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4 Best Crypto Communities To Join for Beginners

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Since the beginning of known history, every society’s foundation has been communities. This is no different in the world of decentralized technology. Whether it’s crypto, blockchain, or the web3, proliferation is dependent on community. If you plan to be part of web3 in any capacity, you need to know about the best crypto communities.

Best type of crypto community for beginners

Before you join a community, you must first understand that every community isn’t for everybody. Some communities have specific purposes, while others are for more advanced individuals. Consider joining some of the following types of crypto community:

Online forums and discussion boards

Online forums and discussion boards are a natural first step to getting involved with crypto communities. These platforms are great for becoming familiar with industry jargon or staying abreast of news on crypto. They are usually populated with both native crypto users and non-natives, so you shouldn’t take every piece of information you receive to heart. Reddit or Stack Exchange is a great example of an online forum or discussion board for crypto.

Reddit and Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a network of community-driven question-and-answer websites covering various topics. Because of this, Stack Exchange is a favorite for tech professionals.

Crypto social media platforms

You may also want to consider joining a community on social media. News and events move extremely fast within crypto communities on social media. They are also great for advertising NFTs or new token releases.

However, choose your community carefully. Getting lost in all the tech talk, debates, and seemingly context-less memes is extremely easy. Nevertheless, you can find some great discussions and tutorials and discover thought leaders in the industry to follow. You will likely find Twitter, Discord, or Telegram your best bet in this scenario.

Mastodon and Farcaster

While platforms like Discord and Twitter are great, there are also popular web3 alternatives you can join. For example, Mastodon is a microblogging, open-source, self-hosted software used for social networking. On the other hand, Farcaster is a decentralized, open-source social media platform that gives users control over their data.

Crypto education platforms

Crypto education platfroms can be invaluable tools when navigating complex technological landscapes. Like any good community, joining a crypto education platform also puts you in an environment with like-minded individuals.

The best part is that there are individuals at various steps on the learning curve. As you learn, others are around to help when you get stuck because they have been where you’ve been.

Lastly, having an instructor on a crypto education platform gives you direction and helps you avoid outdated or useless information. For instance, joining a crypto trading community helps to disseminate much of the myths that come with learning trading signals and indicators.

Substack and

Substack is a preferred platform for content creators to self-publish and offer subscriptions to their readers. Readers can also comment, like, and share their favorite articles and creators.

Ethereum Research is a semi-public cryptocurrency forum for contributing and participating in Ethereum research efforts. It is also a great learning resource for discovering the “plumbing” behind much of the events that you hear about in crypto news.

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Mentorship programs and networking groups

Lastly, we have mentorship programs and networking groups. These communities are like the country club for crypto enthusiasts. On one hand, mentees gain valuable insights from mentors who have already traveled a similar path.

On the other hand, networking groups provide opportunities to connect with a diverse range of professionals from various industries. They often share information about job openings, business opportunities, and other resources.

By participating in these groups, you gain access to valuable information and potential avenues for career growth. Additionally, networking groups allow you to showcase your expertise. By sharing valuable insights and providing assistance to others, you can increase your visibility within your industry.

Mentorship and networking groups are a little more difficult to come by. However, there are a few things that you should consider before choosing.

In the case of mentorship, you should make sure that:

  • The mentor actively works in crypto and is also successful in some field of crypto.
  • Their main source of income does not come from mentorship.
  • Mentors should not pressure mentees into “irresistible business propositions.”

When it comes to networking groups, remember:

  • Every member of the group adds value rather than extracts value.
  • Research the quality of connections in the group.
  • Determine the purpose of the group.
  • Unsolicited requests for money or fake investment opportunities.
  • Fake job offers.

Dapp University and conferences

Most people may recognize Dapp University as an educational platform. But did you know that the platform also has a mentorship program where students can receive personal instruction from the founder, Gregory McCubbin?

As far as networking goes, the best possible way to network in crypto is at crypto events where you can meet people face to face, have real-time crypto discussions and make a lasting impression.

Why join a crypto community as a beginner?

As time passes, the learning curve for web3 and crypto grows wider and wider. Studies published by Semantic Scholar show that joining a community gives you a competitive advantage in learning. A crypto community is an environment where you can learn and circumvent this enormous learning curve.

best crypto communities cooperative learning
Cooperative learning study:

Furthermore, innovation increases when people work together. That is because navigating within a community gives you a second opinion, someone to bounce ideas off of, and peers for emotional and mental support.

