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8 Best Metaverse Crypto Projects in 2023

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Updated by Maria Petrova
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Looking for the best metaverse crypto for 2023? With top players like $ENJ, $SAND and $MANA all down by 90% over the year, the market has never been so cheap.

But which is the best crypto for metaverse investment? We aim to find out. Below we review five new metaverse crypto that are making waves, as well as three old favorites. 

8 Best Metaverse Crypto Projects 2023

Our top three best metaverse coins are in presale right now. That means investors can pick them up at bargain prices before they list on exchanges – with bonuses and/or guaranteed price increases built into the presale progression.

  1. Meta Masters Guild: New Web3 Mobile-Gaming Project is the Best Metaverse Crypto for 2023
  2. FightOut: M2E Cryptocurrency Available on Presale Now
  3. RobotEra: Hot New Metaverse Crypto in Presale Now
  4. Calvaria: P2E Card Battler Among the Best Metaverse Crypto to Buy
  5. Tamadoge: Cute Meme-2-Earn Coin Among Best Metaverse Projects
  6. Battle Infinity: Sports/Combat P2E Battler One of Best Metaverse Cryptos 
  7. Decentraland: Open World Token Among Best Metaverse Crypto Coins
  8. Sandbox: Vintage Open World Paved the Way for the Best Metaverse Tokens 2023

A Closer Look at the 8 Best Metaverse Crypto Projects 2023

Despite stock market antipathy towards Mark Zuckerberg’s heavy investment in the wider metaverse, backing for individual metaverse projects remains intense: a total of $1.2 billion was invested in blockchain games and metaverses during Q3 2022 (according to top data analysts 

1. Meta Masters Guild: New Web3 Mobile-Gaming Project is the Best Metaverse Crypto for 2023

The world’s first mobile-based Web3-gaming platform, Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), is our top pick for the best metaverse cryptocurrency project in 2023. By leveraging MEMAG, the native cryptocurrency, Meta Masters Guild aims to offer its own metaverse mobile game and other product offerings. 

Meta Masters Guild – Play-and-Earn Dynamics

Unlike other Web3 gaming platforms, Meta Masters Guild does not solely want to focus on the monetary aspect of its ecosystem. Promoting itself as a Play-and-Earn (P&E) gaming platform – Meta Masters Guild will provide rewards and a quality gaming experience at the same time. 

Users can win and earn Gems – the in-game currency within mobile games. Gems can be purchased directly from the Meta Masters Guild store and exchanged for MEMAG tokens. This in-game currency can be earned in upcoming games such as Raid NFT – an NFT fantasy fighting game, part of the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem. Users can take the form of NFT characters and challenge different warrior classes in multiple hostile environments. 

The tokens will also be available on Meta Kart Racers, which is expected to be released by Q2 2023. This is a PvP racing game where players can earn Gems through battling in competitions. 

The Meta Masters World Metaverse

However, the most exciting gaming component is the Meta Masters World – the upcoming metaverse of the platform. 

All in-game items will be minted as NFTs and available on the Meta Masters World marketplace. Players can also purchase Premium NFTs – which offer advanced characteristics and in-game stats. Meta Masters Guild will also distribute tokens through various rewards and giveaways in the future. 

$MEMAG Ongoing Presale 

This metaverse cryptocurrency has a total token supply of 1 billion, 35% of which has been allocated for the ongoing presale. MEMAG is priced at $0.01 USDT per token on the second presale round. By the seventh and final presale round, the price will increase to $0.023 – a 130% price jump. 

Having just launched its presale, MEMAG has already raised more than $1.2m. The project has a presale hard cap of 350 million coins. 

The Meta Masters Guild contract code has been audited by SolidProof and shown to be 100% secure. The project has been KYC verified by CoinSniper. Read the Meta Masters Guild whitepaper to learn more about the project. 

Visit Meta Masters Guild Presale

2. FightOut: M2E Cryptocurrency Available on Presale Now

Fitness ecosystem FightOut stands out a mile in the hot new Move-2-Earn sector as the best metaverse crypto. And this M2E sizzler is in presale right now.

With a reported two million subscribers apiece, existing Move-2-Earn projects STEPN and Walken have shown that consumers want to link their fitness in the real world to achievements and rewards in the virtual world. 

And FightOut takes this key aspect of Move-2-Earn to a whole new level.

FightOut – Compelling P2E Mechanics

The focus here is on tough workouts and great rewards, with a motivating combat sports feel. The FightOut app tracks the progress of users as they exercise in the gym or at home, and uses that data to buff a unique NFT avatar for each user in the FightOut universe.

As the project develops, players will be able to use this ‘soulbound’ avatar to compete in sporting and combat games against other users. 

In the meantime, players can earn in-house, off-chain crypto REPS by completing exercise tasks in the real world – and then exchange their REPS for all manner of exclusive merchandise and rewards in the FightOut ecosystem.

FightOut – Strong Tokenomics

Users pay for their FightOut subscription with $FGHT – which should support the $FGHT price over the long term.

