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Aptos (APT) Price Prediction 2024/2025/2030

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Aptos makes a compelling case for those interested in proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain projects with novel elements. This web3 facilitator isn’t just unique but also incredibly fast, theoretically capable of hitting 150,000 tps. But is the innovation and ingenuity enough to push the price of APT, the native coin, to greater heights? We explore every possibility in this comprehensive Aptos price prediction.


Where to buy Aptos (APT)

The price of Aptos is trading close to its all-time high. And once it breaches this key level, we might see it surging further. For those who don’t want to be late to the party, here are a few exchanges to consider for buying and trading APT.

0.05% to 0.60%
100+ countries
Top pairs
0.01% to 0.1%
180+ countries
Top pair (s)
100+ countries
Top pair (s)
APT/USDT, APT/BTC, APT/ETH, and 3 more
Aptos price prediction and markets: Coinmarketcap
Aptos price prediction and markets: CoinMarketCap

Besides the mentioned names, you can even pick from the featured list, as captured in this snapshot. These options allow you to purchase APT tokens using stablecoins or other popular cryptocurrencies. Also, if you wish to engage with APT long-term, it is best to use a cold wallet to store the coins.

Why is Aptos good? Exploring the fundamentals

Aptos network is a proof-of-stake (PoS) layer-1 chain with several key fundamental elements adding to its credibility. For starters, it takes the concept of blockchain scalability to a whole new level, all thanks to the novel consensus mechanisms focused on accommodating high-volume transactions.

Powering Aptos is Move, a new kind of programming language that focuses on efficiency and security. With new standards of data management and asset representation, Move cuts out the likelihood of vulnerabilities and bugs, adding to its unique fundamental presence. Another blockchain, Sui, uses Move as its go-to programming language. 

A quick Aptos explainer:

Before any confusion emerges, we are not considering PoS as a novel consensus mechanism. Instead, Aptos employs the BFT or the Byzantine Fault Tolerance PoS consensus mechanism for high transaction throughput, where transactions are handled sequentially. This way, the privacy-focused blockchain brings in better scalability. 

For more details regarding insights into the Aptos network, Aptos roadmap, and even the Aptos project team, check out our detailed Aptos guide

Did you know? The Move programming language was initially developed as part of the Diem project, envisioned by Facebook in 2019. The project aimed to introduce a blockchain-specific payment system.

Besides the mentioned fundamental elements, Aptos also throws in the concept of proof-of-participation (PoP) in an implementational way. Based on the amount of native APT coins held, users can participate as validators or even earn staking rewards.

As a developer-centric ecosystem, rising developer activity is one of the key elements or metrics that can be used to gauge the future price of APT.

Development activity: Santiment
Development activity: Santiment

Also, check for the instances where the developer activity line crosses below the price action. This move usually pushes the prices higher.

Check these crucial fundamental elements:

APT price prediction and the on-chain metrics

Looking at the number of active users (daily count), we can quickly surmise that even a small surge in the count can be good enough to push prices higher.

Aptos price prediction and active users: Token Terminal
Aptos price prediction and active users: Token Terminal

Let us now include other metrics — active addresses or token holders and active daily transaction count — in the discussion above. As you can see, both the metrics have been rising steadily — reasons why the price of APT is already up close to 50% over the past 30-days, as of April 1, 2024. 

Aptos analytics: Dune
Aptos analytics: Dune

Therefore, if you wish to track the future price of Aptos (APT), it is advisable to be on the lookout for even the smallest of surges in the user count, active address count, and transaction count. 

Here, the price volatility metric always pushes the prices higher whenever the related line crosses below the price line. Low volatility is, therefore, good for the price of APT. 


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Aptos price prediction and volatility: Santiment
Aptos price prediction and volatility: Santiment

Besides the mentioned metrics, you also need to track the decentralized finance (DeFi) presence of Aptos. In a world where Ethereum and its layer-2 platforms have massive TVL-specific presence, the network is making giant strides, positioned 15th in terms of decentralized finance (DeFi) total value locked. 

Aptos and the DeFi presence: DeFillama

You can even track popular Aptos wallets to track how tokens are being moved from private addresses to exchanges and vice versa. This on-chain metric also helps track the price action by underlying bucket buys or potential sell-offs.

“TVL’s aptos has increased by 84% to reach 500 million, indicating that there is still ample room for development in the Aptos ecosystem.”

Someone Degen, crypto researcher: X

Other on-chain and relevant metrics that you might consider exploring:

Technical analysis and the future price of Aptos (APT)

As of April 2, 2024, Aptos’s on-chain metrics align with the crypto market’s bullish state. Also, the price of APT is trading close to its all-time high price of $19.90, further adding to the optimism. Let us now focus on the technical analysis elements to see how the prices might move in months and years to come. 

