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Shiba Eternity Review: Is Shiba Inu’s Play-To-Earn Game Worth the Hype?

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by Rahul Nambiampurath
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Looking for a Shiba Eternity review? This is the right place for you. The SHIB army has a new playground. This is the Shiba Eternity game, which is a free mobile game meant to bring awareness to the popular meme coin. After a year in the making, it’s time to play the game and see what it has to do with Shiba Inu (SHIB). 

We’ve played the game, and this is our Shiba Eternity review.

What is Shiba Eternity?

Shiba Eternity is a collectible card game featuring a Shiba Inu theme. The mobile game from Shiba Inu Games was developed in partnership with PlaySide Studios and is available on Android and iOS devices. The mechanics of the game are simple. Two players play against each other as in a classic one vs. one game. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent by leaving him with zero life points. 

The Shiboshi heroes are the ones who call the shots. Players can use spells, cards, and more to fight against their opponent and win the battle. 

The game was announced at the height of Shiba Inu mania in November 2021. At that time, the SHIB cryptocurrency had soared in price and reached an all-time high of more than $40 billion in market capitalization. The Shiba Eternity game was released on Oct. 6, 2022, after almost a year in development. While the price of the SHIB soured, the SHIB army is pleased with the game.

William Volk, a veteran in the gaming industry with more than 25 years of experience at top-tier companies such as ROKiT Games and Activision, is responsible for Shiba Eternity’s development. Since Volk is seen as a prominent figure in the gaming space, the expectations for the Shiba Inu game were high.

In this Shiba Eternity review, we will explore everything there is to know about this collectible card game, from gameplay to the Shiba Inu ecosystem and what the SHIB army thinks about it.

Shiba Eternity play-to-earn mechanics

Meet Ryoshi in Shiba Eternity

First of all, note that the Shiba Eternity game is free-to-play (F2P). Each new player gets a starter deck. The game’s first stage is where you will meet Ryoshi, a Shiboshi who will guide you through the Shiba Inu game. Casual players can quickly learn the basics of gameplay through the offered tutorial-style introduction.

Each Shiboshi will have six core traits. Initially, your Shiboshi starts with no abilities, but you may unlock them later if it comes into contact with PURE FOMO. This allows your Shiboshi to transform itself and unleash a new set of abilities. Shiboshi can also train in various martial arts disciplines. After gaining enough experience, a Shiboshi can face Ryoshi in combat.

The Shiba Eternity game features a large collection of 10,000 Shiboshis heroes and 500 collectible cards. There are also 11 passive powers, 21 special powers, and 6 core traits that allow the game to be played across the entire ecosystem.

In a nutshell, Shiba Eternity is a trading card battle game, and players have to collect the cards. To win the game, you must fight your opponent and get their stamina from 30 points to zero before they do. Players get experience points for their achievements, which unlocks new items. The Shiba Inu game also features in-game currency (called Kibble), which is used as a reward and can be earned while playing. Kibble may be used to purchase card decks and other items. 

Shiba Eternity: initial investment

You don’t need to make any initial investment to play Shiba Eternity. You don’t need Shiba Inu crypto or NFTs to be able to play the game. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can start playing the Shiba Inu game. 

However, the game does feature in-game purchases. The play-to-win element of Shiba Eternity resembles most free games that already exist on the app store. In the “Shop” section, you will find different bundles that include card decks and Kibble, and you may purchase these directly with fiat money, as you would with any traditional game which features microtransactions. 

Nevertheless, the game is free to play, and its main goal is to draw attention to its meme coin — Shiba Inu. 

How to download Shiba Eternity?

Shiba Eternity download

Shiba Eternity can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is a free mobile app, and anyone can download it on their mobile device. 

To download the Shiba Eternity game, search for the game on the App Store or Play Store. Select the game and click to install it on your device.

Google Play button
App Store button

How to play Shiba Eternity?

In this Shiba Eternity review, we will show you how to get started, what the game looks like, and what are the game’s mechanics.

Getting started

Step 1. Install Shiba Eternity

To get started, you will first need to download and install the Shiba eternity game on your device. You can find the game on both iOS and Android app stores. After downloading the game from the App Store, you will see an introductory video when you first open the game. 

Here you will meet Ryoshi, in their dojo, who will be in charge of your training. You will have to input a username to create your account. 

