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OpenSea Pro Touts ‘Community Rewards,’ Rumors Swirl About Airdrop

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In Brief

  • OpenSea revealed OpenSea Pro on April 4, an upgrade of NFT aggregator Gem.
  • In the tweet thread, the team also referred to 'community rewards,' which some think suggests there are airdrops involved.
  • Those who used Gem before March 2023 will also receive free NFT mints.
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There are rumors abound that the OpenSea Pro upgrade may involve an airdrop, similar to Blur. The upgrade mentioned community rewards, which is what set the discussions off related to the NFT marketplace.

OpenSea has unveiled OpenSea Pro, an NFT marketplace aggregator that comes with a number of advantages. The platform, which was previously Gem v2, is still being run by the Gem team and offers more cohesive functionality.

OpenSea Pro is an answer to many of the issues that NFT enthusiasts face, including transaction costs. The team says that the platform was “Designed for this power user community: it’s the fastest and most powerful NFT marketplace aggregator available.”

The regular OpenSea platform will also return to the 2.5% fee. On OpenSea Pro, parties can list on OpenSea for 0% fees for a promotional period.

Perhaps of most interest is the fact that the team refers to community rewards. It states that the company is “charting a different course by featuring NFTs as rewards!” The crypto community has gone wild when it comes to this, with many suggesting an airdrop.

OpenSea acquired NFT aggregator Gem in April 2022. The goal was to the latter’s functionality, such as being able to buy NFTs in batches from multiple platforms. This leads to a reduction in fees spent on purchases.

Will OpenSea Airdrop Tokens?

OpenSea has been facing some tough competition in recent weeks, with Blur overtaking it in terms of market share. The latter conducted its own airdrop, leading to that increase in market share.

An OpenSea airdrop might help the NFT marketplace retain its market share from Blur: Degenz.Finance
Blur vs. OpenSea in Market Share Terms: Degenz.Finance

It could be that OpenSea has its own airdrop in the works to foster a similar kind of surge. Of course, at this point, it all remains speculation, but the fact that it mentions community rewards suggests that this may be in the pipeline. It could also help the platform in its bid to outperform Blur, which saw its token price pump recently.

Some Gem Users Get Free NFTs

One potential outcome is that OpenSea may go all in on providing NFTs as rewards for users. This is more in line with what the tweet implies and could certainly be a different route for the market.

The post also stated that users who used Gem before March 31, 2023, would be eligible to claim a Gemesis NFT. This can be minted directly on OpenSea. This is different from the community rewards, and the team reemphasizes that it is “charting a different course by featuring NFTs as rewards.”


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