Legendary Soccer Star Pele Joins NFT Mania

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In Brief
  • Pelé's NFT collection to launch on May 2.

  • In the recent past, Ethernity Chain has also released the Muhammad Ali NFT collection.

  • Gas-free NFT solutions like Immutable are game changing.

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Ethernity Chain is launching an NFT of the “biggest soccer player of all time,” Pelé. This NFT collection is an addition to their expanding roster of NFTs for athletes and, specifically, soccer stars.

Pelé’s NFT collection is created by Visual Lab and Kingsletter. Even though digital trading cards have been around for a while now, it will be the first collection to feature digitally released Pelé trading cards. They will be available on the Ethernity Chain NFT marketplace on May 2.

Pelé is widely regarded as the greatest soccer player of all time. The Brazilian national is one of the most successful and recognizable sports personalities in the world. He was awarded the Player of the Century award, along with Diego Maradona, in 2000.

Moreover, Pelé has been of a world cup winning squad for a total of three world cups. In fact, he is still the highest goalscorer from the Brazilian national soccer team, despite his retirement in 1971. 90% of the process from his NFT collection will go to his charity foundation, Pele10.

Ethernity Chain expands its reach

Pelé’s collection is not the first high-profile NFT launch on Ethernity Chain’s platform. They have been part of several NFT launches for legendary athletes. Earlier in March, they launched ‘The Ali Collection,” which celebrates the life and legacy of the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali.

In addition to the Ali collection, they also collaborated with the most famous skateboarder globally, Tony Hawk. They made an NFT of a live moment of the first time the skateboarder pulled off an Ollie 540, which is a reasonably tricky skateboarding stunt.

Ethernity Chain recently announced a partnership with Terra Virtua, an entertainment-focused platform to “advance the digital art world and NFTs.”

Since the platform mainly focuses on exclusive high-profile NFTs, they have a charity-based revenue-sharing structure. From each artwork purchase, up to 90% of the amount paid by buyers goes to charity. Out of the remaining 10%, 5% goes to Ethernity, and the other 5% goes towards marketplace and gas fees.

Gas-free NFT innovations changing the game

As the gas fees on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain continue to be a concern, the NFT market is using innovations to bypass this issue. Earlier this month, Immutable launched a Layer 2 gas-free solution for the NFT marketplace, Immutable X.

Only seven days from its launch, the platform has sold 33,479 “Gods Unchained” NFTs, with a total value of over $681,000. This puts the average cost of each trade at $20.48 per trade. If there was a gas fee on these trades, the average value of the trades could be threefold.

Immutable eliminates gas fees by using zk-rollups. They had estimated that gamers using their platform had saved over $1.3 million in gas and transaction fees, in the past seven days.


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