The story of the game is that the Shib galaxy wasn’t always a peaceful place. The ShibArmy has led many fights, and they must not forget their struggles. To make sure the story gets passed down to the next generations, the ShibArmy plays the Shiba Eternity game. 

Ryoshi will introduce your first Shiboshi, who was introduced to allow Shibs to fight without violence. 

The objective is to try to knock out Ryoshi’s Shiboshi. However, there’s no need to worry because the Shioboshi won’t get hurt. The Shiba Eternity game is really about eternity and non-violence. 

Meet Ryoshi

Step 2. Complete the introductory game

When you first open the Shiba Inu game, you will have to finish the introductory game, which will explain the basics of the game. It should only take a few minutes. Upon completion, you will know the basics and what you need to do to play the game. 

Playing the game

For the first match, Ryoshi will guide you in your battle. The first introductory game will show you all there is to know about the game’s mechanism, such as the deck of cards, the dojo (the area where the cards are placed, weapons, different types of cards, and so on). During this first game, you will get used to the mechanics of the game.

Step 3. Play more Shiba Eternity to improve

As you play more matches (and win), you will receive more XP points, Kibble, and wooden chests, which may hold different in-game items. 

Playing decks

Shiba Eternity gameplay

Now that you understand the basics of the Shiba Eternity game, it’s time to start playing and upgrade your rank and your Shiboshis. For this Shiba Eternity review, we tried to play as much as possible to discover all the rules and hacks of the Shiba Eternity gameplay.

The dashboard is the place that you see when you open the game. Here’s where you’ll find everything you need. In your dashboard, you will be able to arrange your card decks, manage your Shiboshis and see all your achievements. 

You now have to select your game style, and you can start playing. Before each match, you may swap your equipped deck and Shiboshi. You will use these cards to fight your opponent’s Shiboshi. 

Types of cards in the Shiba Eternity game:

  • Fighter (When fighter cards attack each other, they both get damaged)
  • Spell Card (each card has a different damage effect)
  • Special Fighters. These cards have a special effect when the specified condition is met. 
  • Weapon. This card enables your Shiboshi to attack. Each attack reduces the durability of this weapon. At zero durability, the weapon breaks. 

Each fighter card is assigned an attack and an armor rating. The attack power of a card is subtracted from its armor when it attacks. The attacking card’s attack power must be greater than the armor of the defending one. If this happens, the attacker card is eliminated from the field.

Let’s see what happens during a game. After you hit the “Play” button, the game will automatically find you an opponent. 

What happens during a Shiba Eternity game?

  • At first, you can choose your starting hand of 4 out of 5 cards. 
  • You will automatically draw one card at the start of each turn. 
  • Each card has different properties — cost, attack, and stamina. 
  • Both Shiboshis start with 30 points of stamina. The Shiboshi that gets to zero stamina first is the one to lose the battle. 
  • Each round has a set Bark power (number of actions allowed in that round). You start with one Bark in the first round. The Bark power increases with the number of the round. This allows you to use stronger cards as the game progresses.
  • During your turn, you may place a card on the Dojo, play a card, and attack your opponent with your Shiboshi. 
  • After you’ve played your cards, you have to click the “End turn” button to end your turn, and your opponent will be able to play his cards. As you end your turn, you will draw a new card. 
  • Your Shiboshi has a Shib Power icon next to it (Tap on it to see it). You may use your power once during your turn if you have enough Bark power left. 
  • When you place a fighter card, it will be sleeping on the first round, and you must wait for another round to be able to use it to attack your opponent. If your fighter successfully defeats your opponent, the opponent’s card will disappear. 
  • You can choose to attack your opponent’s Shiboshi with your fighter card. At the beginning of the game, both Shaboshis have 30 points of stamina. When the stamina gets to 0, you lose. The objective is to get your opponent’s shiboshi stamina to 0 to win the game. 
  • You may always attack your opponent’s Shiboshi, even when there are fighters on the battlefield. 

How to win at Shiba Eternity? 

Each player has a level. You need to earn more XP to level up. Also, You have daily and weekly quests. Complete these quests if you want to earn more XP or Kibble. For this Shiba Eternity review, we’ve played the game more than once. And it wasn’t easy.

When playing a game, you may choose to play a practice game, an unranked game (against other players, just for fun; if you win, you receive a wooden chest), or ranked (to play competitively against others and increase your rank). 

