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Book of Meme (BOME) Price Prediction 2024/2025/2030

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Book of Meme (BOME) is a Solana-based meme coin that surged in early 2024 as the bulls set the speculative meme coin market alight. One of the newest cryptos to join the $1 billion market cap club, BOME aims to advance and enshrine meme culture on the blockchain. This guide explores the price potential of the meme coin via a battle-tested Book of Meme price prediction model. From fundamentals to on-chain insights to technicals, let’s dive in.


Book of Meme (BOME) long-term price prediction

In the table below, we have outlined probable key price levels for BOME until 2035. Due to the lack of data, it makes little sense to extend the projections beyond that.

YearMaximum price of BOMEMinimum price of BOME

Read along to know how these levels were reached.

Where to buy Book of Meme (BOME)?

This Book of Meme price prediction sets out the potential of an optimistic price path for BOME. For those intrigued by the top Solana meme coin activity, it’s always wise to have a few compatible exchanges to hand. Here are our top choices if you’re looking to trade or buy BOME before any potential future price surges. Remember that meme coins are highly volatile, and prices can dip as dramatically as they can rise.

Top pairs
Payment methods
Third-party processors and crypto transfers
Top pair(s)
Payment methods
Credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers
Top pairs
Payment methods
Bank transfers, crypto transfers, and credit/debit cards
0.1% for spot trades and 0.02% for perps

Also, here are the top BOME markets in case you want to look for other CEXs and DEXs to trade this Solana-powered meme coin.

Book of Meme price prediction markets
Book of Meme markets

Book of Meme price prediction and technical analysis

BOME is a relatively new token in 2024. Therefore, we do not have a lot of actionable trading data to rely on. Keeping this in mind, it let’s first consider a short-term technical analysis to understand how the price of BOME might move in the early part of 2024. 

Did you know? BOME started trading on March 14, 2024, at a starting price of $0.0009838. Within 48 hours it raked in gains worth 1650%.

Here is another take on the price prediction of BOME:

Short-term analysis of BOME

The short-term price chart looks bearish. The hidden bearish divergence, paved by the lower low formation made by the relative strength index indicator, against the price of BOME isn’t optimistic for the long positions. Also, as of March 27, 2024, BOME is currently trading inside a triangle/pennant, with the lower trendline being a vulnerable zone. 

BOME short-term price prediction
BOME short-term price prediction: TradingView

A breach past the lower trendline can push the price of BOME to an immediate low of $0.0128. However, if BOME manages to cross the upper trendline, led by bullish crypto market sentiments, it might have the legs to go as high as $0.015 in the short term. 

With the short-term analysis now established, we need to look further, especially at the four-hour or even the daily chart, to locate long-term patterns. 

BeInCrypto connected with popular crypto analyst Lark Davis to unpack the corrective move of BOME. Here is what Davis had to say to traders and investors:

“The meme game is getting heavily diluted, and while early success can be catalyzed into something more, the unique selling point of BOME or many other memes is not very strong. These coins will rise and fall in spectacular ways, and the long-term winners are far from certain. For meme coin traders looking to make it big, this will usually not be done on big-cap meme coins. Investors looking for outsized gains need to look for memes early on in their cycles, ideally under a 10 million market cap and newly listed.

Can BOME recover and hit new highs? Maybe, but it all depends on if it has a real community behind it or if it is just mercenary capital running from one mega pump to the next.”

Lark Davis, Founder of Wealth Mastery: BeInCrypto

Long-term analysis of BOME

As BOME is a Solana-based meme coin with hardly any historical data set to work with, we can put it side-by-side with the four-hour price chart of dogwifhat (WIF), another meme coin making waves within the Solana ecosystem.

Notice how WIF started aggressively and went on to scale newer highs, as depicted by the four-hour chart. A breakout above the listing day high triggered new highs for this meme coin. For BOME, the level to breach would therefore be $0.029. 

BOME long-term price prediction

Now if we look to the four-hour chart of BOME, an interesting trend surfaces. Notice how the four-hour price action chart of BOME reveals a completed pattern, A-B-A1, with another pattern A1-B1-X in the process. Let us take the key price and distance moves to locate the average price moves.

A to B-70.18% in 2 days
B to A191.24% in 3 days
A1 to B1-25.93% in 2 days

As we can see, we have only a few data points available. However, we can still locate the average price drop percentage from the above table. The average dip is 48.055%. The average price hike is at 91.24%, as it is the only point available.

WIF and BOME compared
Comparing WIF and BOME price action: TradingView

If we look at the dogwifhat price prediction calculation table, the average price hike comes to 718.48%. Also, the average price drop was 59.57% for WIF. Per our BOME price level calculations, the average price dip is almost 80 odd percent of WIF. Assuming that the price hike follows the same ratio, the expected price surge percentage for BOME would be 579.59%.

