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All about MultiHODL: service for casual crypto trading with user-friendly interface and low fees  

Now you’re dreaming of multiplying your crypto? Let’s dive into the magic of MultiHODL! ✨

MultiHODL by YouHodler is a tool to amplify crypto funds. Whether it’s stablecoins or Bitcoin, there is something for everyone!

Trading pairs60+
Level of traderAll levels
FeesNo opening or closing fees
No profit share fees
Free rollover fees for the first 1 hour
Minimal depositTrade with as low as $10 equivalent
Support24/7 online support, No bots
Additional yieldup to 15% APR on your funds in open deals

Let’s look at the main advantages of this service for your crypto adventure 🔍

Intuitive user-interface

We don’t like difficult to use crypto tools (we mean… who loves? 😅) Therefore, we pay attention on how easy the service interface is to navigate. Our conclusion: MultiHODL’s user interface is really designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. 

What else is interesting about MultiHODL’s interface? YouHodler provides the data inside the service to help you analyzing the market:  

  • Market stats
  • Low & high price ranges
  • Performance metrics
  • Price sections
  • Top capitalization 
  • Top movers.

These data will help you to identify trading pairs which have strong trends 💪

Instruments for newbies & pro traders

Now let’s take a look at other cool MultiHODL’s advantages for you:

Minimum amount to open position is just $10.
Are you afraid to start with large sums? Then start with 10 dollars! Believe us, with every dollar you deposit you will become more confident and experienced.

Pending orders placing is available.
If you believe that opening MultiHODL at the current market level is not the best option, you can set a pending order to open MultiHODL at a specific price level. Once the price reaches the aforementioned level, YouHodler’s system will automatically open the new MultiHODL in accordance with your request. 

Adjustment on take profit & stop loss while the deal is open.
Short theory 👇

How does Stop Loss work? –  By setting a stop loss, you can protect your investment by ensuring that if the price of the cryptocurrency falls below a certain point, it will be automatically sold, minimizing the potential losses. 

How does Take Profit work? – When a trader sets a take profit level (a specific price level), it means they have determined a point where they are satisfied with the profit they have made, and they want to automatically exit the trade at that price. By setting a take profit order, the trader can lock in their gains without having to continuously monitor the market. It is a risk management technique that helps traders optimize their profitability and protect their investment.

With YouHodler you can change your Take Profit & Stop Loss when a trade or position has not been closed. It means that you can still hold the cryptocurrency or have an active trading position and have not yet sold or exited the trade.

The collateral may be multiplied up to x70.
Earn more with YouHodler’s chain of loans trading feature – just select your preferred crypto multiplier (from x5 to x70) before position opening!

While the funds are in an open position you still earn yield on them.

Short theory again

Interest is a way for earning passive income or returns on your cryptocurrency holdings. Interest in crypto can be earned through different mechanics, such as lending, staking, or yield farming.

With YouHodler’s MuiltiHODL, while your funds are invested in an active/open deal, you continue to generate yield on those assets. By trading, you have the potential to multiply your initial inputs, and in addition to that, you passively earn on them.

And what about MultiHODL’s fees? 👀

How does MultiHODL work?

Let’s say you deposit $100 in USDT (a stablecoin). Then you allocate 10% of that amount, which is $10, to trade on any crypto token. After opening a deal, you set both your Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, and patiently wait to observe how the price of the chosen crypto token behaves.

If the market goes in the opposite direction of your deal, your maximum loss is only the $10 you used as input. However, if the price moves in a favorable direction you start earning profit. You can decide to close the deal manually at any time if the price doesn’t hit the Take Profit/Stop Loss levels.

Disclaimer: volatile coins can mean bigger profits, but also bigger risks.

🎁 Task: Deposit crypto & claim BTC rewards

Deposit $100 to your YouHodler’s account & mine more BTC in Cloud Miner. You can top up your account using crypto, stablecoins, and fiat currencies. Here are some options:

  • The fastest way to top up your YouHodler account is a crypto & stablecoin deposit (your account should be verified). In case you don’t have crypto yet you can deposit fiat currency and convert it to crypto within the platform. 
  • Wire bank transfer (your address should be verified) – the cheapest way to deposit fiat funds (0% commission for EUR & CHF).
  • Apple Pay – available in the EU, UK and Switzerland regions for Visa (EUR, USD) cards only.
  • Bank card – deposit EUR or USD directly from your bank card.
  • AdvCash (requires an independent identity verification procedure that could take from a few minutes to a few hours) – make an almost instant deposit via the AdvCash service.
  1. Go to YouHodler’s Wallet & click on the ‘Deposit now’ button.
  2. Choose payment method & deposit at least $100 equivalent (this amount will upgrade your loyalty level and open more blocks with Bitcoin in Cloud miner).
  3. Go to Cloud Miner. Now you can mine a new BTC for your deposit!

Great! Now it’s time for maximize returns with Multi HODL 😎