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Space Doodles NFTs: Everything You Need To Know

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Doodles was one of the PFP NFT projects that contributed to the popularity of digital collections and the pre-bear market NFT boom. Popular for its pastel aesthetics and dedicated community, Doodles NFTs remain a sought-after collection. Now, the team behind Doodles has launched a new layer to the project: Space Doodles.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Space Doodles, the team behind the project, and how to buy one.

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What is a Space Doodle?

what is a space doodle

Space Doodles are unique spaceships for your Doodle.

Let’s rewind a second. Doodles, the original project, is a collection of 10,000 NFTs generated from hundreds of characteristics. Some peculiarities include face, hair, head, piercing, body, and background. Similar to other NFT projects, each Doodle NFT has a distinct feature. Some popular traits available in a single portion include holographic aliens, bubblegum faces, stellar sweaters, devil cats, bed heads, etc.

space doodles doodlemap
DoodleMAP ecosystem:

Space Doodles are essentially tokens that wrap your Doodle NFTs using smart contract functionality. You can choose to exchange a Doodle NFT for a Space Doodle. Holders can only hold a Doodle or a Space Doodle, never both simultaneously.  You can also ‘dock’ your space-traveling Doodle and receive the equivalent value of your Doodle.

The generative collection includes 30 unique spaceships. And each Doodle in the 10,000 NFTs collection can launch its own distinct spaceship generated from over 200 audio-visual traits and on-chain stats. The traits in each space doodle typically determine the niche in which your Doodle travels. Also, with these traits, users can evaluate the closest planet sector and the matter emitted from their spaceship’s thruster.

The team behind the Doodles collection

The Doodles concept came from Scott Martin, Evan Keast, and Jordan Castro. Scott Martin, also known as Burnt Toast, is the artist behind the Doodle project; Evan Keast, a former Dapper Labs employee also known as Tulip, helped work on the project’s branding. And Jordan Castro, who previously worked with Evan on CryptoKitties, is product designer. Before Doodles, the team had built years of experience working with big brands, including Google, Dropbox, and Adobe.

What makes Space Doodles unique?

Space Doodles is a project launched as a companion to Doodles. Crucially, Space Doodles have not increased the ecosystem supply; there aren’t 10,000 Doodles plus a certain amount of Space Doodles.

There are still 10,000 Doodles NFTs, including any Space Doodles. If you sell your Space Doodle, you’ll be selling your original Doodle, too.

The ecosystem also benefits from a transparent, decentralized community. Doodle/Space Doodle NFT holders have access to the project’s founders and can collaborate in rolling out new features through the Doodlebank. The community’s treasury used in funding these new updates is currently valued above $5 million.

With doodle-bank, holders can vote and propose new changes to specific aspects of the project. These changes often include creating official derivative projects such as Noodles and Pukenza and contributing to building the project roadmap.

Essentially, the Doodles community and the Doodlebank treasury provide doodle holders rights to effect changes on the platform. Users can suggest ideas, vote for campaigns that benefit the community, and ultimately network and collaborate.

Access to exclusive meet-ups

Doodle and Space Doodle holders have seamless access to exclusive meet-ups, including parties and networking with other investors via events. 

Traits of Space Doodles

Each Space Doodle has a number of different traits.

Audio-visual traits

  • Spaceship: The generative doodles collection features 30 distinct types of spaceships, each with its own variations. Moreover, certain custom models also offer additional variations of these 30 unique spaceship types. They are often identified by the label “MK.”
  • Thruster: Similar to the propulsive device used by spacecraft and watercraft, the thruster in Space Doodles is the matter emitted from the propulsion of your Space Doodle.
  • Sector: The lowest layer of a Space Doodle is a specific area of space where your Space Doodle is currently traversing.
  • Hidden traits: As your Space Doodle moves, you can observe and hear it passing by various fascinating objects
  • Nearest planet type: The planet type that your Doodle is closest to. 

Stats and ladders

Stats are technically your Doodles competence in its spaceship. They are generated on-chain through Chainlink VRF and scale from 1-8, measuring your Doodle’s efficiency in its own spaceship. It’s also important to note that each stat is immutable and highly composable. Some stats included in different doodles include piloting ability, stamina, vibe captaining, mechanical knowledge, and bladder management.

  • Piloting ability: This includes ranges from Baby Yoda-level ability to advanced so-called Mandalorian abilities 
  • Mechanical knowledge: Doodles also have different levels of mechanical knowledge
  • Bladder management: Spaceships are typically compact and not equipped with amenities for personal comfort. Space doodles have a distinct bladder management rating. 
  • Rank: All space doodles are set at one and can be adjusted for future updates and experiences.

How to buy Space Doodles NFT?

If you already have a Doodle, head to the page to transform your Doodle into a Space Doodle.

Otherwise, Space Doodles can be purchased on reputable NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarity, Nifty Gateway, and LooksRare.  As of March 15, 2023, the floor price is currently at 6 ETH. Here’s how you can purchase a Space Doodle.

Space Doodles: Opensea
Space Doodles: Opensea

1. Open an online account

Doodles NFTs run on the Ethereum network, so the first step would be to buy Ether on an exchange such as Bybit or Coinbase. After selecting your preferred exchange platform, you must verify your identity with a government ID.

2. Deposit funds

After verification, you can fund your account via debit or credit cards or a direct bank transfer.

3. Buy or download a wallet

To purchase your Space Doodle from OpenSea, LooksRare, or other marketplaces, you need an Ethereum-enabled software wallet like MetaMask to transact with Ether. Upon purchasing the NFTs, you can send and store them in a hardware wallet like Ledger for additional safety. 

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4. Send ETH to the wallet

After buying ETH on an exchange, the next step is transferring the selected ETH amount to your wallet. Then, open your Metamask account, copy your wallet address, and send.

Note that Ethereum transactions may take a few minutes to complete. However, sending your ETH to your wallet from the exchange should entail minimal gas fees

5. Buy a Space Doodle NFT 

After transferring your ETH to your MetaMask wallet, connect your wallet to OpenSea or other listed marketplaces to purchase a Space Doodle. Some NFTs may have a fixed price listed by their owners, while others are available for bidding. If you bid on an NFT, the owner can accept or reject your bid.

It’s important to note that the party accepting the transaction will be responsible for the gas fee. You will be responsible for the gas fee if you buy an NFT at a fixed price. Conversely, if you bid on an NFT and the owner accepts, they will be responsible for the gas fee.

The future of Space Doodles

With a robust community in the web3 space, Doodles has established itself as a prominent brand in the industry. The launch of companion projects such as Space Doodles and other spin-off collections will likely continue to fortify the stature of Doodles in this evolving industry. 

Of course, the future success of Space Doodles and Doodles is somewhat linked to trends in the NFT market. Many PFP projects are likely to (and already have) died off, thanks to the bear market and a move toward utility projects. Yet, the continued success of blue chip PFPs and web3 entertainment brands with strong, established communities — such as Doodles — seems likely.

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