Lesson 6
Earn 20% of friend’s earnings

Best strategies to get more sparks for cloud miner

Best strategies to get more sparks for cloud miner

This is the last stop in our crypto adventure – now you can proudly say that you are a crypto trader 😎And it’s time for learning two strategies for getting more Sparks for Cloud Miner. 


It’s a strategy when you open a short position and by this way you protect yourself by taken risks. While it may seem counterintuitive to have opposing positions, hedging provides risk-management protection. Additionally, engaging in MultiHODL activities earns Sparks for the Cloud Miner ⚡️ Here’s an example:

  1. You own 100 Euros worth of NEAR but fear its value might decrease due to poor press. To protect yourself, you open a short position against NEAR in MultiHODL. You invest just 20 Euros with a x5 multiplier, making it count as 100 Euros.
  2. This balanced portfolio ensures you break even, as you own 100 Euros of NEAR while placing 100 Euros against it. 

The primary goal is not direct profit from each position but rather the Sparks earned through MultiHODL 😎 This method is low-risk, but remember to close MultiHODL positions in the short term for it to be effective!


Scalping is a strategy of opening many small MultiHODL positions and closing them quickly for profit and more Sparks. Here’s how to perform this method:

  1. Identify a trading pair and start a new MultiHODL position. Look for short-term positions that could yield small profits. Duration can be just minutes or hours.

For example, using NEAR/USDT, anticipate a drop in NEAR price against USDT.

  1. Adjust Stop-Loss and Take-Profit parameters for risk management.
  2. Open several MultiHODL positions, primarily aiming for Sparks rather than high profitability. Once desired Sparks are earned and MultiHODL positions are profitable, close them.

Don’t forget to use your Sparks to mine more BTC! 

Hedging and Scalping are effective, low-risk methods to earn more Sparks for passive income via the Cloud Miner. While other strategies exist, these are easy to implement and highly effective.

🎁Task: Invite a friend & share your knowledge to earn more

And now the best part of our adventure: become a guide to the crypto world for your friends, because now you are among the global community of crypto enthusiasts! 🌍Moreover, you can receive bonuses for inviting friends to the platform 😏

  1. Go to your Wallet, click on the “Referrals & bonuses” button & then on the “Get bonus for each friend”.
  2. Copy your referral link & share it with your friends.
  3. Get bonuses for your friend’s activity – you can help them to navigate across YouHodler platform because now you’re its PRO user!

Please be advised that rewards may vary based on tasks available to invitees. Referral program bonuses are delivered within 48 hours.

Be in crypto together with YouHodler 🚀