Communities also create markets, which leads to commerce. Members service each other and thus provide an economic base for one another, subsequently prompting community growth. Lastly, they are great for web3 marketing, and for generating leads.

Society always benefits as a whole when we work together. Taking this into consideration, crypto’s staying power and innovation stems from the fact that it was created out of a tight-knit community.

Key features and benefits of each community

crypto community

All of the aforementioned groups have certain benefits that others may not offer. Carefully assess their unique advantages and choose the one that best aligns with your specific goals and needs.

Learning resources and educational content

When it comes to online forums and discussion boards, crypto learning resources and educational content may be hard to come by, depending on the platform. For example, Stack Exchange is better than the crypto community on Reddit for educational content.

Crypto social media platforms offer some resources for learning; however, these resources may not be suitable for all users. Because of the nature of crypto communities on social media, resources are typically disseminated at any level of technical ability. Crypto education platforms are more specific and are the best resources for new users.

Mentorship programs and networking groups usually center around building experience rather than educational content. They are great for gaining hands-on experience but are typically used for applying education rather than learning fundamentals like learning what a blockchain is, for example.

Community support and engagement

Where online forums and discussion boards lack in terms of specific educational resources, they make up for with community support. Forums and discussion boards are great for receiving feedback. If you are a developer, they may be especially useful.

Crypto social media platforms are great for engagement but are laden with scoffers, trolls, and fake accounts. In this sense, they are not as great for community support.

With a good crypto education platform, you will receive engagement not only from the instructor but from other members as well. Accordingly, community support should naturally come with any educational platform. If it doesn’t, you may be on the wrong course.

Mentorship programs and networking programs offer a different type of community support, but they aren’t inherently meant for this purpose.

Networking opportunities and collaboration

Mentorship programs and networking groups are top-tier mediums for networking and collaboration. As a matter of fact, that is a large part of their purpose. Online forums and discussion boards are usually not the greatest places for networking or collaboration.

The inverse is true for social media. Depending on how you use social media, there is great potential to collaborate or network with like-minded individuals.

How to choose the right crypto community for you

choose the right community

Once you learn how to choose the right crypto community, you will then be ready to choose a valuable platform to engage with.

Assessing your learning style and goals

Understanding your learning style will help you identify communities that align with your preferred method of absorbing information. Here are some examples:

  • Visual learners: If you learn best through visual aids like charts, graphs, and infographics, seek a community that provides visual resources such as tutorials, videos, or visual representations of complex concepts.
  • Auditory learners: For those who grasp information better through listening and discussions, look for communities that offer webinars, AMAs, crypto podcasts, or active voice chat platforms where members engage in audio-based discussions and knowledge-sharing.
  • Read/write learners: If you prefer reading and writing to absorb information, search for communities with comprehensive written resources like guides, articles, whitepapers, or forums where members actively engage in text-based discussions and share written content.
  • Kinesthetic/tactile learners: For individuals who learn by doing and gaining hands-on experience, consider communities that offer practical exercises, simulations, or opportunities for active participation, such as coding challenges or virtual trading platforms.

Considering community size and activity

A crypto community’s size and activity level can significantly impact your experience. Larger communities often offer a broader range of expertise and resources. On the other hand, smaller communities can provide a more intimate and closely-knit environment for deeper connections and personalized assistance.

Additionally, an active community fosters a vibrant learning environment and provides opportunities for collaboration. Ideally, you want an active community, but the community size depends on your preference.

Checking for a beginner-friendly atmosphere

If you are new to crypto, joining a beginner-friendly community can greatly enhance your learning experience. Look for communities where members are welcoming, patient, and willing to assist newcomers. A supportive atmosphere encourages questions and fosters a positive learning environment.

Exploring community rules and guidelines

Every crypto community has its own set of rules and guidelines to maintain order and ensure productive interactions. On platforms like Discord, these rules are explicit. Effective crypto community management is a plus when looking for communities.

On the other hand, with other platforms, the rules are implied. Familiarize yourself with the community’s code of conduct to ensure it aligns with your values. If possible, sit on the sidelines and observe how a community interacts with each other before joining.

This is easier on social media and forums but may not be possible with learning platforms unless they have free trials.

Embrace the crypto community

Finding the perfect crypto community can be your key to unlocking the doors of success in this ever-evolving landscape of digital currencies.

Discovering the ideal crypto community for beginners is crucial to kickstart your cryptocurrency journey. Make a wise choice, embrace the crypto community, and let it guide you toward success in this thrilling realm of digital currencies.

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