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This Blockchain Gaming Platform Will Release a 20 Million Token Airdrop

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In Brief

  • Pixels announces 20 million PIXEL token airdrop for Ronin stakers.
  • Airdrop rewards up to 3,955 PIXEL per wallet, ahead of token launch.
  • Challenges of user retention post-airdrop highlighted by analysts.
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Pixels has unveiled plans to distribute a whopping 20 million PIXEL tokens. This airdrop targets Ronin network users who have staked RON tokens.

The blockchain gaming platform intends to reward its loyal community through airdrop.

Pixel to Reward Ronin Community Through Airdrop

Scheduled ahead of the PIXEL token’s launch on Monday, the announcement was made this past Sunday. The gaming platform took a snapshot of eligible users on February 8, categorizing them into four tiers based on their RON stakes for the airdrop.

This strategic move will see the airdrop executed in two phases. Consequently, a total of 20 million PIXEL tokens will be shared among stakers. Impressively, rewards could reach up to 3,955 PIXEL per eligible wallet, marking a significant gesture of appreciation.

“Without the Ronin Network community, Pixels would not be where it is today,” Pixels wrote.

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Moreover, the project made the claiming process for this reward simple. The tokens will be sent directly to users’ in-game mailboxes, facilitating access for existing and new members. Such initiatives are pivotal in nurturing a loyal and engaged user base.

Starknet Active Accounts Airdrop
Starknet Active Accounts After Airdrop. Source: Starkscan

However, airdrops often come with challenges. Analysis of recent airdrop participants, like the Starknet token event, shows that not all engage long-term. Some users tend to disappear after claiming their rewards. This trend raises questions about the long-term effectiveness of airdrops in fostering genuine community engagement.

“Starknet became the ghost chain again. Active accounts peaked at 226,000 yesterday, and now it’s back to 64,000. I doubt about the user retention on this chain,” on-chain analyst Hitesh Malviya wrote.

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In the broader crypto industry, airdrops are indeed a mixed bag. They offer an accessible way for new investors to enter the market, as noted by cryptocurrency analyst Miles Deutscher. Yet, their impact on sustained user engagement and long-term value is still debatable.

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