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Tezos and Inqubeta Offer Glimmers of Hope On a Day of Market-Wide Losses

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In the fast-paced world of Web3, finding the next big investment opportunity is important.

Amidst the widespread crypto price fluctuations, two assets stand out: Tezos (XTZ) and InQubeta (QUBE). Tezos, a stalwart in the blockchain arena, faces turbulent times, but on the horizon shines InQubeta, a beacon of promise tied to the future of artificial intelligence. In the continued scout for significant growth and profits, traders and investors are eyeing these digital assets closely. 

InQubeta: Where Innovation Meets AI Investing

Tezos prioritizes safety and code correctness to develop valuable assets and applications. 

It achieves this through programming languages like OCaml and Michelson, enabling formal verification. What sets Tezos apart is its avoidance of hard forks or blockchain splits.

Instead, it employs a blockchain-based governance mechanism where protocol upgrades are decided through voting, proportional to users’ economic stake in Tezos.

Tezos broke the $1 mark earlier in the year and is expected to continue its momentum in the upcoming bull season. 

InQubeta (QUBE), on the other hand, is offering early investors the opportunity to join the AI bandwagon via its ongoing token presale.

 Thanks to the project’s innovative offerings, expert analysts predict a surge in the QUBE price after the presale. This forecast is also supported by the InQubeta project’s burn tax mechanism and deflationary model, potentially leading to a growth of more than 50x by the end of the year.

InQubeta (QUBE) is a blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform tailored exclusively for AI startups, aiming to transform the fundraising landscape and foster community engagement for these innovative ventures.

The native token of InQubeta, QUBE, is designed as a deflationary ERC20 token. It serves as a medium of exchange, enabling users to invest in AI startups and participate in the platform’s NFT marketplace.

InQubeta introduces an inventive method for creating investment opportunities through NFTs. AI-based projects can mint and list these opportunities on the platform, providing QUBE token holders with a unique chance to invest in these assets. QUBE token facilitates transactions in the InQubeta ecosystem.

The InQubeta (QUBE) Presale

InQubeta is in its fourth presale stage, having sold over 82.11% of its QUBE tokens and accumulated over $3.5 million in sales. This achievement during the presale period has significantly boosted investor confidence in the project’s potential.

InQubeta’s success can be attributed to its practical applications of blockchain technology and its focus on solving real-world problems, setting it apart from speculative meme coins.

InQubeta’s intentional reduction in token supply aims to enhance the token’s value over time. Additionally, a 5% sell tax contributes to funding the project’s reward pool, encouraging investors to participate in token staking and earn attractive returns. 

In a volatile crypto landscape, InQubeta exemplifies a more mature and rational approach, emphasizing substance, practicality, and long-term viability. As investors navigate this evolving landscape, projects like InQubeta offer a promising glimpse into the future of crypto investments.


While Tezos shows potential, InQubeta’s unique focus on AI and its innovative model make it an appealing choice for investors seeking decent portfolio growth. With its innovative approach to NFT-based investment opportunities and a clear focus on practical blockchain applications, InQubeta stands out as a beacon of substance and potential.

Meanwhile, Tezos continues to showcase its strength as a blockchain network, emphasizing safety and code correctness. Both projects represent different facets of the evolving crypto market, with InQubeta’s unique model capturing the attention of investors seeking genuine, forward-thinking opportunities.

As the market matures, these ventures highlight the growing importance of practicality and innovation in shaping the future of cryptocurrency investments.

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