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QuidaxCrypto Jobs

About Quidax We are a crypto startup, and we are passionate about connecting people to an alternative financial system. At the core we believe that innovation in money didn’t end with dollars, pounds and money as we know it today. There has to be something that pushes us as a race forward. We are betting its crypto because we’ve seen how it connects the world together and makes the world significantly smaller financially. Our mission is to make it insanely simple for people to access & experience crypto products. Our vision is to create a world where sending money and value around the globe is as easy as sending a text message, and we believe this future is going to be brought to you, courtesy of digital currencies.

4 Jobs Found

2 months ago | 399 views | 4 applications
2 months ago | 335 views | Be the first one to apply
Los Angeles
3 months ago | 233 views | 2 applications
Remote, Lagos
3 months ago | 210 views | 5 applications