Get Up to 50% Bonus Free in the FightOut Presale

The first 24 hours of the FightOut presale saw smart investors pile in and reserve $1.5 million of $FGHT tokens. Right now, $3.45 million has been raised in total. And there is only $2.55 million worth of $FGHT tokens left in stage 1.

How many presale stages are left exactly? We do not know. But the FightOut team has confirmed that there will be a price increase in stage 2. That means that investors who buy now – with the price of $FGHT at just $0.0166.

What’s more, the FightOut presale is unusually generous in offering early investors bonuses of up to 50%.

  • At the lowest bonus level, investors who buy $500 worth of $FGHT will receive 20% more $FGHT for free.
  • At the highest bonus level, investors who commit $50,000 or more will receive 50% more $FGHT for free (an impressive $25,000 worth).
  • Due for full release in Q4 2023, the FightOut metaverse is developing fast. Check out the FightOut roadmap for what is coming over the next few quarters. Don’t miss out on the $250k FightOut giveaway, for example – investors only need to hold $250 of $FGHT to be eligible.
  • Join 49k FightOut followers on the official FightOut Twitter page.

Visit FightOut Presale

3. RobotEra: Hot New Metaverse Crypto in Presale Now

Metaverse crypto RobotEra is a new kid on the block in presale now. This metaverse project is supported by a stunning sandbox world and strong Play-2-Earn mechanics.

Fully-audited and KYC-verified by SharkTeam and Coinsniper, this brand-new crypto delivers an exciting new take on the idea of metaverse.

RobotEra – Rich in Lore and Compelling Gameplay

RobotEra is set on the planet Taro, where players take the role of robots to explore, build and create as they wish. The ecosystem revolves around in-house crypto $TARO as well as NFTs that can be created and traded.

Players elect to join one of 7 robot tribes – each with distinct advantages. Players will have their own NFT avatar, with the chance to forge their very own robot companion as an NFT too.

Players can buy land or win it through airdrops, and then develop that land with mining and building projects. Creative freedom is the name of the game here, with the developers promising that, ‘on Taro you will be able to do anything on your own continent, including but not limited to mining, construction, energy collection, production, playing, etc.’

As with successful pioneering metaverses like Decentraland, real-world commercial opportunities are plentiful. Players can, for example, use their land to host group marketing events – inviting people from other metaverses to come and look around. Players can even earn $TARO by selling advertising space.

Strong P2E Cycle Embedded in the RobotEra Ecosystem

Investors in the RobotEra presale will want to know that the good tokenomics are going to support the price of $TARO. 

So it is good news that $TARO is at the heart of the RobotEra metaverse – with players able to earn it in numerous ways including trading NFTs, staking $TARO, mining, land management and market transactions.

Players can also stake $TARO to take part in the RobotEra DAO and contribute to key decisions over how the metaverse evolves.

Get in Right At the Beginning of the $TARO Story

The RobotEra presale has only just started. With $639k raised, there are just under 60 million tokens left in stage 1.

The price of $TARO right now is 0.020 USDT. This will rise by 25% when stage 2 begins. Then the price will rise once more in the third and final stage of the presale:

RobotEra ($TARO) Presale Stage$TARO Price

Investors who commit now will have already made a paper profit of 60% by the time $TARO hits the exchanges. Follow the RobotEra Twitter page for news of listings as they are announced. 

Visit RobotEra

4. Calvaria: P2E Card Battler Among the Best Metaverse Crypto

Sumptuous graphics and absorbing gameplay await those brave enough to enter the Calvaria metaverse – set beyond the realms of the living.

This is a card battler where players fight it out to earn in-house crypto $RIA.

Calvaria: Strategic World Creation

Not only has the Calvaria team excelled in producing detailed lore as well as a ravishing graphical world, but the project is very clear about the practical advantages it brings to players – compared to other key P2E projects (see table below).

Whereas market-leading Gods Unchained and Splinterlands provide a scattering of key P2E elements, Calvaria includes them all: P2E, free-to-play, story mode, 3D character, play without crypto wallet, mobile gaming, DAO, P2P marketplace and an in-game scholarship system.

The project centers on six structural units: staking, the game itself, the DAO, the in-game store, mini-games and the scholarship system.

No less than nine revenue streams will be in play: app top-ups, sales of card decks, limited collections, royalties on NFT sales on the secondary market, card upgrades, in-game ads, tournament income, loot box drops, and in-game store commissions.

In the comprehensive Calvaria white paper, the experienced team summarize why Calvaria stands out:

  1. Addictive gameplay
  2. Rewarded gaming
  3. Real ownership of game resources
  4. Fostering a sound economy that goes beyond the game itself
  5. Experienced team of founders and developers

The Calvaria presale has had 5 stages. We are now 85% through stage 5.

Exciting Calvaria Roadmap

2023 will see the Calvaria project take shape fully. With the $RIA token contract now fully audited and both the lite-paper and whitepaper released, there is plenty more in the pipeline:

Q1 2023: INO on KuCoin, and Token launch and CEX listing. NFT drops.

Q2 2023: Alpha version of the game released.

Q3 2023: Official Calvaria launch, and tournaments to be set up.

Q4 2023: Game expansion, creation of in-house eSports team.

