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Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency following bitcoin and the portal to hundreds of DeFi projects, is known for its secure ecosystem. Anyone can use it to build DApps and other blockchain products, as it is scalable, and programmable. However, problems such as high gas fees, power usage, and network congestion topped the list of Ethereum’s deficiencies

High gas fees particularly stopped Ethereum network traders, gamers, and artists from transacting. As a result, many layer-2 projects are tackling typical issues on Ethereum by providing secure and quick network confirmation without a gas fee. Among these layer-2 scaling solutions is Immutable X. Harnessing Ethereum’s features, Immutable X offers seamless trading of NFTs, giving users fast transactions and massive scalability in creating their own NFTs.

This guide will shed more light on what Immutable X is and everything you need to know about it.

What is Immutable X?

Immutable X official website

Immutable X is a layer-2 blockchain that solves the issue of scalability for NFTs on Ethereum. It allows users to build and manage NFT projects in a secure platform at zero transaction cost. It also offers quick trade confirmation, zero gas fees, and large scalability for games, applications, and marketplaces without compromising security.

The network can process over 9,000 transactions and mints per second using zero-knowledge rollup technology. This surpasses the scale required by mainstream NFT projects. In addition, Immutable X seeks to ease the process of trading, minting, and sending NFTs and ERC-20s. 

According to the official website, the network minted over 50 million NFTs and facilities many NFTs without compromising Ethereum security or requiring extra gas fees. 

Asides from creating a layer-2 solution for NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, Immutable X also offers a complete carbon-neutral NFT marketplace, offsetting carbon footprint. In other words, the L2 solution conserve energy and ensure there is no energy waste while creating and trading NFTs. Immutable X achieve this via a partnership with renowned climate-conscious companies, Trace and Cool Effect. 

Immutable X also powers the Gods Unchained game. Other notable partners of L2 include Naspers, Apex Capital, Coinbase, Galaxy digital, and Starkware powers it. 

How Immutable X started

Immutable was initially known as Fuel Games, and it is an Australian blockchain gaming company based in Surry Hills, New South Wales. It was started in 2018 by James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson, and Alex Connolly. 

Initiated from a partnership between StarkWare and Immutable, Immutable provides a blockchain infrastructure that transfers NFTs ownership in the video-gaming industry. It allows users to build and trade ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens at zero fees without disrupting the security of their assets.

How does Immutable X work?


Immutable X integrates NFT-based exchange with the ZK rollup technology created by StarkWare to develop a solution gateway for trading NFTs.

ZK rollup

The core technology behind Immutable X is the zk-rollup scaling engine. It was designed in partnership with StarkWare using their StarkEx prover and verifier. First, let’s explain the meaning of rollups and what they mean in general. 

Rollup, as the name implies, bundles up multiple transactions into one big batch, then produces a “proof” for that batch. Instead of each transaction, this proof is then deployed on the main network. Rollups are one of the most effective scaling technologies for everyone involved in Ethereum. 

These proofs are Stark proofs. They specifically solve the significant challenges of snark-roll ups, and they are huge and cost more to publish on-chain: making them more suitable for user security.

Immutable X employs a zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup. It does this by handling several off-chain transactions, provides “validity proof” — a proof that users who owned the assets approved the trades, and then validates that proof on-chain, where a smart contract confirms it.

During this operation, the smart contract holds the assets and only releases them after producing valid proof.

One of the main advantages of ZK-rollup is that blocks are validated faster because less data is involved. Furthermore, with ZK-rollup, moving transactions from layer-2 to layer 1 comes easy because a validity proof generated and approved by the ZK-rollup contract has already confirmed the trades.

API abstraction layer

Immutable X eases the process of designing NFT projects for developers by creating its scaling method on an API that conforms to the design principles of the REST — representational state transfer architectural style.

This architectural style allows for simple API calls, from minting and transacting to transferring. Among other benefits, this style offers an easy conversion of complex asynchronous blockchain interactions into synchronous REST API calls. As a result, new gaming and content projects can instantly deploy their projects without direct interaction with smart contracts.

