Digital asset futures trading platform BitMEX has announced a new website and monitoring tool geared towards keeping a closer eye on forks of the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchains.

Fork Watch

Cryptocurrency futures trading titan BitMEX recently announced a new open source ‘fork monitoring’ tool, sponsored by its BitMEX Research division and built with help from Dutch developer Sjors Provoost.

The monitoring site,, comes just in time for the scheduled Bitcoin Cash hard fork planned for November 15, when the Bitcoin Cash chain could potentially fork into three separate chains — Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision), and Bitcoin Unlimited.

BitMEX Research seems to be most supportive of the Bitcoin ABC fork.

The team took jabs at Bitcoin SV on Twitter, referring to its primary developer, Dr. Craig Wright, as ‘Fake Satoshi’ — a well-known and not-so-endearing nickname for Wright, who most famously named himself Satoshi Nakamoto but failed to present concrete evidence of the fact. (Wright even attempted to falsify evidence of proof in 2016.)

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At the time of writing, seven nodes are being run to monitor Bitcoin Cash, while only five are being allocated to the Bitcoin chain — although it is noted that, after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, the focus of the site will shift primarily to Bitcoin.

The developers hope that by releasing the source code for the tool, more nodes will go up — allowing for an even greater system of monitoring the chains.

Will you be using the website to keep an eye on the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork? Leave your thoughts and concerns in the comments below!