LegendsOfCrypto Performance Recap and Future Updates

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7 June 2021, 13:59 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
9 June 2021, 19:41 GMT+0000

Earlier this April, BeInCrypto had a closer look into the hype surrounding LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame) and its then-forthcoming LOCG public sale. Of course, the NFT and Top Trump Card fans among you probably remember well that we were charmed by the game’s conceptual, creative, and technological strong points.

You can find BeInCrypto’s early impression of LOCGame here.

That said, this reporter was still a bit skeptical about LOCGame’s long-term success. Perhaps, mostly due to the lack of any personal affinity towards Top Trump Card games. But personal tastes aside, a series of events unfolded over the past few weeks that now seem to have added more meat to LOCGame’s claim of being a breakthrough title in the NFT gaming arena.

Let’s go through them one-by-one.

Polygon Grant

In April 2021, LegendsOfCrypto secured a grant from Polygon, an open-sourced decentralized framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

This is a big step forward for LOCGame as the grant enables the team to collaborate with Polygon and continue innovating and accelerating the project development. Especially when it comes to marketing efforts, artwork, and card designs, among other key elements.

For starters, the LOCGame team has already started working alongside Polygon to build on their native blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain. The goal behind this endeavor is to expand the usability and the network while simultaneously receiving feedback on new NFT artwork.

LegendsOfCrypto Is in Miami!

Just in case you missed it, LegendsOfCrypto was right there at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in the city of Miami on June 4 and 5. 

LOCGame partnered with Ran Neuner to get physical and playable LOCGame card decks given out by Crypto Banter! People psyched about the title, or for that matter, NFT games, in general, attended the event for an up-close experience.

As expected, the popularity of the widely anticipated blockchain- and crypto-themed conference gave the game some well-deserved exposure.

Top Updates From LOCGame Team 

From the looks of it, the game has maintained a steady rate of growth – May 2021 being no exception to that trend. Last month, LegendsOfCrypto launched its staking program in partnership with Ferrum Network so that the $LOCG token holders win more.

By May 20, the company had burnt 1% of the total $LOCG supply to reduce the number of tokens in circulation.

By May 21, the community had collectively staked over 2M ($2,500,000) $LOCG. The LOCG team seems to have listened to the demands for bringing another round of staking opportunities on centralized exchanges where token holders can win up to 66% APY.

The team also launched a card design competition for the community to participate in. Some of these designs, especially those from the winners have been phenomenal. 

The month of May also witnessed LOCGame partnering with Coinmarketcap to launch an airdrop campaign. In total, there were 250,000 $LOCG tokens up for grabs. The top three winners in the campaign will receive $500 worth of $LOCG tokens. Meanwhile, the next top 1,000 will receive an allocation from a pool of 100,000 $LOCG tokens. 

Additionally, those that HODL their $LOCG tokens for another month will receive 100 MORE tokens from an extra max pool of 100,000 $LOCG.

LOCGame also says it is currently focusing on hiring top-of-the-class experts in its tech team.

What to Expect From Us

NFT Market place in Q2 – LegendsOfCrypto Genesis Edition

“The team is constantly working to bring the best to our community and the industry. The LegendsofCrypto Game will be ready for deployment before the end of Q2 of this year, and you can keep track of what that looks like on our website,”

LOCGame said in a statement to BeInCrypto.

And not to forget, the LOCGame team has also promised that new NFTs are coming in soon and will include the likes of Carl “The Moon,” a 400,000+ subscriber-strong Youtube influencer, as well as popular trader and investor Crypto Rand.

LegendsOfCrypto DAOMaker SHO Recap

Last April, LOCGame held a Strong Holder Offering (SHO) on DAO’s maker’s platform and raised 4.33M ($156K) in $LOCG tokens.

“Congratulations to everyone in our community who participated and became our token’s early adopters ahead of the official release,”

– the company commented following the round.

Since then, Gate.io, Uniswap, and KuCoin have come aboard, making $LOCG available to the public as an investment option. 

Just to add a bit on that, KuCoin recently named $LOCG as one of its TOP performing tokens.

How to Join LOCGame Team?

For those of you looking for an opportunity to be an active part of the LOCGame-verse, the company is always on the hunt for fresh talents and frequently posts new job openings. Check out their official Jobs page for additional information.


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