NFT-enabled wallets

Unlike layer-2 scaling solutions, Immutable X works with all desktop Ethereum wallets without the need for users to switch networks. 

The platform offers a transitional layer, often known as “the Link,” which improves the overall experience on NFT-based wallets. Immutable X Link allows users to transact in a safe environment while supporting a third-party marketplace ecosystem.

Immutable X features

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Scalability and security

Immutable X offers the same security as the Ethereum blockchain. 

In partnership with Starkware, the platform boosts the overall network’s privacy and scalability. The platform carries out a massive batch of transactions off-chain with users signing for the fast process, which is then put on the main network in one stark proof that compresses the trades at zero cost. 

Immutable X also eliminates economic constraints and prevents users from paying gas fees for minting or exchanging assets.

Liquidity and orderbook

Immutable X offers a shared orderbook to improve protocol liquidity, as opposed to other NFT scaling solutions. Users can create orders on one marketplace and fill it on another, boosting the marketplace functionalities and price discovery. This also eases the process of building NFT marketplaces on Immutable X as users can build without a backend. 

The platform believes the best way to improve liquidity of NFTs is giving room for diversity. By allowing NFTs to be traded on various marketplaces, targeting different users, there would be a huge increase in liquidity.


Immutable X also features high minting performance. Users can fast-track their product with Immutable X Mint. It also offers a secure way to create and distribute assets on a large scale. Users can mint in bulk or bits with zero gas fees.

What makes Immutable X unique? 

As mentioned earlier, being the first layer-2 solutions for NFTs on Ethereum, Immutable X focuses on NFTs and play-to-earn blockchain games, providing them with improved scalability and reducing the high gas fee.

Unlike other projects that compete with Ethereum, Immutable X leverages Ethereum’s features to provide enticing and advantageous features to NFT traders. This includes zero minting or peers to peer trade on the network.

Immutable X Marketplace

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This is a gas-free marketplace that offers a wide range of non-fungible products, including art, play-to-earn games, virtual worlds, trading cards, collectibles, and many more. It includes ERC-721 and ERC-20 token assets. 

In addition, you can buy, sell, and browse through exclusive digital assets like Gods Unchained, Nifty Nuggets, Vyworlds, etc. The marketplace features hundreds of projects, from collectible games to digital art projects.

Creators can build their own items on the mainnet using the Immutable X minting tool. They can also use it to make a collection and NFTs for free without needing a single line of code. So if you’re creating your own application for a game, or some other products offering unique services on the blockchain, you can easily use Immutable X.

If you’re selling items on Immutable X, you can sell them for a fixed price for free. Additionally, users can trade NFTs on the marketplace without any risk, allowing for a transparent and trustless network. 

Immutable X’s IMX token

IMX token is an ERC-20 utility token primarily created for rewarding users’ activities on the Immutable X platform. These activities range from trading and liquidity provision to developing applications. In addition, the token is used as a reward between traders, gamers, artists, marketplaces, and other network transactions.

IMX token has a total supply of 2 billion, with about 235 million IMX in circulation. It’s currently trading at $1.08 with an overall market cap of about $224 million.


Immutable X tokenomics

IMX tokens are used in building applications, direct value exchange, and providing liquidity. More specifically, the IMX token draws fees and can be staked. Other token usage includes staking rewards, voting on the future of the protocol, and covering trading fees across marketplaces. 


The Immutable X platform charges a 20% network fee. You can pay this fee in IMX, or the network can swap a token to pay the fee. This gives users an edge, and they do not need to hold IMX tokens to be able to participate in the network.

Also, there is no commitment or authorization to revenue of the Immutable X protocol solely based on token ownership.

Staking rewards

The IMX tokens network fees gathered from users are deposited to the “staking rewards pool.” Each month, this pool will be evenly distributed between all network participants who are actively locking up their IMX tokens on Immutable X. These rewards are equivalent to the value IMX users have staked during the month, relative to all other regular stakers. 

For your IMX to be considered staked, you must:

  • Hold IMX on L1 or L2
  • Have voted on a governance proposal in the last 30 day
  • Hold an NFT on Immutable X, or have completed a transaction last month.

