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Cryptocurrency Trading Courses Tailored for Beginners

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Are you just starting out on your trading journey? Perhaps you know the basics but need some extra help to get started. No fear; a number of online classes are tailored especially for trading newbies. If you are looking for a good trading course but aren’t sure which to choose, look no further! This guide sets out the seven top crypto trading courses for beginners.

Best crypto Platforms to start trading

Best for interest rates

Best for interest rates
Explore YouHodler on YouHodler’s official website
Availability Europe & U.K.
Supported assets 54+
Deposit fees 0
Trading fees rollover fee paid every fixed period of time

Best for spot trading

Best for spot trading
Explore Bybit on Bybit’s official website
Availability U.K., E.U. & 100+
Supported assets 380+
Deposit fees 0
Trading fees 0.10%

Best for altcoins trading

Best for altcoins trading
Explore Binance on Binance’s official website
Availability U.K., E.U. & 150+
Supported assets 380+
Deposit fees 0
Trading fees 0.10%

Why do you need a crypto trading course?

 crypto trading courses beginners

For those looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading or improve their current trading skills, a crypto trading course can be a great choice.

One reason joining a course can be beneficial is that many of them help you develop emotional trading skills. A good cryptocurrency trading course for beginners will show you how to manage your fear, greed, and impulsivity so you can make informed trading decisions.

A comprehensive course will introduce you to popular indicators such as moving averages, relative strength index (RSI), and falling knives, among others, and teach you how to interpret these signals to make informed trading decisions.

Furthermore, a good course will teach you strategies for risk management. These techniques will allow you to mitigate slippage, such as using limit orders and understanding market depth, managing profits and losses, and trading with leverage.

1. Certified Cryptocurrency Trader (CCT)

cryptocurrency trading courses for beginners blockchain council
Blockchain Council:

Price: $199

Duration: 15 hours

Certification: Yes


  • Trading basics
  • Technical analysis and charting primer
  • Money management and risk management
  • Trading styles
  • Strategy 1: Market Making
  • Strategy 2: Triangular Arbitrage
  • Strategy 3: Market Neutral Mean
  • Strategy 4: Market Neutral Momentum

Blockchain Council is a team of professionals that provides online certifications and training to blockchain, artificial intelligence, and web3 enthusiasts around the world. The Certified Cryptocurrency Trader (CCT) certification aids people in establishing their credentials in blockchain and cryptocurrency trading.

In the fiercely competitive environment of today’s web3 job markets, the course enables you to stand out to prospective employers, academic institutions, and university admissions officers.

Additionally, this cryptocurrency trading course takes you from start to finish, which is great for beginners. It has the added benefit of bestowing a certification upon completion, which will aid you in your web3 jobs search.

Since the certification process is conducted online, participants can complete the course at their own pace and still reap the rewards.

2. The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course 2023

cryptocurrency trading courses for beginners complete crypto and bitcoin
Complete Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course:

Price: $99.99

Duration: 9.5 hours

Certification: Yes


  • Technical analysis basics for beginners
  • Chart trading fundamentals for beginners
  • Technical analysis fundamentals
  • Value investing fundamentals
  • Technical trading techniques
  • Candlestick trading fundamentals for beginners

Wealthy Education offers the Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course 2023 on Udemy. The course will teach you how to read charts and indicators, how to identify market trends to make profitable trades, and the power of technical analysis using dozens of real-world examples.

Additionally, you will learn how to research a coin you’re interested in, determine whether a trend is strong or weak, spot fake trading signals, allocate your money wisely, and much more.


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Not only will you learn all of the basic skills you need to start trading, but you will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of your training.

Lastly, the course includes dedicated support from the course instructors and the learning community whenever you need it, lifetime access to all course materials and updates, and access to charting tools and resources to improve your trading performance.

3. Crypto Fundamentals, Trading and Investing

Crypto, Fundamentals, Trading, and Investing:

Price: $9 – $600

Duration: 3 hours

Certification: Yes


  • Bitcoin fundamentals
  • Trading versus Investing
  • Types of technical analysis and other strategies
  • Trade implementation – data, tools, wallets
  • Investing in blockchain

101 Blockchains is a large community of blockchain professionals offering a diverse range of certification programs and professional training courses. For professionals and novices who want to start investing in crypto-based tokens, the course Crypto Fundamentals, Trading, and Investing is a valuable learning tool.

The course helps students form a solid understanding of cryptography fundamentals as well as trading and evaluation strategies for tokens and coins.

Along with learning the tools needed for blockchain and crypto trading, this course will also give you in-depth insights into the technical side of cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, you will learn the fundamentals of investing in cryptocurrencies while using real-world examples to help you hone crucial abilities.

While the platform does offer certifications, they are not inherent to the courses themselves. Rather, the platform is subscription based. As a result, the subscription gives you access to multiple courses and certifications, which are based upon a tiered payment plan.

