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Trash or Treasure: CoinMarketCap Lists 6 New Altcoins

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Updated by Adam James
On Jan 4, CoinMarketCap listed six new crypto assets: ROMToken, Winco, ProxyNode, Atomic Wallet Coin, AgaveCoin, and Impleum.
Five of these are ERC20 tokens. One is a smart-contract and DApp development platform similar to Ethereum. A detailed analysis of each is presented below. Six Listings

RomToken (ROM)

RomToken is an ERC20 token with a total supply of 35 billion ROM. It offers authentication and log-in services using the blockchain. The claimed purpose of ROM is to free users from international roaming fees charged by mobile network operators (MNO). Removing unwanted fees by centralized third-party intermediaries offers a possibility for the social integration of blockchain-based crypto assets other than cryptocurrency. If practical use cases for third-generation token-based platforms like ROM or other crypto assets are realized, social integration of crypto assets other than cryptocurrency may occur. At the very least, they may become part of a larger conversation about still-evolving blockchain technologies.

Winco (WCO)

Winco in an ERC20 Token with a total supply of approximately 6.75 billion WCO. It has developed Okane as an app that allows peer-to-peer transactions with Bitcoin (BTC) or WCO. Wincorporate Incorporated was developed by Winco for the real estate market. Practical use value of Winco through Wincorporate Incorporated may be realized in Sao Paulo Brazil where the Winnlife residential complex will accept WTC and BTC using the Winco platform. Beyond Winco, this poses the possibility greater adoption of Bitcoin.

ProxyNode (PRX)

ProxyNode is an ERC20 Token with a total supply of one billion PRX. The token exists as a form of payment to set up virtual servers on ProxyNode’s decentralized platform. The ProxyNode platform attempts to integrate the blockchain as a means of increasing the security of virtual private servers while offering greater protection for the data housed on them. Using the natural security features of the blockchain to increase the security of virtual servers is a way to integrate the technology into society using its most basic and prominent feature.

Atomic Wallet Coin (WCO)

Atomic Wallet Coin is an ERC20 token with a total supply of 100 billion AWC. On Etherscan, AWC is called “Atomic Wallet Token,” which is more accurate. AWC is a third-generation cryptoasset token and platform built on Ethereum, a second-generation blockchain based smart contract and DApp development platform. In other words, AWC is a cryptoasset with its own unique platform and token, not a cryptocurrency coin. WCO has already released a non-custodial wallet and token which integrates atomic swaps with the ability to purchase crypto with credit and debit cards like Visa. Integration of both these features may prove beneficial for mass adoption; however, relationships between centralized credit card companies and cryptocurrency platforms may be a sign of growing influence by centralized third-party finance and lending corporations within the cryptocurrency industry.

AgaveCoin (AGVC)

AgaveCoin is an ERC20 Token with a total supply of 35 billion AGVC. It aims to integrate blockchain technology within the agave industry by allowing individuals to use the AgaveCoin platform and AGVC tokens for payments within the production chain of the agave industry. The name AgaveCoin is a registered trademark of Mexican company AgaveCoin SAPI. While the centralized control of a cryptoasset companies like AgaveCoin SAPI violates the basic principles of the Nakamoto Theory of Decentralization, the integration of blockchain technology within specified chains of specific industries may prove useful for mass adoption and social integration of cryptoassets.

Impleum (IMPL)

Unlike the other five crypto assets on this list, Impleum is not an ERC20 token. It is a second-generation cryptoasset like Ethereum (ETH). It has a total supply of 100 million tokens. Impleum uses a uniquely synthesized Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake is integrated into Impleum called x13 POW/POS. New alternatives to POW are needed as the weakness of the latter are being realized. New cryptoassets like Impleum with new consensus algorithms may begin emerging more frequently within the near future. What do you think of these six new listings on CoinMarketCap? Are they legit projects or just s***coins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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