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Top 20 Crypto Launchpads To Jump On in May 2024

Crypto launchpads are integral to the web3 ecosystem, allowing startups to secure funding and investors to participate early in exciting blockchain ventures. 

So what shouldn’t you miss? We have curated a list of top-tier launchpads, each providing unique advantages across different types of offerings, including IEOs, ICOs, IGOs, INOs, and IDOs. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the crypto launchpad ecosystem effectively, ensuring you don’t miss the best opportunities of 2024. Let’s dive in.

Top 20 crypto launchpads

1. ChainGPT Launchpad

Best for 0% fee IDOs and free giveaways
Funds raised
Number of projects

2. Binance Launchpad

Best for staking altcoins
Funds raised
$104 M

Number of projects

3. OKX Jumpstart

Best for NFT assets
Funds raised
$55.64 M

Number of projects


Best for exclusive launches
Funds raised
$5.99 M
Number of projects

5. Gate.IO Startup

Best for quality projects
Funds raised
$156.15 M
Number of projects

6. BSCPad

Best for decentralization
Funds raised
$16.20 M

Number of projects

7. DAO Maker

Best for NFT projects
Funds raised
$56.87 M

Number of projects

8. CoinxPad

Best for multichain CEX/DEX launchpad
Funds raised
$1.4 M
Number of projects

9. Solster Finance Launchpad

Best for Solana projects
Funds raised
$1.7 M

Number of projects

10. PAID Network Ignition

Best for blockchain games projects
Funds raised
$23.14 M

Number of projects

11. Polkastarter

Best for gaming projects
Funds raised
$49.7 M

Number of projects

12. Bounce Finance

Best for token auction
Funds raised
$847.50 K

Number of projects

13. GameFi

Best for game hub
Funds raised
$9.00 M
Number of projects

14. TrustPad

Best for multichain investments
Funds raised
$14.19 M
Number of projects

15. Seedify

Best for Web3
Funds raised
$22.32 M

Number of projects

16. Coinlist

Best for security
Funds raised
$1.05 B
Number of projects

17. TrustSwap

Best for DeFi
Funds raised
$40 M
Number of projects

18. Tokensoft

Best for compliance
Funds raised
$1.05 B
Number of projects

19. Red Kite

Best for reputation projects
Funds raised
$10.60 M
Number of projects

20. *KuCoin Spotlight

Best for potential high returns
Funds raised
$45.33 M

Number of projects

*In 2024, KuCoin is facing charges from the Department of Justice following allegations that the platform knowingly flouted AML rules in the U.S. The company’s legal woes have dramatically dropped its market share, with many concerned users withdrawing funds from the platform. For a detailed overview of the current situation, please check our explanation of KuCoin’s legal status. If you are considering alternatives to KuCoin, explore our recommended exchanges here.

What are crypto launchpads?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that provides a space for emerging crypto projects to secure funding. Essentially, it’s an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or token launch platform for early-stage blockchain projects that haven’t been made public yet.

These crypto launchpads allow investors to acquire tokens at an economical rate. There’s always the prospect of future profit should the value of these tokens rise. These launchpad platforms usually require minimal costs to launch a project. That’s why they attract a variety of innovative blockchain initiatives looking to raise funds.

For project founders, crypto launchpads provide a convenient way to connect with the broad pool of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors interested in new ventures.

During the height of the crypto market in 2021, numerous new coins and projects came to life. However, some turned out to be scams. This resulted in losses for those who lacked the expertise or time to vet these projects effectively.

To tackle this issue, most trusted launchpads like Binance Launchpad offer due diligence services, carrying out rigorous project assessments. They also involve third parties to execute Know Your Customer (KYC) checks on new users. This level of scrutiny safeguards both project founders and investors. And it contributes to the rise of these platforms as a preferred fundraising method within the blockchain ecosystem.

According to, the fundraising activity has been over $2.5 billion in most months since 2021. For instance, during March 2023, a total of $7.89 billion in funds were raised by launchpad projects. 

crypto launchpads ico analytics
ICO analytics:

What features should I look for in a good crypto launchpad?

When evaluating a crypto launchpad, it’s crucial to consider specific features that can ensure a successful experience for both projects and investors. A high-quality launchpad should offer various services and tools to support upcoming ICOslaunching ICOs, and top ICOs, to name a few factors. Here are other key features to look for:

  • Comprehensive vetting process: Ensure the launchpad has a thorough project evaluation system to select only credible and promising projects.
  • Marketing and promotional support: Look for platforms that offer strong marketing efforts to maximize project visibility and attract investors.
  • Investor protection mechanisms: Check for features like insurance funds or security audits to protect investor interests and funds.
  • Community engagement: A good launchpad should foster a strong community around each project, facilitating discussions and updates.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform should be easy to navigate, allowing seamless ICO participation for novice and experienced investors.
  • Access to exclusive deals: Ensure the launchpad offers early access or special terms for top ICOs, providing added value to its users.
  • Transparent fee structure: Look for clear and fair fees for using the launchpad to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Ongoing support and advisory: The launchpad should continuously support projects post-launch, helping them achieve long-term success.

What are DeFi launchpads?

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DeFi (Decentralized Finance) launchpads are platforms that facilitate the process of launching new projects in the DeFi space. They serve as incubation platforms for early-stage decentralized projects, offering services like fundraising, security audits, marketing support, and technical guidance.

Unlike traditional ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), where projects launch their tokens on a centralized platform, DeFi launchpads are typically decentralized, meaning they operate on blockchain technology and emphasize community participation. They allow the community to participate in a democratic and transparent way, such as through Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), where token holders can vote on various project developments.

These launchpads provide retail investors with early access to project tokens through a method called Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). This is when tokens are made available on a decentralized exchange (DEX) before being traded on other markets. This allows investors to get in on the ground floor of potentially lucrative projects.

What are the different types of crypto launchpads?

Crypto launchpads are platforms that aid in the initial launch and fundraising for blockchain projects. There are different types of launchpads depending on the method of fundraising and the type of projects they support.

  • IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) launchpads. These are like crowdfunding sites but for crypto projects. Companies use them to raise money by selling tokens. Examples include Binance and MEXC.
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) launchpads. Here, people who are starting blockchain projects can raise money by offering tokens and directly talking with investors.
  • IGO (Initial Game Offering) launchpads. These are for people interested in investing in games, virtual reality, and related projects. Developers can talk directly with investors to explain their projects and raise funds. GameFi and Seedify are a few examples.
  • INO (Initial NFT Offering) launchpads. These are places for creators of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to invite investors to their projects. Investors can put money into collections or buy an entire item. Polkastarter is one of these launchpads.
  • IDO (Initial DEX Offering) launchpads. These are introduced on decentralized exchanges. In general, most projects launch as IDOs.

What’s the best crypto launchpad for you?

Deciding on the best crypto launchpad for you requires careful consideration of several factors. You should opt for a platform that has a strong reputation and a proven track record of supporting successful projects, provides transparency about the details of its hosted projects, and supports multiple blockchains.

Crypto launchpads can potentially yield substantial returns, as they offer investors a chance to participate in projects at the most favorable prices before public launch. However, these investments carry inherent risks due to the volatility of the crypto market.

At the end of the day, choosing the best crypto launchpad boils down to your investment goals, risk tolerance, and specific interests in the diverse world of blockchain projects. Always do your research thoroughly, consider your level of experience, and, if necessary, seek independent financial advice.

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