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Why Did Almost 2,000 Starknet Airdrop Participants Vanish? 

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In Brief

  • Banteg, a notable crypto commentator, exposes the disappearance of participants in the recent Ethereum Layer-2 network Starknet airdrop.
  • Starknet's strict eligibility criteria necessitate user commitment to network development or frequent utilization over a specified period.
  • Starknet plans to distribute 10 billion tokens to investors, developers, contributors, and end users by September 2024.
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A prominent crypto commentator has evaluated all participants of the recent Ethereum layer-2 network Starknet airdrop, revealing that most have disappeared.

The user, who goes by the name Banteg on X (formerly Twitter), made the revelation to his 178,700 followers.

Starknet Prepares for Launch

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Banteg elaborates that nearly 2,000 participants eligible for an airdrop of the highly anticipated Starknet token have either altered the name of their accounts or deleted them entirely since the activity snapshot.

“Went through all starknet airdropees and found 1854 people who have either renamed or deleted their account since the activity snapshot.”

He further alleged that approximately half of the accounts are squatters.

“Around half of the names are squatted, but squatters stand no chance. i will personally ensure you steal zero coins from the real devs.”

A user on X suggested that user identification numbers should be used instead of usernames to eliminate this issue.

Starknet’s public launch is scheduled for February 20, prompting widespread anticipation regarding eligibility for the airdrop.

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Starknet’s website outlines strict criteria determining participant eligibility.

Like most crypto airdrops, users must demonstrate commitment by contributing to network development or utilizing it frequently over a specified period. However, eligibility takes more work.

Starknet Airdrop Eligibility Causes Speculation

Typically, when a project garners hype with airdrops, the development and use-case timeframe is nearly concluded or already closed.

In Starknet’s case, an example of how a user can be eligible is using the Starknet network more than five times over three months or more and transacting at least $100 or more before the end of 2023.

STRK Tokens Airdrop Eligibility Criteria. Source: Starknet

These rules allow the network to attract user interest and test the network for any bugs.

StarkNet Alpha was first launched in November 2021, with many other teams working on it and expanding the ecosystem. 

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So far, 10 billion StarkNet tokens have been minted, and they should go live in September 2024. They will be distributed to investors, employees, community developers, contributors, end users, and consultants. 

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