Another important aspect of the game that you need to improve if you want to win and increase your ranking is the Shiboshi. 

There are six core traits that make up each Shiboshi. Activating these will activate the trait’s true form that lies dormant within. Once the “FOMO” takes over Shiboshi, the player is the only passenger in its transformation. The player has no control over the outcome. 

The play can also name the Shiboshi, just like you would name your pet in real life. 

After the PURE FOMO transformation, your Shiboshi will have certain traits. These traits are classified based on rarity. These traits have a different likelihood of appearing, and they are different for each trait.

The six traits of each Shiboshi are: 

  • Fur
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Clothes
  • Headwear
  • Accessory 

For each of these six traits, your Shiboshi may get a different category of trait — common, rare, epic, and legendary. Each trait has a different chance of getting one of these categories. For instance, getting legendary fur has a 0% chance, while you have a 20% chance of getting a legendary accessory. 

Shib powers

When you get a new Shiboshi, you will also be able to train it and give it Shib powers. Or, as Ryoshi put it, across the Shib Omniverse, martial arts disciplines are used by different species. And in Shiba Eternity, your Shiboshi can learn one of the core six martial arts available. 

The discipline you choose for your Shiboshi will give you access to a set of cards that have different abilities and play styles. Once you’ve chosen this, there’s no going back. So take your time to think about what Shib Powers and Trait Cards your Shiboshi can utilize before deciding what discipline will best suit its capabilities. You can view the selected disciplines cards, collected trait cards, and Shib Powers to see what kind of deck and play style you can create.

The game has a cute story, and the characters are nicely introduced. A nice touch is a quote from the first martial art master, Nomshi, who says, “A Black Belt is just a White Belt that never Quit.”

After you choose your discipline for your Shiboshi, you will receive a deck of 15 cards. 

Before each match, you may choose your Shiboshi. Over time, the more you play, you will acquire more than one Shiboshi, and each one will have different powers that may help you win matches. 

How to earn from Shiba Eternity?

Shiba Eternity doesn’t feature any real-life earnings or cryptocurrency. The aim of the game is to get people playing it and getting acquainted with the Shiba Inu universe. With its story, at least, no blockchain digital assets are used in this game. 

Shiba Eternity is very similar to traditional mobile games, and it implements mechanisms that mobile gamers are already used to. There is no place for innovation here because the goal is to create awareness. 

Shiba Eternity review: Is this game worth the hype?

Shiba Eternity deck

After playing the game (and trying to win), the Shiba Inu game seems to be extremely similar to traditional free-to-play games. Here are the good and the bad parts of the Shiba Inu game. 

The good

Just like any other battle card game, Shiba Eternity game has built a story around the origin of the Shibs and why we should play the game (that is, to keep the story alive and not forget the part). Besides the average copywriting, the graphics of the game are pleasing. The game’s mechanics are complex. The game features different card decks that are associated with different shiboshis (the Shiba Inu pets you see in your game). To make it more interesting, the creators of the game have added different traits that are unique to each shiboshi, which resemble NFT collectibles but have nothing to do with it. 

The ultimate goal in the Shiba Eternity game is to level up, get more experience points, and just become better. The SHIB army is playing the game and posting about it on Twitter. They are creating competitions and offer SHIB rewards. 

The bad

There is not enough motivation to continue to play the game. There is no real stake in the game besides increasing your level. The game doesn’t have any connection to the Shiba Inu coin. 

The only motivation to play the game is to compete in the competitions created by the SHIB army. These are unofficial competitions and are coordinated on Twitter. 

Another less encouraging aspect is the pay-to-win component. The game features microtransactions and offers paid alternatives to get ahead in the game. These are extremely similar to any other free game you find on the app store. 

Verdict: is Shiba Eternity worth playing?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a play-to-earn (P2E) game, then you need to find something else. The Shiba Eternity is a simple, free-to-play (F2P) game that also offers pay-to-win elements. 

Crypto users will find it very similar to any other game available today on the app store. However, the SHIB army might enjoy it, especially as they might play against each other. The reality is that this is a rather simple game that lacks any element of innovation. If you are a big fan of Shiba Inu, then you might enjoy playing it. Otherwise, we don’t believe crypto users will find it enjoyable for too long, given that there is no real stake in the game. 

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