TRON’s news arm, TRON News, has just unveiled its redesigned logo and is celebrating with a giveaway.

TRON (TRX) apparently has a news branch now which will specialize in reporting. The outlet affirms that it will be “backed with facts” and based on “integrity” and “transparency.” The media site will presumably be reporting on only TRON-related news and has already amassed some 11,000 followers.

In a recent announcement, TRON News unveiled its new icon. However, there was some confusion over whether this brand change was for the main project or its news arm, but BeInCrypto can confirm that this is only for TRON News.

The new logo was voted on by community members and will correspond with a giveaway.

The rebrand and ramping up of the project’s news arm comes at a time when its CEO, Justin Sun, has been stepping up his public presence. Keeping a low profile after the Warren Buffet dinner fiasco, it has since emerged that he plans to purchase the exchange Poloniex from Circle. Recently, Poloniex tweeted to its followers that they should buy TRON and then soon deleted the message entirely. Regardless, as reported by BeInCrypto, a bot was able to capture the deleted tweet which was met with mockery from much of the cryptocurrency community.

TRON has also been steeped in controversy due to its ongoing feud with Digibyte. The founder of Digibyte, Jared Tate, has called TRON’s founder Justin Sun a “crook” and that his time will “come soon.” He also made this same criticism of Binance, as BeInCrypto previously reported. In response to the attacks, Poloniex—presumably now under Sun’s control—has decided to delist Digibyte.

TRON has been seeing some choppy trading in the last month. A month ago, the cryptocurrency was trading at almost $0.02 but has since dropped to $0.147. It is currently down -1.38% on the daily against Bitcoin (BTC).

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