Required is either a MetaMask, KuCoin or WalletConnect wallet charged with some Ethereum (ETH) to exchange for $RIA.

Visit Calvaria

5. Tamadoge: Cute Meme-2-Earn Coin Among Best Metaverse Projects

The Tamadoge metaverse stands out because it is centered on an unusual combination of meme coin and addictive P2E/NFT gaming.

The ‘Tamaverse’ revolves around ‘Doges’ – cute pixel-graphics dogs that build on the outrageous 2021/2022 success of the doggy meme coins led by Dogecoin and then Shiba Inu. 

Drawing on the compelling mechanics of the Tamagotchi games of the 1980s, the idea with Tamadoge is to breed and train your own Doge. Then players can tackle a growing selection of arcade games with their Doge – and, as the project develops, take on other Doges in competition.

Tamadoge – P2E Tokenomics to Buoy $TAMA Value 

Players compete in cute platform games in order to rack up ‘Dogepoints’ and thus earn in-house crypto $TAMA. They can then spend their $TAMA to upgrade their Doges, buy in-game items and snag exclusive merch.

Access to games is granted to owners of ‘Common’ Tamadoge NFTs. Owners of the rarer NFTs – coming soon – will get special stat buffs.

Tamaverse – Exciting Plans

The Tamadoge Arcade is in beta testing right now. A total of 4 arcade games are due out soon.

Tamadoge Arcade Coming Soon!

As the roadmap progresses, each player’s Doge NFT will be animated in 3D which ‘will allow the Tamadoge NFTs to be integrated into existing metaverse environments.’

$TAMA Up 860%+ Post-Launch!

Investors flocked to the 2022 Tamadoge presale, committing over $19 million in just 8 weeks. 

Investors took profits and the $TAMA price quickly dropped in line with the ongoing crypto bear market. 

As the markets eagerly await the rollout of the Tamaverse, the $TAMA price has been drifting. When players can get stuck into the full offering, we expect the price to rise again. And, in the meantime, there are still profits to be made.

Verified Security

The $TAMA smart contract has been audited by Solidproof and the team has been KYC-verified by Coinsniper. 

Visit Tamadoge

6. Battle Infinity: Sports/Combat P2E Battler One of Best Metaverse Cryptos

An immersive world of P2E gaming awaits users of the Battle Infinity platform. And, after a very successful presale, the $IBAT token is available to all investors (whether Battle Infinity players or not) at DEX PancakeSwap and CEXs LBank and MEXC.

Battle Infinity is a ‘multiverse of metaverse’ based on fantasy sports gaming. 

This sector, which centers on immersive recreations of real-life sports like cricket and soccer, is a hot commercial prospect: data from Allied Market Research suggests that it will be worth a staggering $48 billion by 2027.

As the Battle Infinity project develops, it will host a range of P2E games as well as an NFT marketplace and centralized arena for player avatars. 

Battle Infinity Roadmap – The Best is Yet To Come

The $IBAT price has fallen off since its launch in September, 2022. But, given the early stage of the project, this is no surprise. 

Investors have been uncertain because the Battle Infinity project is only on phase 3 of its 7-phase roadmap. Staking (earn up to 25% APY on staked $IBAT) and DeFi swaps are live – but the big guns of the content have yet to be rolled out.

  • Coming soon, for example, is the IBAT Premier League soccer management game, in which players put together teams and compete to earn $IBAT. 
  • Next up is the opening of the IBAT Battle Games store, where players can access various P2E games as well as trade NFTs.
  • Phase 6 of the Roadmap sees the arrival of the Battle Arena and fully-upgradeable player avatars. And Phase 7 will see NFT land contracts come into play.


Visit Battle Infinity

7. Decentraland: Open World Token Among Best Metaverse Crypto Coins

With 2 million followers on crypto data site, Decentraland is an established metaverse player – having launched in 2020. 

The Decentraland metaverse is divided into 90,601 parcels of virtual land (called LAND). Each parcel is represented as an NFT. Users can buy LAND as well as avatars and collectibles using in-house crypto $MANA.

Numerous entertainment events take place in Decentraland, with various brands offering their services and goods. Even the Norwegian tax office – the Skatteetaten – is planning to set up in Decentraland in a bid to engage with younger taxpayers.

8. Sandbox: Vintage Open World Paved the Way for the Best Metaverse Tokens 2023

Launched back in 2012, Sandbox is the original metaverse. Like Decentraland, the emphasis is on real-world brands and individuals buying virtual land and hosting events – with plenty of games to play too, as well as a new feature to design games.

Big names like Adidas, Atari and Snoop Dogg have successfully set up shop in the Sandbox. The next big event is a New Years Eve DJ night in Club XYZ.

The in-world economy centers on NFTs and in-house crypto $SAND. 


The best crypto for metaverse investment 2023 is clearly Meta Masters Guild. This mobile-based Web3 gaming guild is releasing its own metaverse platform which will be supported by MEMAG – the native token. 

MEMAG is currently available to buy during its second presale round for $0.01 USDT. 

Visit Meta Masters Guild Presale

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