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What Is WalletConnect? A Guide To the Web3 Communication Protocol

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WalletConnect facilitates seamless communication between blockchain wallets and DApps. This guide explores everything you need to know about WalletConnect, from its benefits and user experience to the future growth potential of the communication protocol.

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is a decentralized web3 messaging layer and standard that enables blockchain wallets to connect with DApps. It is a use case with a significant and potentially untapped market — the most recent data from DappRadar (as of June 30, 2023) shows more than 2 million wallets unique active wallets interacting with smart contracts of some form.

UAW interacting with smart contracts: DappRadar
UAW interacting with smart contracts: DappRadar

Accessing and utilizing these decentralized apps (DApp) requires compatible blockchain wallets. Integrating multiple crypto wallets into each application can be a burdensome task. This is where the need for an interoperable bridge becomes apparent. 

WalletConnect establishes a secure and seamless link between apps and web3 wallets. This is achieved through QR codes, which simplifies the connection process for users. With WalletConnect, you can connect your wallet to countless apps, opening up a whole new world of web3 experiences.

The protocol behind WalletConnect establishes an encrypted connection between two applications, wallets, or devices, providing a secure and private connection. 

Since its launch in 2018 by developer Pedro Gomez, WalletConnect has continued to expand the interoperability of the web3 space, enabling wallets to provide a superior user experience through its forefront tooling and infrastructure.

WalletConnect’s enhanced features

  • Chain agnosticism: WalletConnect is designed to integrate with numerous blockchain networks seamlessly. Whether you’re working with Ethereum, Solana, or other chains, WalletConnect v2 supports them all. Furthermore, the protocol’s official website promises to continually expand its list of supported chains in the future, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of blockchain ecosystems.
  • Multi-chain capabilities: With WalletConnect, you can establish connections between your wallet and multiple chains simultaneously. This multi-chain integration feature enables developers to effortlessly manage and interact with various blockchain networks, streamlining their workflow and enhancing flexibility.
  • Platform flexibility: WalletConnect excels in platform agnosticism, meaning it can be employed across a diverse range of applications. Whether you’re developing for desktop, browser, mobile, or gaming environments, the WalletConnect protocol seamlessly adapts, providing consistent functionality and user experience across different platforms.

How does WalletConnect work?

walletconnect web3

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol used to establish a connection between various wallets and decentralized applications (dApps). WalletConnect simplifies the integration of crypto wallets and dApps for developers, ensuring effortless connections. Its innovative Mobile Linking technology enables the seamless establishment of connections between crypto wallets and dApps. 

By leveraging a shared key, WalletConnect establishes an encrypted connection, facilitating interaction between DApps and WalletConnect-compatible wallets. While the specific steps may vary slightly between web and mobile browsers, the underlying process ensures secure transactions and protects user privacy by avoiding the disclosure of personal identifying information. This protocol offers a level of safety and confidentiality that traditional browser extensions cannot guarantee.

To illustrate the mechanics of WalletConnect, let’s consider a scenario where a DApp on a website browser connects to a crypto wallet on a smartphone.

Connecting DApps and wallets with WalletConnect

WalletConnect seamlessly integrates with over 170 crypto wallets, including MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, Argent, and many more. Utilizing WalletConnect is an easy process that involves accessing the dApp through its official website and connecting one crypto wallet. 

The connection between wallets and decentralized applications (dApps) is established securely and effortlessly through either QR code scanning or deep linking. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

1. Visit the official DApp website 

Always ensure that you use the official domain of the DApp you want to access to guarantee a secure and private connection. After that, launch the DApp

2. Connect a crypto wallet 

Choose the option that allows you to connect a crypto wallet and select WalletConnect to get a QR code display. Then, open the selected crypto wallet app, go to the Settings tab, and select WalletConnect to establish a new connection. Scan the browser’s QR code. 

The protocol will redirect you to the DApp, and you can connect or link your digital wallet to start a transaction.

