Decoding the Buzz Surrounding LegendsOfCrypto and Its LOCG Public Sale

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As the NFT craze sweeps over the crypto space, a new blockchain-based Top Trump Card game has hit the market. Named LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame), this new title leverages DeFi and the DAO governance model to promise a fun NFT game that lets you “collect, play, earn, and have fun at the same time.”



Currently, in the early stages of market penetration, LegendsOfCrypto aspires to eventually emerge as a full-fledged gaming ecosystem for both the crypto and the traditional gaming communities.

In this quick early review today, BeInCrypto will have a close look at LegendsOfCrypto and its features, the LOCG public sale, as well as how the game promises to be a new and exciting way to trade and collect NFTs.



LegendsOfCrypto: An Overview

LegendsOfCrypto is an ambitious NFT project wrapped in a collectible and trading card game. The MATIC network powers the game core, the underlying DeFi economy, and its DAO governance model.

The choice of MATIC was a strategic one as it makes room for cross-blockchain playability, high-speed transaction, low transaction costs, seamless interaction with NFTs, and an efficient bridge to the Ethereum blockchain.

Source: LOCGame

LOCGame is a Top Trump Card game wherein each card contains a list of numerical data and all the cards are equally distributed among players. Each player tries to trump and win an opponent’s card by playing a similar card of higher value.

The NFTs in the genesis edition of the game are 100% crypto-themed, featuring prominent influencers and industry stakeholders.

“We are humbled and excited to bring the top-of-the-art NFT card game to the industry. Created out of love for the crypto community, our genesis edition is fully dedicated to the legendary characters from the industry that created most memes, jokes, and narratives about itself in history,” said Mik Mironov, founder of LOCGame, in a statement to BeInCrypto.

The LOCGame team plans on expanding the gameplay to include other fun and educational categories as well, including:

  • Top cryptocurrencies.
  • Top blockchains.
  • DeFi legends.
  • NFT legends
  • Crypto cities, where major cities with notable crypto communities can participate.

The LOCG token

The LOCG utility token is the native currency of the LegendsOfCrypto ecosystem. It serves as a common unit of payment, rewards distribution, governance, and for providing economic incentives to the players. LOCG is a Matic and ERC-20 compatible token, the latter facilitated by a low-cost, near-instant, and flexible bridge.

The total supply of LOCG tokens has been capped at 150,000,000.

Conceptually and technologically, LegendsOfCrypto seems to have made a good early impression on investors. It is evident from the fact that LOCGame recently raised $1.2 million in a private investment round. Several participated in the round including LD Capital, Signum Capital, NGC, Moonwhale Ventures, and Terra Virtua.

Source: LOCGame

Now, the team wants to build on that success by announcing the LOCG public sale via a Strong Holder Offering (SHO).

LegendsOfCrypto announced the SHO late last week and we will discuss some of its key details in a follow-up section. But first, let’s delve into LOCG’s use cases within the LOCGame gameplay.

LOCG Token Use Cases

  • Staking: You can stake your LOCG tokens in pools and receive new NFT airdrops in return. There could be plans in place to add more DeFi features as the LOCGame ecosystem expands.
  • Kickbacks: Every time you purchase a new NFT card on the LOCGame marketplace, chances are that you will also be receiving a kickback in the LOCG token.
  • Rewards: LOCGame incentivizes users to play a more active role in the game and the broader ecosystem with its pay-for-play model. This means, the longer you spend playing the game, the larger the amount of LOCG tokens you receive in return.
  • Special discounts: You can earn sizable discounts by purchasing your NFD cards on the LOCGame marketplace with the LOCG token.
  • Governance: With a LOCG stash at your disposal, you will earn the right to have a say on the future of the game and its various features. Token holders may also get a chance to join the DAO LOCGame Council if they have a large LOCG holding.
  • Making NFTs more fun: The LOCG token has the ability to change and add specific features to the rarest NFT cards.

LegendsOfCrypto: The Gameplay and Features

The genesis edition of the game brings 30 easily recognizable characters from the industry. The team behind LOCGame chose the characters carefully to evoke a sense of familiarity and reliability among players. According to them, this could potentially lead to more consumers buying these NFT cards.

The gameplay is based on the following criteria: Influence, Innovation, Dev Skills, Networth, Community, and Impact. Each of these criteria assigns scores on a scale of 1 to 100.

Source: LOCGame

The players take turns to pick categories during each game. In the end, whoever scores the highest number of cards in the selected category wins.

LegendsOfCrypto Genesis Edition is a multiplayer game with 30 trump cards. For a fun game, you need to have a minimum of two players and a maximum of six players. Just keep in mind that the number of cards in the deck should be divisible by the number of players. Each player holds their cards in a pile such that they can only see their top card.

You can stake each NFT in the genesis edition to earn crypto. Alternatively, you can also use your LOCG holdings to farm new and rare NFTs. The staking feature also promises to preserve the rarity and value of the in-game NFTs as collectibles. 

As for the NFTs, each comes with its unique design and rarity. You have the option to trade them on the LOCGame marketplace, or even third-party marketplaces like OpenSea.

According to the team behind LOC, the overall design and quality of the art are such that you will feel like holding a truly valuable NFT that could someday serve as an important piece of crypto history.

LegendsOfCrypto supports two modes of the game — one free to play, while the other is pay-for-prize/tournaments.

LOCG Public Sale: An Overview of the SHO

LegendsOfCrypto announced the LOCG public sale last week to offer everyone a fair chance to join the ecosystem via DAOMaker. For those out of the loop, DAOMaker is a Polkadot-based protocol that enables decentralized fundraising.’

Source: LOCGame

Those interested in participating in the SHO can start with the registration process using this whitelisting form. And you don’t necessarily have to be a DAO token holder to participate in the SHO so long as you have joined the DAOMaker pools. 

It looks like that the LOCGame team anticipates a rush, which would explain their decision to deploy a random lottery system as a backup option. The purpose of this lottery system is to maintain fairness and equal opportunity for all even in the face of an overwhelming interest in the SHO.

LegendsOfCrypto (LOCG) SHO: Key Details

  • The SHO will include LOCG tokens worth $125,000.
  • 33.33% of the available tokens are available for unlocking at the TGE at $0.036.
  • 33% tokens can be unlocked for four months.
  • Each individual buyer will be able to purchase a maximum of $500 worth of LOCG tokens.

Final Thoughts

LegendsOfCrypto aspires to spearhead the decentralized gaming movement with its unique NFT-based gameplay. If it plays its cards well (no pun intended), LOCGame could very well evolve into a vast and self-sustaining ecosystem fueled by the phenomenal growth of NFTs. 

Each NFT in the game packs its own unique blend of rarity and thoughtful design. In fact, each LOCGame card can serve the dual purpose of adding charm to your NFT collections, while simultaneously offering financial incentives. Not to mention all those fun times the Top Trump Game at the heart of the ecosystem promises.

The fact that it has already managed to raise seven-figures in funding from multiple investors certainly adds more to the project’s credibility.

All things considered, LegendsOfCrypto is worth a shot if you are into NFTs and on the lookout for a fun and engaging crypto-themed game. And if you find it promising enough to get more actively involved in the ecosystem, the LOCG SHO makes a good way to start in that direction.

Learn more about LegendsOfCrypto on its community Telegram group and on the official LOCGame portal


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