Distribution and governance

Users holding IMX tokens will be able to vote on token-related subjects through decentralized governance. These subjects are proposals on token allocation, voting on developer grants, activating daily rewards, and Possible changes in token supply. 

Aside from token holders, the Foundation also has the right to propose actions to the vote. These proposals seek to improve the overall functionality of the ecosystem and enhance the voting process.

All decided votes will be executed accordingly. Protocol governance is done on the main network, with wallet balances sourced across both layer-1 and layer-2. 

Typically, the more tokens a user holds, the greater their voting power.

Token supply and allocation 

There are currently 2 billion IMX tokens allocated to the following areas: projects, Sales, and Reserves. Notably, the team will not receive any tokens as compensation for their effort to develop the project.

Below are allocated tokens.

  • Ecosystem development: 51.74% — given for marketing, user rewards, developer grants, and liquidity provision
  • Project development: 25% — given to improving the Immutable X network
  • Private sale: 14.26% — allocated to private sale investors (institutional and individual)
  • Public sale: 5% — also allocated to the IMX token public sale
  • Foundation reserve: 4% — allocated to ecosystem-growth related initiatives and liquidity provision for both centralized and decentralized exchanges


  • Apr. 2021: Mainnet Launch, completion of the first blockchain development
  • Sep. 2021: ICO
  • Oct. 2021: Allows users to transfer ERC 20 and 721 tokens from L2 wallets to other L2 wallets from the Immutable X marketplace
  • Dec. 2021: On ramp and Off-ramp L2 ETH and USDC to fiat. Users can exchange L2 ETH and L2 USDC directly for fiat. The fiat will be directly deposited into users’ bank accounts.
  • Feb. 2022: GameStop and Immutable X partnership
  • May 2022: NFT marketplace officially live on IMX! 

Future project development

  • Maker/taker fees on trades: Implementation of network fees on all trades within the Immutable X marketplace
  • Protocol fee: Implementation of the 2% protocol fee applied to all transactions on the protocol. This includes transacting payment currencies into IMX.
  • Bulk NFT transfers: When a user wants to transfer many NFTs at once, the system will process them in batches of 50, requiring the user to sign for every NFT being transferred.
  • Staking: Allows users to stake their IMX tokens to receive shares of the overall protocol trading volume

Price and price prediction

Immutable X token price
IMX price: TradingView

Some crypto analysts are bullish on the price of Immutable X in the coming years, but this is generally the case with price predictions. So, before buying any coin, you should always do your own research as price predictions are not always reliable.

Among these experts is WalletPricePrediction. They used an AI algorithm to test the previous prices of IMX combined with other technical tools and predicted future prices to reach a minimum level of $1.09. 

Also, they forecasted the IMX price to reach a maximum level of $1.28 with an average trading price of $1.13. by the end of 2022. With a possible increase to an average price of $7.46 in the next five years.

WalletInvestor, however, predicted that investing in IMX for a short-term goal might be a bad idea. But it might be suitable for a long-term investment.

How to buy IMX token

IMX token is trading on over 40 cryptocurrency exchanges across about 81 trading pairs. The most popular IMX token pair is IMX/USDT on Binance. You can also trade IMX with several fiat currencies, including IDR, USD, EUR, and many stablecoins such as USDT, BUSD, and USDC.

This section will show a detailed step-by-step guide on how to buy IMX on Binance.

  1. Open your Binance wallet and go to the market tab.  
  2. Search “IMX” to see the multiple trading pairs. For this guide, we’ll use IMX/USDT as an example.
  3. Click on IMX/USDT and click buy. Enter the amount of IMX you want to purchase. And select order types. You can choose market order, limit order, or stop limit.
buy IMX
  1. Click “Buy IMX” to confirm, and the IMX coin will reflect on your Spot Wallet.

Is Immutable X a good investment?

Immutable X harnesses layer-2 scaling technology to give NFT enthusiasts the best experience while minting, trading, and gaming on the Ethereum blockchain.

It might be a good investment if more gaming projects adopt it. There is also demand for it on several big exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, etc. However, you should know that Immutable X is still in its early stage. It’s normal for such a project to promise numerous features. As such, do your own research.

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