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Analyzing the Groundbreaking Presale of Rebel Satoshi: Potential for Rapid Expansion

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Meme coins are more than novelty tokens that rip off pop culture references and memes. These have quickly gained acceptance in the crypto market, commanding a multi-billion capitalization value. 

Furthermore, plenty of untapped potential and room exists for a fresh, unique project like Rebel Satoshi (RBLZ). Its presale is only a few weeks old but is gaining much traction. Let’s learn more about Rebel Satoshi and how to get involved.

What is Rebel Satoshi?

As its name indicates, Rebel Satoshi is a meme coin based on the enigmatic Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. It takes inspiration from this defiant figure who single-handedly introduced digital currencies against all odds. 

Rebel Satoshi embodies this spirit to a wider like-minded community who also want to rebel against the status quo for decentralization.

It begins with meme culture that stays true to the project’s rebellion ethos while gaining amusement and recognition. This is the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame, reserved for Rebel Satoshi’s early adopters to submit their best ‘Recuscant’ memes. 

Being an early supporter also means getting included in the Rebellion Secret Council, where you get insider project updates and the power to decide Rebel Satoshi‘s future.

Rebel Satoshi aims to reach $100 million in market capitalization. Another goal is to create an awesome rebel-themed play-to-earn game. These objectives are the last phase of the project’s roadmap. The current mission is to sell out the presale.

The RBLZ token

RBLZ is the ‘fuel’ to the marvelous ecosystem of Rebel Satoshi. It’s an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 250 million. This nods to Nakamoto, who limited Bitcoin’s distribution to prevent inflation, starkly contrasting traditional currencies. 

The allocation of RBLZ is as follows:

  • 50% for the public (125 million)
  • 20% for liquidity pools (50 million)
  • 15% for staking rewards (37.5 million)
  • 10% for marketing (25 million)
  • 5% for treasury (12.5 million)

The Revolutionary Staking Hub is key for Rebel Satoshi to hit the market cap goal. Hence, members can stake their RBLZ for excellent returns, boosting the supply and demand. What’s more, $RBLZ is needed for the Rebel Artefacts Vault. 

This stunning marketplace features 9,999 unique collectibles and the following symbolic digital art characters: Warriors, Rebels, Citizens, Monarchs, and Recusants.

RBLZ’s presale

The presale for RBLZ entered the market on November 05, 2023 (Bonfire Night) to honor Guy Fawkes, another of the project’s inspirations. Rebel Satoshi sold 10 million tokens in 48 hours at one point during this event, a clear testament to the incredible demand.

Rebel Satoshi will run the presale in five rounds, the current being the Early Bird Round. RBLZ costs $0.010 during this time, which will increase by 30% to $0.013. In a further nod to Guy Fawkes, the project plans to ‘burn’ or remove any unsold RBLZ after the presale. 

Rebel Satoshi is set to release the first NFT collection, launch a community rewards program, and more afterward.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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