Lesson 3
Earn 0.00016 BTC

How can you maximize returns with MultiHODL?

You have taken two important steps towards conquering the crypto world – you have mined your first Bitcoin and made your first deposit. So now let’s start maximizing your profits! 😈 

Test your knowledge

Before we’ll continue, we want to mention: you are already halfway through your journey of conquering the crypto world 🤯 So… there is no theory in this lesson, just practice 😈Test your knowledge by taking this quick quiz 👇

🎁Task: Open your first deal

Open your first deal on MultiHODL & mine more BTC in Cloud Miner

Now you’re ready to do this important step – to open your first position!

  1. Go to MultiHODL & select a wallet as a source of funds. 
  2. Set your Take Profit (TP) & Stop Loss levels. For stable coins choose the crypto you’d like to use as a multiplication tool.
  3. Go to Cloud Miner. Get your reward – mine new BTC blocks. 

IMPORTANT: highly volatile coins allow higher potential profit but bring more risks!

Congratulations, you open your first position! Then YouHodler initiates an automated chain of loans similar to Turbocharge service.