4. Rekt Capital: Technical Analysis Course

rekt capital crypto trading course
Rekt Capital:

Price: $297

Duration: 17 hours

Certification: No


  • Candlestick analysis
  • Trading View and candlestick analysis
  • Supports and resistances tutorial
  • Order book reading tutorial
  • Patterns and market psychology tutorial
  • Channels, wicks, and trend-lines tutorial
  • Moving averages tutorial
  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) tutorial

Rekt Capital is a cryptocurrency analyst who shares macro research on the crypto markets as well as commentary and technical analysis. Additionally, they provide exhaustive courses that teach you how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for both novice and experienced traders.

The Rekt Capital Technical Analysis Course is a 17-hour video tutorial and webinar series aimed at beginner and intermediate cryptocurrency traders and investors. The one-hour webinars are a resource for a more in-depth look at how Rekt Capital applies trading techniques and strategies with a few altcoin examples.

Furthermore, students have the option to pay in crypto. However, this offer is exclusive to the Rekt Masterclass Bundle, which offers a discount for all of the platform’s trading courses.

5. Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery Course

crypto trading for beginners
Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery Course:

Price: N/A

Duration: 40 hours

Certification: Yes


  • Technical analysis and charting primer
  • Trading styles
  • Analyzing information
  • Using technology/ software
  • Prices action and trading philosophy
  • Money and risk management
  • Strategies
  • Building financial projections

Learners Point, a KHDA & ISO-approved training facility in Dubai, was established in 2001 and provides extensive corporate training & career coaching programs.

The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery course will not only teach you how to understand advanced cryptocurrency terminology and principles but also research and identify the best trading strategies, identify cryptocurrency market trends, and trade cryptocurrencies using a systematic trading process.

Learner’s Point also provides a guided learning experience for their cryptocurrency trading training program, both online and in-person, for organized group sessions.

6. The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: More than 5 Courses in 1

the complete cryptocurrency course
The Complete Cryptocurrency Course:

Price: $129.99

Duration: 24 hours

Certification: Yes


  • Introduction to security and wallets
  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Investment framework intro and managing risk/ avoiding scams
  • Doing research on ICOs
  • Creating your diversified crypto portfolio
  • Exchanges
  • Wallets

Students will be able to invest after completing this course, but they will also be able to mine, trade, and fully comprehend cryptocurrencies. Because the lessons are so extensive, no prior knowledge of Excel, finance, accounting, cryptocurrency, or technology is necessary to enroll in this course.

Additionally, the instructor is an award-winning MBA professor that is recognized as a top-selling online business teacher and author. Furthermore, they bring valuable experience as a former Goldman Sachs employee and a Columbia MBA graduate with a finance major.

A very thorough Excel spreadsheet with more than 30 cryptocurrency exercises is also provided in this course to help you learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies.

7. Crypto Investing Masterclass

crypto investing masterclass
Crypto Investing Masterclass:

Price: $1475

Duration: 16 hours

Certification: Yes


  • Blockchain and investment fundamentals
  • Crypto technical analysis and swing trading
  • Risk-on DeFi layer-2 yield farming
  • Low-risk high-yield passive crypto income

Founded by Miko Matsumura, Taiki Maeda, Dmitry Buterin, and others, Blockgeeks provides online, self-paced blockchain development training and accelerated programs in non-technical blockchain education.

During this course, you will engage in active learning (as opposed to passive), group sessions and activities, Q&A after class with experts, and exercises to apply and retain the information you have learned.

Furthermore, during the four-week masterclass, experienced crypto investors share tried-and-true strategies and frameworks to assist you in creating a unique crypto investment plan you can rely on.

However, the class is not investment advice, it is an environment for you to learn and become your own crypto investment advisor.

8. Trade and Invest in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

skillshare course
Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading course:

Price: 7.42 € per month

Duration: 2 hours

Certification: No


  • Building a portfolio
  • Trading crypto
  • Candle charts
  • Trend lines
  • Moving averages
  • MACD
  • Volume
  • Trading strategy

The Trade and Invest in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin course is the product of Zac Hartley, an entrepreneur and day trader. This course starts you off with the basics, so it is more suitable for beginners who want learn how to trade cryptocurrency.

You can find it on Skillshare. Skillshare is a US-based online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos. The courses are unaccredited and only available through paid subscription.

This course will teach you how to build a cryptocurrency portfolio as well as how to trade short-term using technical analysis. It also covers the basics for beginners.

Some of these basic lessons include how to send and receive crypto, how to stake, depositing funds, and buying crypto.

Join a crypto trading course

For many people, approaching education in crypto as an autodidact has a glass ceiling. Meaning that you can only go so far trying to learn crypto on your own. Joining a cryptocurrency trading course for beginners has many benefits.

When you have a structured learning approach guided by an instructor, it cuts down on the time it takes for you to learn and become a crypto trading expert. Therefore, we highly recommend you consider joining a crypto trading course if you want to bypass the stumbling blocks of trial and error that occur when learning on your own.

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