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Top 5 Black Friday Deals on Cryptocurrency Wallets

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Black Friday is coming up fast, and we know shoppers are looking for holiday deals of all kinds. However, what if this season you or a loved one are in the market for a new cryptocurrency wallet solution? Presumably, you want something more powerful, versatile or professional than what the average desktop or mobile wallet can offer. Often, that level of security costs some money, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest deals being offered this Black Friday on several of the most popular storage options available. Whether you’re thinking of a hardware wallet, a complete payment suite, or some serious cold storage, we’ve got you covered, so let’s jump right in!

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We’ll begin with a very well known name among cryptocurrency users, and that name is Ledger. The hardware wallets offered by this company come in multiple models and all of them can store a variety of cryptocurrencies securely and offline. If you aren’t familiar, hardware wallets act as a form of storage for your assets where they can only be accessed physically, also known as a “cold wallet.” The device plugs into your PC via USB (and sometimes bluetooth, depending on the model) when you want to move coins onto or off of the wallet, and the unit itself is secured via a passcode adding yet another layer of security. 

Ledger is known for having Black Friday sales in past years, and the website has in fact confirmed that a 2020 promotion is coming. Although not listed as part of Black Friday, already consumers can find special discounts on the available bundles, such as the Nano S Family pack with a discount of 21%, the Backup Pack down 18%, and the Nano X Family pack down 16%. It is plausible additional specials are on their way, as these current deals have already been up for some time. 

Ledger Nano X
Source: Ledger

Furthermore, there are also a few third party Black Friday offerings available as well, such as $58 off on a Ledger Nano S. We must remind you to always be slightly warier when purchasing products and special offers through third parties, and as with many things in crypto, make sure you know who you are dealing with. That being said, there are many perfectly reputable vendors out there, and this can be a solid way to find special discounts not available elsewhere. 


The Trezor line of hardware wallets is also highly popular in the crypto world. While a slightly different design from the Ledger, the basic principle of a hardware wallet remains the same. Here too, multiple models and bundles are available, which correspond to a customer’s use case and how much they want to spend. 

Speaking of which, it is generally believed Trezor will once again be offering some Black Friday deals, though as of now there has not been an official announcement. To give some perspective though, last year they held a store-wide discount of 30% off on all items.

On top of this, it should be noted that Trezor also does have a currently running TechMonth promotion that offers 10% off storewide, so it is possible this is also planned to act as a crossover with Black Friday, but this isn’t how it is being promoted. It is highly plausible that additional deals are coming as we near the actual holiday weekend, but be aware that at this time it is unclear. 

Cool Wallet S

The Cool Wallet S is similar to the previous entries in that it is a hardware wallet, but this one has a few unique differences. For one, it connects via Bluetooth-only and is designed to act as, in many ways, both a hot and cold wallet. By offering features such as the ability to send and receive cryptocurrencies as well as exchange them, the Cool Wallet S is definitely about more than just storage. Additionally, this system is thoroughly backed up by multiple layers of security, including both bio-metrics and 2-Factor Authorization (2FA). This means you get the best of both on-the-go accessibility and the faith that your funds are secure.

Cool Wallet s

Normally, these wallets go for $99 each, but it has been reported that for Black Friday, they will be available in a “Buy one get one free” bundle. This is obviously ideal for both enthusiasts who were looking for multiple wallets in the first place, but can also serve as a great way to get secure storage for yourself as well as a gift for a friend!


Moving beyond hardware wallets, we have the XcelPay platform. While XcelPay acts as a highly solid storage option for a variety of cryptocurrencies, it also offers more. It’s positioning itself to be a complete payment and merchant platform as well, making it a perfect choice both for small business owners as well as shoppers. By using a novel QR code system, XcelPay allows users to set up incoming and outgoing payments, decide what type of cryptocurrency they want to use, and receive instant confirmations on transactions through SMS or email. 

While no official announcement has come from XcelPay on their website, they have revealed to BeInCrypto that they definitely are planning to offer a Black Friday deal to their customers. This should make the platform even more attractive for anybody searching for a payment system solution that caters to cryptocurrency!


The Ballet wallet takes the idea of a cold storage solution to the max. They offer a range of actual, physical cryptocurrency wallets that can receive funds via the address/QR code printed on the front. The system is designed to act as a long-term, highly secure solution, but funds can be redeemed from the wallet using the private key, which is only revealed by removing a Tamper-Evident seal. This also means the wallet is ideal for gifting cryptocurrency to friends and family, as it is the size of a normal credit card and hence easy to slip into an envelope, as well as store in a safe or similar location. The balance in the wallet can also be remotely viewed by a proprietary app that lets you purchase, store and manage your coins all while not having to sign up to an account or provide any KYC information.

Bitcoin whale

As for a Black Friday deal, Ballet is offering up their premier 24K Gold-Plated wallets, available in both Bitcoin and ERC20 stablecoin varieties. These normally run $135, but during this promotion, can be yours for only $99. It’s true, this is a step above utility and geared towards users who want a little style. Nonetheless, this stands to be not only a great way to keep your funds secure but can also potentially make for a highly classy gift for a friend or loved one.  


This article has hopefully provided a solid launching off point for those looking to catch a deal on a top-of-the-line cryptocurrency storage solution. There are, of course, even more deals out there than we can cover here, but these are some of the most popular and lucrative we could find. Be sure to check out the entire range of Bitcoin-related Black Friday deals over on Bitcoin Black Friday, but thanks to this guide, you should be set for all of your cryptocurrency wallet needs this holiday season.

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