Lesson 4
Earn up to 5% APR

All about Yield Account: passive income with weekly payouts

Are you comfortable with YouHodler platform? Then it’s time to increase your profit again with a Crypto Yield account: you will be able to generate rewards on your crypto (up to 15%!) with the highest APR rates, full transparency, and total control over your earnings 🤑

What is a Yield account?

Yield account is a part of YouHodler’s Loyalty Program. You just need to open your Yield account after completing KYC & pick the assets that will generate reward. 

Short theory

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the annualized rate of return or interest that can be earned on a crypto investment. APR is commonly used to describe the interest rates, yields, or rewards that users can receive when participating in various crypto-related activities such as lending, staking, or providing liquidity to decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

  • The Yield Account Reward is available for claim every 7 days;
  • The Yield Limit, APR for each currency, and the number of assets that generate rewards are determined by the account’s Loyalty Level;
  • Once the account’s Loyalty Level changes, the generated Yield Account Reward will be available for claim;
  • A new 7-day earning period will not be launched until the reward is claimed.

One of the key advantages of YouHodler is that you can use several tools to increase your income! For example, a combination of MultiHODL and Yield Account. Funds that are used in MultiHODL still generate interest from the Yield Account. And by increasing trading volume you upgrade your account level. This means higher APR and higher limits. And don’t forget that after all these manipulations, you can mine more BTC for free 🔥

Rates & limits

Now let’s take a look at APR and limits of your Yield account!

Yield limit is the maximum amount of funds that can generate crypto from your wallets in accordance with your Loyalty Level. 

Loyalty level Stablecoins APRBTC APRAltcoins APRYield limits
🐣Newbie1% APR1% APR1% APR$100/week
🤓Basic6% APR2% APRUp to 7% APRUp to $1k/week
🦘Jumpstart 8% APR3% APRUp to 10% APRUp to $25k/week
💠Silver9% APR4% APRUp to 11% APRUp to $30k/week
🧈Gold9.5% APR4.5% APRUp to 12% APRUp to $50k/week
🌟Platinum10% APR5% APRUp to 13% APRUp to $70k/week
💎Diamond11% APR6% APRUp to 14% APRUp to $100k/week
👑VIP12% APR7% APRUp to 15% APRUp to $200k/week

Weekly rewards

Enough motivation to continue your crypto journey with YouHodler? 😏

Now your Loyalty Program level is Jumpstart – a user gets it after the deposit & first open position (and we made it in our previous lessons!). But what about your weekly rewards*? 🤔

Here thy are👇

Loyalty level/deposit$100$500$1,000$5,000$10,000
🦘Jumpstart $0.15$0.77$1.53$7.67$15.34

*Based on stablecoins rates

The higher your Loyalty Status is, the higher the rewards are!

🎁Task: Open your Yield account

Generate your first passive income by opening your Yield account

  1. Go to your Wallet & sign the Terms and Conditions at the top of it.
  2. Once the agreement is signed, you will see the Yield Account tab and the “Start Earning” button. Click the button & start generating reward.
  3. Pick the assets that will generate reward. Choose coins you would like to get reward on and press the “Start earning” button.
  4. In your wallet, you will see the Yield Account tab. To collect the generated reward, click the green button to add the earned amount to your wallet and launch the next earning period. This step is very important, as the new 7-day earning period will not be launched until the reward is claimed!

Don’t forget to mine your new BTC in Cloud Miner 🤩

Now you may have a question: how to increase your status? Move on to the next lesson!