“Meme coins about to fly”

Joey Hickson, CEO of Break Media: X

We will use these data points to locate the BOME price levels in 2024, 2025, and beyond.

Also, here is a key reason why Solana meme coins are surging:

Book of Meme (BOME) price prediction 2024

Outlook: Bullish

Now that we have the expected average price hike percentage from the calculations made earlier, we can expect the new high or A2 to surface at $0.085. The timeframe might increase as events like Bitcoin halving, whale wallets offloading BTC, and the expectations around the Ethereum ETFs can add to the overall volatility

Book of Meme price prediction 2024
Book of Meme price prediction 2024: TradingView

BOME has already made a 2024 low of $0.010, and we expect this level to hold. Simply put, we do not expect the price of BOME to drop lower than $0.010 in 2024.

For the sake of clarity, we now shift to the daily price chart of BOME.

Projected ROI from the current level: 548%

Book of Meme (BOME) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Moderately bullish

Now that we have the expected high of 2024 or A2, the low in 2025 could be at a correction of 48.055%, from the calculations made earlier. This point, or B2, could surface by early 2025 at $0.0445. With other meme coins like Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Dogwifhat, and Pepe breathing down BOME’s neck, the 2025 high could be restricted to under 100% — 91.24% from the table we prepared earlier. 

bome price prediction 2025
Book of Meme price prediction 2025: TradingView

Therefore, the BOME price prediction for 2025, or rather the point A3, could form at $0.085 — similar to the 2024 high. 

This shows that between 2024 and 2025, the price of BOME might be rangebound.

Projected ROI from the current level: 548%

Here is how Solana’s meme coin frenzy has impacted traders:

Book of Meme (BOME) price prediction 2026

Outlook: Bullish

In 2026, the Book of Meme (BOME) is expected to continue its upward trajectory, driven by ongoing developments within the Solana ecosystem and broader market trends. As the crypto market matures after the 2024 Bitcoin halving, increased adoption and utility for BOME could push its price higher.

  • Maximum price: $0.186
  • Minimum price: $0.09

Given the projected maximum price of $0.186 and a minimum of $0.09, investors should watch for significant price movements around these levels. The increase from the 2025 maximum ($0.085) to the 2026 maximum ($0.186) indicates a potential price appreciation of over 118%. This bullish outlook suggests that strategic investments in BOME during market dips could yield substantial returns.

Projected ROI from the current level: 1428%

Book of Meme (BOME) price prediction 2027

Outlook: Bullish

The year 2027 is projected to be more neutral, characterized by price consolidation and stabilization. This phase often follows significant bullish runs, as the market adjusts and finds new equilibrium levels.

  • Maximum price: $0.287
  • Minimum price: $0.19

For 2027, the maximum price is projected to be $0.287, with a minimum of $0.19. This period of consolidation may see BOME trading within a narrower range compared to the previous year. Investors should be prepared for sideways movements, with occasional fluctuations driven by market sentiment and broader crypto trends.

Projected ROI from the current level: 2198%

Book of Meme (BOME) price prediction 2028

Outlook: Bullish

Entering 2028, another bullish phase is anticipated for the crypto market, driven by technological advancements and increased adoption of blockchain solutions. For BOME, this could mean breaking previous highs and reaching new price levels.

  • Maximum Price: $0.388
  • Minimum Price: $0.15

The maximum projected price for 2028 is $0.388, with a minimum of $0.15. This bullish trend indicates a potential for significant gains, as BOME could benefit from the positive market sentiment and broader acceptance of meme coins within the crypto community. Strategic entry points during market corrections could provide lucrative opportunities for investors.

Projected ROI from the current level: 3034%

Book of Meme (BOME) price prediction 2029

Outlook: Bullish

The bullish momentum from 2028 is expected to carry over into 2029, further driving the price of BOME upwards. Continued network adoption, new partnerships, and technological integrations within the Solana ecosystem could significantly influence BOME’s price.

  • Maximum price: $0.489
  • Minimum price: $0.20

For 2029, the projected maximum price is $0.489, with a minimum of $0.20. The steady increase in price levels highlights the ongoing positive trend for BOME, suggesting that the coin could continue to attract investor interest and achieve substantial growth. Monitoring key market developments and maintaining a diversified investment strategy could help maximize returns.

Projected ROI from the current level: 3854%

Book of Meme (BOME) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Bullish

Now that we have the 2025 low and 2025 high in sight, extrapolating the figures until the year 2030 is possible using the Fib retracement indicator. Even though the extrapolation might not always be linear, it does give a ballpark level to which the price of BOME can scale, provided network adoption and popularity rise.

BOME price prediction 2030: TradingView
BOME price prediction 2030: TradingView

This extrapolation puts the 2030 high for BOME at $0.59

Projected ROI from the current level: 4404%

Reading the technical indicators: How can you proceed?

