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Top 6 Crypto Cyber Monday Deals and Offers You Can’t Miss

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Do you want to discover the best crypto Cyber Monday deals? On the back of the legendary Black Friday, this special day of online bargains promises an array of further exclusive offers, providing savvy shoppers and traders a chance to make the most of limited-time crypto promotions. 

We’ve compiled a list of the crypto trading platforms rolling out tempting offers this season. From discounts on trading fees to savings on services, crypto enthusiasts across the globe can snag unbeatable deals.

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are annual shopping events that follow Thanksgiving in the United States, marked by steep discounts and special promotions in retail outlets and online stores. Black Friday traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season with in-store bargains, while Cyber Monday follows with exclusive online deals, increasingly including offers in the crypto space. Crypto enthusiasts can look out for Cyber Monday crypto deals that typically feature limited-time crypto promotions on various products and services.

On Cyber Monday, many crypto trading platforms roll out exclusive offers for their users, ranging from reduced trading fees to bonuses on crypto purchases. Shoppers can also find savings on crypto services such as wallet subscriptions and security tools. These events are an excellent opportunity for seasoned traders and crypto newcomers to take advantage of crypto discounts.

According to a report from DriveResearch, 82% of people plan to shop during Cyber Week 2023. And 2.5x more people will shop online for these deals than those shopping in person. This includes Cyber Monday crypto deals.  

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Top crypto Cyber Monday offers and deals

Coinbase | Earn $200 in crypto

Sign up bonus up to $200
Date of expiry
November 2023
U.S. only
Up to $200 in crypto

Paybis | Buy crypto with low fees

Get 20% off on fees on all swaps
Date of expiry
November 30
U.S. and Europe
20% off on fees on all swaps

Wirex | Issue card & earn $75

Order your Wirex Card and receive $75 in WXT
Date of expiry
Valid in November 2023
Earn $75 in WXT

BYDFi | Earn up to $2,888 in crypto

Get up to $2,888 in rewards
Date of expiry
November 2023
Up to $2,888 in rewards

Binance | $50 welcome bonus

$50 welcome bonus for completing tasks
Date of expiry
Valid for November 2023
Worldwide except the U.S.
Earn up to $50

KuCoin | Earn up to 700 USDT

Earn up to 700 USDT
Date of expiry
November 2023
Earn $75

How to make the most of crypto Cyber Monday deals

cyber monday deals

Before you set out on your digital shopping spree this Cyber Monday, it’s wise to arm yourself with research on participating retailers. Many platforms are gearing up to offer enticing deals for users to spend bitcoin on Black Friday, offering Black Friday crypto wallet discounts or special Black Friday crypto exchange deals. Increasingly, these platforms are offering unique Cyber Monday rewards, too.

Look out for additional discounts, loyalty rewards, or even exclusive merchandise available to those who pay with digital currencies. This prep work ensures you’re not just spending your crypto but optimizing its value with every transaction.

Safeguard your digital wallet during crypto Cyber Monday deals

As you explore Cryber Monday crypto offers, remember that the right digital wallet can be your best defense against scams and other security threats. In the frenzy of grabbing the best discounts, make sure you’re using a wallet with a strong reputation for security. 

Moreover, always verify transaction details thoroughly and stay vigilant against phishing attempts, which tend to spike during these busy shopping periods. By following these security practices and prioritizing crypto wallet security, you can make the most of the holiday sales without compromising the safety of your digital assets.

Unlocking sign-up bonuses 

For the crypto-savvy shopper, preparation is key, particularly when it comes to capitalizing on Cyber Monday deals. It’s crucial to not only register early on crypto platforms but also complete the necessary verification steps ahead of time, a process that can span several days. 

Many platforms tantalize new users with welcome or sign-up bonuses. By getting verified early, you ensure you’re primed to take advantage of these introductory perks. Whether it’s a discount on trading fees or a bonus amount of cryptocurrency to trade, these benefits have the potential to make a positive impact on your overall profits if used wisely.

Can I use crypto to make purchases during Cyber Monday sales?

Absolutely, you can use cryptocurrencies to shop during Cyber Monday sales! Many online retailers and marketplaces now accept digital currencies as payment for goods and services. So, if you’ve got some crypto stashed away, Cyber Monday could be the perfect time to put it to use. Just look for retailers that indicate they accept cryptocurrency payments, and you can snag those deals with your digital wallet.

Remember that not all shops and sales will support crypto payments, and it’s a good idea to check the payment options before setting your heart on a purchase. Also, since transactions with cryptocurrencies can’t be reversed in the same way that credit card charges can, ensure you double-check the details before you click “buy.”

Stay safe while hunting for deals

Black Friday and, increasingly, Cyber Monday present a unique opportunity for those in the crypto community to capitalize on various deals and offers. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious beginner, the convergence of crypto with these iconic shopping days opens up a world of possibilities to expand your portfolio, secure your digital assets, or simply explore new advancements in the crypto sphere with the added joy of savings. As outlined above, remember to prioritize security at all times. Ensure you always click official links, and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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