings to stay ahead of the curve. This proactive approach ensures you never miss a beat, whether it’s a buying opportunity or the right moment to exit a position.

Learn to leverage DEXTools API to your advantage

DEXTools API (V2) significantly enhances access to decentralized finance data. It supports over 80 blockchains and provides data from over 10,000 DEXs and protocols. 

Additionally, it offers real-time insights into 2 million tokens and liquidity pools, including prices and liquidity metrics. This new version of the API, released in Dec. 2023, aims to empower users with comprehensive market views and decision-making tools. 

“DEXTools API Version 2 marks a significant milestone in the realm of decentralized finance data accessibility. Whether you’re a seasoned trader, developer, or crypto enthusiast, harness the power of our API to navigate the vast and dynamic landscape of blockchain and DeFi with precision.”

  — DEXTools stated: API V2 release announcement

DEXTools risks

Now that you understand DEXTools’ benefits let’s delve into potential technical limitations and market risks.

Using real-time data means you must be on your toes at all times. Markets in DeFi are notoriously volatile, so any delay in reacting to the data provided can lead to missed opportunities or, worse, significant losses.

Another risk is the potential for overconfidence. The wealth of data at your fingertips might lead to a false sense of security, encouraging riskier trades under the impression that all bases are covered. However, no tool can predict market movements with absolute certainty, and users may still find themselves on the losing end of trades if not careful.

The accuracy of the data presented by DEXTools is another point of concern. While the platform aims to provide up-to-date and accurate information, the decentralized nature of the sources it aggregates from means there can occasionally be discrepancies or delays. This could mislead users into making ill-informed decisions.

Finally, there’s the risk associated with the DEXT token itself. Like any cryptocurrency, its value can fluctuate widely due to market trends, regulatory news, or changes within the DEXTools platform.

How do you use DEXTools?

Start by linking your web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, to DEXTools. This step is crucial for personalized access to features. Once you connect your wallet, you will be redirected to a welcome screen. Here, you will notice that there are three tiers of user accounts — free, standard, and premium. To upgrade to the standard or premium plan, you must hold 1,000 DEXT and 100,000 DEXT, respectively, in your wallet.

dextools user account

The navigation menu on the left gives you quick access to all the tools, such as Pair Explorer and others.

pair explorer

You can use the Pair Explorer feature to monitor the performance of various trading pairs. This tool helps identify potential investment opportunities by displaying real-time data on price movements and trading volumes.

dextool interface

You can stay updated with the latest market trends by observing changes in prices, volumes, and liquidity. This information is key to making informed decisions.

To swap tokens directly within the platform, simply use the “Multiswap” feature, select your trading pair, and choose a decentralized exchange. Since you have already connected your wallet, you’re all set to execute the swap.


Additionally, you can also customize alerts for specific tokens to receive notifications about significant market activities. This feature ensures you never miss crucial changes to your favorite tokens.

What is the DEXT token?

The DEXT token is the native cryptocurrency in the DEXTools ecosystem. It plays a key role in accessing premium features within the platform. 

Additionally, it also acts as a utility token for services like advanced analytics, exclusive data access, and other premium functionalities. Holding DEXT tokens unlocks different membership tiers, each providing varying levels of access to the platform’s tools and features. 

DEXT price history (via CoinMarketCap)
DEXT price history: CoinMarketCap

Top DEXTools alternatives

While DEXTools has established itself as a leading analytics tool for exploring and trading in DeFi markets, it’s not the only player in the game. If you are looking for DEXTools alternatives, here are three options you could consider:

  • DEX Screener: Offers a comprehensive analytics platform across various blockchains, including Ethereum and BSC. Its offerings match DEXTools in scope, with features including charts, alerts, watchlists, and trend analysis.
  • Shrimpy: Shrimpy enables you to automate trading strategies across exchanges in an encrypted environment that employs third-party auditing. The platform prides itself on providing accurate and up-to-date market valuations and pricing data across its connected exchanges. This enables robust graphical analysis that depicts historical performance fluctuations on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Cryptograf: Cryptograf neatly synchronizes your portfolio accounts into a unified dashboard reflecting real-time prices and balances. By auto-syncing via API, Cryptograf helps you save the pain of manual data entry. Additionally, alerts and notifications keep you updated on price movements and performance.

DEXTools: A sustainable and equitable DeFi model

So, that was a summary of everything you need to know about DEXTools and how it promises to make trading easier for the average DeFi user. As a community-driven platform, DEXTools delivers robust free services without subscription fees padding corporate pockets. Instead, it promises to channel value back to users. 

For instance, 90% of the revenues flow to holders, while 10% gets burned to control supply. This deflationary model and active governance empower everyday users. Beyond market analytics, DEXTools offers passive income opportunities for premium members. Rather than old-school staking lockups, the platform rewards engagement with user-friendly airdrops. No kidding! Just hold your tokens and watch the drops roll in.

Overall, DEXTools has so far maintained a sustainable and equitable model for DeFi by holding its community of token holders and platform contributors first. 

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