You might not always have access to this page or the internet. Therefore, here are a few technical considerations to look at if you want to self-learn the secrets of BOME trading:

1. Moving averages:

  • Explanation: Moving averages are used to smooth out price data to identify trends over a specific period. They can be simple (SMA) or exponential (EMA).
  • Application: For BOME, plot the 50-day and 200-day moving averages to identify potential buy or sell signals. A crossover of the 50-day MA above the 200-day MA (Golden Cross) might indicate a bullish trend, while a crossover below (Death Cross) might signal a bearish trend.

2. Relative Strength Index (RSI):

  • Explanation: RSI measures the speed and change of price movements, oscillating between 0 and 100. Values above 70 indicate overbought conditions, while values below 30 suggest oversold conditions.
  • Application: For BOME, monitor the RSI to anticipate potential reversals. An RSI above 70 might indicate a price correction is due, while an RSI below 30 could signal a buying opportunity.

3. Fibonacci retracement:

  • Explanation: Fibonacci retracement levels are horizontal lines that indicate potential support and resistance levels where the price could reverse direction.
  • Application: Apply Fibonacci retracement from BOME’s recent high to low. Key levels to watch are 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%. These levels can help in predicting potential bounce-back or reversal points.

4. Volume analysis:

  • Explanation: Volume analysis examines the number of shares or contracts traded in a security or market to confirm trends and predict reversals.
  • Application: For BOME, analyze trading volumes alongside price movements. High volumes during price increases can confirm a bullish trend, whereas low volumes during a price rise might indicate a weak trend.

Historical analysis of Book of Meme (BOME) price

The future price of a crypto has a lot to do with its historical journey. Even though the timeline is quite restricted for BOME, here are some of the inferences:

Initial volatility and speculation

  • The sharp rise in BOME’s price immediately after its launch indicates high initial speculative interest. This is common for new cryptocurrencies, where early investors often drive up prices rapidly due to hype and speculative trading.
  • Lesson: The early stages of a cryptocurrency are often marked by high volatility. Investors should be cautious and consider the risks associated with speculative trading.

Market correction

  • The subsequent correction following the initial surge shows that early gains are often unsustainable as early adopters begin to take profits. This led to a stabilization of prices in the following months.
  • Lesson: Market corrections are a natural part of the cryptocurrency lifecycle. Investors should be prepared for price adjustments and avoid panic selling during these periods.

Impact of utility and integration

  • The integration of BOME with decentralized storage solutions like Arweave and IPFS and the announcement of Bitcoin inscriptions provided real-world utility, which helped stabilize and gradually increase its price.
  • Lesson: Adding utility and real-world applications can positively influence a cryptocurrency’s value. Investors should look for projects that offer tangible use cases.
  • General market trends and listing on additional exchanges significantly impacted BOME’s price. Increased accessibility and visibility often lead to higher trading volumes and price appreciation.
  • Lesson: Broader market trends and strategic partnerships or listings on popular exchanges can play a crucial role in a cryptocurrency’s price movement. Keeping an eye on these factors can help investors make informed decisions.

Community and ecosystem development

  • BOME’s involvement in the Solana ecosystem and partnerships helped maintain investor interest and supported its price.
  • Lesson: Active development and participation in a larger ecosystem can enhance a cryptocurrency’s appeal and stability. Strong community support and continuous development are key indicators of a project’s potential.

Summary of BOME price history

DateEvent/Key updatePrice rangeAverage price
Feb 2024Launch
Mar 14, 2024Initial trading begins$0.000858
Mar 16, 2024All-time high$0.02805
Apr 2024Market correction$0.012 – $0.015$0.0135
May 2024Integration with Arweave and IPFS$0.010 – $0.014$0.012
Jun 2024Announcement of Bitcoin inscriptions$0.013 – $0.018$0.0155
Jul 2024General market trends$0.014 – $0.014$0.014
Aug 2024Listing on additional exchanges$0.012 – $0.016$0.014
Sep 2024New features and partnerships within Solana ecosystem$0.011 – $0.015$0.013

BOME price prediction and fundamental analysis

First of all, here is the MVRV, or the Market Value to Realized Value metric of BOME, which has been under one for quite some time now.

Book of Meme price prediction and MVRV
BOME MVRV: Dune Analytics

This shows how undervalued BOME is—a parameter that can lead to an increase in buying pressure. 

Here is how BOME influenced the Solana ecosystem:

Also, notice how the Unspent Realized Price Distribution (URPD) levels for BOME have been steadily moving up. Simply put, this indicates several price resistance levels, meaning that holders have acquired BOME tokens at a higher price and could sell if the price reaches their preferred highs or resistance levels. 

