NFT Highest 7 Day Sales: Weekly Overview ― May 20

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In Brief
  • The past week has seen an improvement in NFT sales.

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club had three digital collectibles in this week’s highest sales.

  • Azuki, Otherdeeds, CryptoPunks, and Mother of Nature had single digital collectibles.

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NFTs continue to reach new milestones with top 10 projects featuring strongly in weekly sales, despite overall negative crypto market sentiment.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) reached a new milestone in May by surpassing $2 billion in all-time sales. This year has marked BAYC as one of the highest-selling NFTs, as the collective took another step in beating its yearly high monthly sales of approximately $257 million in March.

This week, three of BAYC’s digital collectibles made the top 7 highest selling NFTs.

The combined sales of BAYCs NFTs were in the region of $1.43 million, according to Be[In]Crypto research.

Specifically, Bored Ape #5555 sold for $580,000, while #6775 and #7265 sold for $444,000 and $403,000, respectively.

Source: Non

The three sales have played a valuable role in BAYC’s May sales volume of around $179.9 million.

Source: BAYC May Sales Volume Chart by CryptoSlam

CryptoPunks NFTs

CryptoPunks’ total sales volume was around $2.2 billion as of press time.

As the second-highest selling NFT of all time, CryptoPunks had one digital collectible in the seven highest-selling NFTs this week.

The recent sale of CryptoPunk #7569 ($386,000) has contributed to CryptoPunks’ May sales volume of approximately $22.2 million. 

Source: CryptoPunks May Sales Volume Chart by CryptoSlam

Back in March, Yuga Labs acquired CryptoPunks, adding to the collective worth of $3.6 billion between it and BAYC.

Otherdeed NFTs

Last month, Yuga Labs also launched Otherdeed, which also joined the ranks of the highest-selling NFTs.

This week, Otherdeed had one of its NFTs in the best-selling collectibles.

The recent sale of Otherside #5702 ($386,000) has contributed to Otherdeed’s all-time sales of more than $900 million. 

Source: Otherdeed May Sales Volume Chart by CryptoSlam


Azuki is a top 10 NFT by all-time sales volume. Azuki had one digital collectible in the list of best-selling NFTs this week. Azuki #5909 sold for $520,000, representing the second-highest sale after Bored Ape #5555.

Overall, the sale has added up to Azuki’s sales volume in May which was around $139.71 million, and its push towards the $800 million milestones in all-time sales.

Source: Azuki May Sales Chart by CryptoSlam

Mother of Nature

The Mother of Nature NFT can be found on SuperRare and sold for $358,000, which was around 176 Ether (ETH).

Overall, the highest 7-day sales totaled $3 million, and four (BAYC, CryptoPunks, Otherdeed, and Azuki) of the five projects make up the top 10 NFTs by all-time sales volume.

Source: NFT All-Time Sales Rankings by CryptoSlam

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