Short-term price prediction

The daily chart reveals that APT has broken out of the ascending wedge pattern on the upside. However, we should be eagerly looking at the price action that follows once the candle rebounds from the upper trendline if it does. The weakening relative strength index indicator hints at bearish divergence, something that can push the prices lower and back inside the wedge.

Short-term analysis of APT: TradingView
Short-term analysis of APT: TradingView

However, if the RSI briefly moves above the 75 mark or the price action manages to move higher from the current level without needing the RSI to come to the party, the next resistance for APT could be at $19.42. As mentioned earlier, the price of APT is moving close to its all-time high, which might be a tough level to beat.

A correction can push the price of APT tokens all the way down to $14.8. Even the Fib retracement level coincides with our short-term price hike target of $19.4.

Long-term APT price forecast: Calculations included

Let us now shift our focus to the long-term analysis of APT tokens. For that, we shall still consider the daily chart while looking for the broader patterns. Keep the broader aspects in mind, we have zeroed in on four patterns for APT — A-B-A1, A1-B1-A2, A2-B2-A3, and A3-B3-A4. The date and price percentage ranges between every two points of these patterns can help locate the average price hike and average price dip for APT. 

Aptos price prediction and long-term analysis: TradingView
Aptos price prediction and long-term analysis: TradingView

Let us take a look at the table with all the key values:

A to B-70.87% in 67 days
B to A1565.28% in 32 days
A1 to B1-52.56% in 39 days
B1 to A252.93% in 4 days
A2 to B2-68.10% in 211 days
B2 to A3136.50% in 85 day
A3 to B3-32.64% in 19 days
B3 to A4157.33% in 63 days
Table 1

We shall now use all the data points from Table 1 to locate the average price hike and average price drop percentages for APT. 

Average price hike: 228.01% in 46 days, approximately

Average price drop: -56.04% in 84 days, approximately

We shall now use these pointers to chart the APT price forecast for 2024, 2025, and beyond. 

All price levels and calculations: TradingView
All price levels and calculations: TradingView

Aptos (APT) price prediction 2024

Outlook: Bullish

Now that we have the last discernable high — A4 — we can use the average price dip of 56.04% to locate the possible low APT can chart in 2024. This surfaces at $8.50. We can mark this point as B4. Despite the charted dip, we do not expect the price of APT to drop as low, considering the bullish crypto market. But it is always good to be safe and keep a more practical view of things in a market this volatile.

Aptos price prediction 2024: TradingView
Aptos price prediction 2024: TradingView

Based on the possible low for 2024, we can expect the next high of the 2024 APT price forecast to surface around the $27.90 mark per the calculated average price hike percentage. However, to reach this point, APT must breach several all-time highs. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 59%

Aptos (APT) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Bullish

Keeping the average price drop percentage of 56.04 in mind, the next low, or rather 2025, low for APT could surface at $12.27. The next high, provided the Aptos project team keeps adding to the innovations and the fundamental elements, could go as high as $40.4272. 

Aptos price prediction 2025: TradingView
Aptos price prediction 2025: TradingView

Do note that the timeframe might vary from the average levels, but the price projections remain valid regardless. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 133%

Aptos (APT) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Bullish

In 2026, we can expect the price dip percentage of 56.04 to hold, as many APT wallets will book profits. Keeping that in mind, the 2026 low could find support at $17.78 — closer to the price point reached in April 2024.

However, the high in 2026 might not follow the same trajectory of 2024 and 2025 with bears expected to show up in the crypto market by that time. 

Aptos price prediction 2026: TradingView
Aptos price prediction 2026: TradingView

Therefore, in 2026, the price of Aptos might surge by 52.93% — the lowest percentage hike per Table 1. This puts the 2026 high at $27.23. Now that we have the 2026 low and the 2026 high — the projected levels — we can extrapolate the findings to find the key levels up to 2030. This puts the 2030 high for the price of APT at $133.05.

Aptos price prediction 2030: TradingView
Aptos price prediction 2030: TradingView

Projected ROI from the current level: 666%

Aptos (APT) price prediction until the year 2035

If you want to analyze the future price of the Aptos token until the year 2035, we recommend taking a closer look at this table.

YearMaximum price of APTMinimum price of APT

However, for the price of APT to reach the projected levels, the market cap of the Aptos crypto should keep increasing along with the use cases of the Aptos network.

Does APT have a future?

Our Aptos price prediction model substantiates people’s belief in this layer-1 blockchain network. However, the future of this ecosystem will depend on its implementation of the privacy features via the Move programming language and the type of decentralized applications (DApps) it hosts. As a development-focused network, we believe the network and ecosystem activities will define the path for Aptos going forward. 

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