Book of Meme price prediction and URPD
Book of Meme price prediction and URPD: Dune

For the price of BOME to increase, the URPD towers must start going down. However, the silver lining to this analysis is that holders are buying at a higher price and planning to hold, demonstrating faith in the long-term valuation of BOME.

“We had three days where the number of first-time traders exceeded the number of recurring traders quite a bit. You do want to see as many days where first-time traders exceed recurring traders as possible because that shows us that new people get in. This shows us that the price can potentially rally at some point.”

Gerhard, Creator of the Bitcoin Strategy Channel: YouTube

Also, the social chatter around BOME is increasing:

Therefore, the focus going forward should be on the MVRV levels and the number of holders to successfully track the price of the BOME token. Notice how the holders have dropped.

BOME holders
BOME Holder trend: Dune

This Dune dashboard can be kept in sight to notice probable price-related movements. 

Comparative analysis: Book of Meme vs. other Meme coins

To provide a broader market perspective, let’s compare the performance and market metrics of Book of Meme (BOME) with two popular meme coins: Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). This comparison will help understand the potential path BOME might take by examining historical price patterns and key events that influenced these well-known meme coins.

Dogecoin (DOGE):

  • Launch date: Dec. 6, 2013
  • Market cap: $10.5 billion (as of June 2024)
  • All-time high: $0.7376 (May 8, 2021)
  • Notable Events:
    • Initial popularity: Dogecoin started as a joke but quickly gained popularity due to its active and engaging community.
    • Elon Musk’s Influence: Significant price surges were observed when Elon Musk tweeted about Dogecoin, most notably in early 2021.
    • Widespread acceptance: Increasing acceptance by merchants and the launch of Dogecoin-funded projects like the Dogecoin-sponsored NASCAR and charitable initiatives.

Shiba Inu (SHIB):

  • Launch date: August 2020
  • Market cap: $6.3 billion (as of June 2024)
  • All-time high: $0.00008845 (October 28, 2021)
  • Notable events:
    • Initial hype: SHIB gained rapid popularity in 2021, often referred to as the “Dogecoin Killer.”
    • Vitalik Buterin’s donation: Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin donated a significant portion of SHIB to an Indian COVID-19 relief fund, causing a temporary price drop followed by recovery.
    • Ecosystem expansion: The launch of the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange and plans for a broader ecosystem, including NFTs and other tokens (LEASH and BONE).

Comparative price patterns

Dogecoin (DOGE) price history and patterns
DateEvent/Key updatePrice rangeAverage price
Dec 2013Launch
Jan 2014Initial surge$0.0002 – $0.0015$0.00085
Dec 2017Crypto Bull Run$0.001 – $0.018$0.0095
Jan 2021Elon Musk tweets$0.008 – $0.08$0.044
May 2021All-time high$0.08 – $0.7376$0.4088
Jun 2024Current price$0.055 – $0.065$0.06
Shiba Inu (SHIB) price history and patterns
DateEvent/Key updatePrice rangeAverage price
Aug 2020Launch
Apr 2021Initial surge$0.0000006 – $0.000035$0.0000178
May 2021Vitalik Buterin’s donation$0.00002 – $0.000015$0.0000175
Oct 2021All-time high$0.000035 – $0.00008845$0.0000617
Jun 2024Current price$0.000008 – $0.00001$0.000009

Comparing BOME’s potential path

By analyzing the historical patterns of DOGE and SHIB, we can draw some parallels and potential paths for BOME:

  1. Initial surge and correction: Like DOGE and SHIB, BOME experienced a significant surge after its launch, driven by hype and speculative trading. This was followed by a market correction as early investors took profits.
  2. Community engagement and social media influence: Social media and community engagement played a significant role in the price movements of DOGE and SHIB. BOME could see similar patterns if it successfully engages its community and leverages social media influencers.
  3. Project developments and utility: DOGE and SHIB saw price boosts from major project developments and increased utility (e.g., ShibaSwap for SHIB). BOME’s integration with decentralized storage solutions and potential expansions could similarly boost its value.
  4. Market sentiment: The Fear & Greed Index and other sentiment analysis tools show that market emotions heavily influence meme coin prices. BOME’s price will likely follow broader market trends and sentiment shifts, just like DOGE and SHIB.

By comparing BOME with established meme coins like DOGE and SHIB, we can anticipate potential price patterns and influences. Community engagement, social media influence, significant project developments, and overall market sentiment are key factors that will shape BOME’s future price trajectory. Investors should monitor these aspects closely to make informed decisions.

Is this Book of Meme price prediction model accurate?

This Book of Meme price prediction takes key fundamental elements and detailed technical analysis levels into consideration. While the optimism around the price of BOME is evident, traders should do their own research (DYOR) and approach this meme coin frenzy with more than a touch of caution. Meme coins are a highly volatile asset class and profits when investing are never guaranteed, regardless of optimistic future projections.

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