3. Start trading 

Once in the DApp, you can swap, borrow or lend your crypto. To proceed, enter the details of the assets you wish to exchange. For instance, you might enter the number of ETH you wish to swap for SOL.

If the price changes during the transaction, a pop-up message will appear, requiring you to accept. Note that transactions may take a few seconds to complete. Ensure to verify the swap before finalizing the transaction. 

You can also confirm the transaction on your connected crypto wallet app. Keep in mind that the transaction duration can vary from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

4. Disconnect WalletConnect 

After successfully completing the transaction, disconnect WalletConnect from the chosen crypto wallet. You can do this via the DApp web browser or the crypto wallet app, depending on your selected platform.

Benefits of WalletConnect

So far, we have witnessed numerous benefits and advantages of utilizing WalletConnect. This open-source platform offers a range of advantages, including enhanced flexibility for DApp developers and users across various chains. 

Let’s delve into the detailed benefits below:

Privacy and security

WalletConnect is a highly secure and private wallet infrastructure in the web3 arena. It enables users to easily and securely transact between decentralized applications and their mobile crypto wallets. 

Importantly, WalletConnect does not expose users’ private keys to any DApp. Users must authorize all transactions through the protocol. However, assessing the risks associated with your chosen DApp and always sticking to crypto wallet security best practices before proceeding with transactions is crucial.

User experience

WalectConnect revolutionizes the way users transact by providing a dynamic user interface (UI) that enhances their interaction and delivers a seamless, native-like experience.

The protocol offers seamless navigation options, including switching between light and dark modes, accent colors, and customizable branding.

It also provides a wide range of pre-installed features that simplify connectivity management, such as the built-in Connect button and user interface components. Users can also access ENS profiles, transaction history, and real-time balance updates for an enriched experience.


WalletConnect can be used with over 170 crypto wallets, including AlphaWallet, Argent Wallet, BitPay, Gnosis Safe, imToken, Ledger Live, Math Wallet, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Rainbow, SafePal, Spot Wallet, Steakwallet, Unstoppable Wallet.

More decentralization

WalletConnect v2.0 is an enhanced decentralized messaging layer for web3, setting the standard for seamlessly connecting blockchain wallets to dApps. WithWalletConnect, users gain convenient access to a diverse array of dApps directly on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for cumbersome browser extensions or the risk of handling private keys.

Mobile and desktop integration

  • Mobile wallet

The mobile version of Wallet Connect is available for iOS and Android, offering an intuitive interface and user-friendly experience. It enables users to access various tokens across different blockchain networks and even use DApps directly within the app.

  • Browser extension wallets

The browser extension transforms your desktop browser into a web3 wallet, allowing you to store, stake, send, and receive a wide range of digital assets. It also provides access to numerous decentralized applications with its sleek user interface and convenient features like network auto-detect, ensuring smooth navigation within the DApp ecosystem.


Currently in the wait-list stage (as of early July 2023) WalletConnect is set to launch a decentralized messaging app, facilitating communication between users. The Web3Inbox is an app built with both Chat and Push APIs on top of WalletConnect v2.0 protocol.

Supported blockchains

WalletConnect 2.0 offers comprehensive support for all chains and rollups right from the start. This upgraded protocol allows users to connect their wallets to different chains and enables simultaneous connections to multiple chains with a single wallet. Examples of supported blockchains include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana.

Advancing WalletConnect: a place in web3’s future?

WalletConnect is a widely used and unique product that greatly benefits the DeFi DApp ecosystem. It streamlines the process of connecting various wallets to DApps that operate on multiple chains, reducing confusion and complexity. The release of WalletConnect v2.0 promises an even more user-friendly experience, with features such as decentralized messaging, push notifications, and multi-chain support.

As DeFi grows in popularity, WalletConnect provides a convenient solution for users around the globe to plug into web3, facilitating secure crypto transactions and seamless interaction between any DApp and wallet.

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