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All about Multiplier: How to reach $50,000 trading volume with $500 USD deposit

All about Multiplier: How to reach $50,000 trading volume with $500 USD deposit

It’s your time to achieve a new status – a trader.😎 With the Multiply tool by YouHodler you will be able to reach a trading volume of $50,000 & get Gold Loyalty Status! 

Short theory

The Multiply section (more common name is leverage) settings enable you to control your investment risk by adjusting the amount of borrowed funds in the MultiHODL chain of loans. This directly influences your deal volume. Increasing the Multiply section value boosts the MultiHODL volume and potential profit. You have the option to prioritize smaller profits with minimal margin call risks or aim for higher profits with higher margin call risks.

DISCLAIMER: Multiply section exactly the same as leverage increases the risk of significant losses. 

How to reach $50k trading volume with a $500 deposit

This short guide was created by BeInCrypto Trader & Technical Analyst, so just follow steps & reach $50,000 trading volume easily! 

Step 1: Open a trade by placing a buy/sell order using 10x leverage with a $500 deposit amount.
Step 2: Close the trade as soon as it goes in your direction. By doing this, you just created a $10,000 trading volume: $5,000 volume was created when you opened the trade ($500 x 10), and $5,000 volume when you closed the trade since you took the money out from the market.
Step 3: Just do this 4 times to generate $50,000 trading volume overall! 🚀

🎁Task: Generate trading volume to get more bonuses

Now you know how you can increase your trading volume. And the higher the trading volume and deposit, the higher your bonus 😏 

But remember that any trading is accompanied by risks!

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