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Mysten Labs Founder Debunks Sui Network Airdrop Rumors

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In Brief

  • Rekt Fencer, a crypto influencer and the creator of X DAO teased a Sui airdrop on Twitter.
  • Adeniyi Abiodun of Mysten Labs responded by denying an airdrop will occur.
  • Fencer asserts that a Sui airdrop may surpass that of its principal rival, Aptos.
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Rekt Fencer, a crypto influencer and the creator of X DAO, recently teased a Sui airdrop on Twitter. However, others in the crypto community say Fencer’s claims are nonsense.

Adeniyi Abiodun of Mysten Lab responded by denying the reports of any Sui airdrops while having previously acknowledged user “rewards” in a Twitter Spaces discussion.

Is a SUI Airdrop Happening?

Fencer asserts that Sui’s airdrop may surpass that of its principal rival, Aptos. The crypto influencer’s research was based on the fact that SUI raised $336M from the major VCs while Aptos raised $350M altogether.

Fencer remarked, “They [Aptos] airdropped 20M $APT at the listing ($160M).”

Fencer predicts that 20% of the supply will be given to the early contributors since SUI needs to distinguish itself from its rivals in a similar technology and fundraising field.

Even though current airdrop plans have been denied, a Sui airdrop isn’t out of the question, especially considering that airdrops have the potential to push large-scale adoption and network traffic. This could be the network’s stress test before the mainnet deployment.

To be selected for the airdrop, Fencer advises joining the project’s freshly formed ambassador program while minting and staking NFTs. The program supports the organization’s content production, community interaction, and creative projects.

Meanwhile, Abiodun responded to the thread by stating, “Stop spreading nonsense. There is NO Sui Airdrop. Not planned or ever will be.”

Another user quickly referred to Abiodun’s recent Twitter Spaces discussion exchange. Abiodun said in the chat that he had chosen many community members who would receive heavily discounted admission to the Community Access Program for members outside the U.S. The executive stated that alternate rewards are planned for U.S. citizens.

A second Twitter user hinted that it was “engagement farming.” Sui announced its token distribution in December last year. At the time, it had been stated that Sui enthusiasts could buy it directly through the Community Access Program without participating in Foundation programs.

Airdrop for Engagement and Adoption

Sui was introduced as the first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain, allowing developers and producers to construct experiences that include immediate finality, cheap costs, and horizontal scalability.

SUI token distribution plan released in December 2022
SUI token distribution plan released in December 2022

Reports from last week noted that the SUI Foundation has possibly set aside a 6% airdrop mechanism for its token.

Notably, the announcement follows Ethereum rollup Arbitrum’s March airdrop of 1.1 billion ARB tokens to 625,000 wallets. In the meantime, numerous rumors are circulating that the OpenSea Pro upgrade may involve an airdrop, much like Blur.

Meanwhile, the Sui platform recently confirmed that at least 80 projects could be housed on its network.


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