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GamerHash Second AMA Session With BeInCrypto

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to another BeInCrypto AMA Session!

Today we welcome Artur (@Xar00) who is CMO of Gamerhash. By the way, we already held an AMA with Gamerhash last year so please refer to the following page in case you want to check some of the questions previously made here.

GamerHash is an innovative, blockchain-supported application that facilitates the exchange of desktop computing power for virtual goods provided in the integrated marketplace.

(This AMA has been edited for clarity)

COMMUNITY: Here is how things will work. I’ll have some questions for him. After these questions, they will pick up five out of all the questions you asked before the session. Good luck to you all!

Let’s get started >>

BeInCrypto: Please introduce yourself to our community and share as much info as you want about your activities.

Artur: Hi, I am Artur, CMO at GamerHash,I have worked in the digital space for more than 15 years. During this time I  managed teams in one of the top Swiss corporations in Zurich, with a team of over 50 people.

Our product – GamerHash is an app that mines cryptocurrencies for you. We direct the idle CPU & GPU of gamers to mine crypto. Gamers install our application on PC and our system is calculating real-time, which two out of twelve cryptocurrencies should be mined.

There is always one crypto mined on CPU and one on GPU.

How profitable is it for the user? Currently, the average gaming PC mine costs monthly $100, and we don’t calculate 24/7 usage – just when the computer is idle (on average). Daily-earnings are sent on a daily basis to users who can withdraw their BTC to the wallet. Of course, there is so much more to GamerHash than just mining such as Play&Earn and GamerCoin.

We can be trusted as GamerHash is almost four years old and has more than 690.000 users!

BeInCrypto: Tell us a few words about Gamerhash and some of the utilities of $GHX? How do you think you stand out among the competitors if there are any?

Artur: GamerHash is for anyone who has a desktop computer or a laptop with at least Windows 7 (macOS and Linux app as well), is connected to the Internet, has around 3–5 minutes to register on and install the app.
Our second model of earning is play & earn where you can play video games, complete some tasks and receive rewards for that.

About standing out from the crowd, the answer is easy – We bring value!

The process of crypto mining is overall very complicated which requires extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies, advanced IT skills, etc. You need to know how to set up software and hardware and it requires users’ constant supervision! Otherwise not only will the process have an adverse effect on the devices used, but also it will lower the profitability. The GamerHash platform is a solution to all these problems.

Can you share the achievements the team has made so far? What are the major targets GamerHash is yet to accomplish according to your roadmap?

Artur: Indeed we have won the top 3 conference pitch competitions. In 2019, we won the AIBC Malta Summit. A week after we got to Singapore to the Blockshow conference organized by Cointelegraph, and also we got an award there. Three months later, in January last year, we flew to Miami for the North American Blockchain conference and were awarded again.

I’m really proud of our team as it was a hard 4 years of work and the awards confirmed our hard work and validated the strategic concept.

We are actively developing the NFT marketplace and we’ve just purchased the Sandbox land and we expanded to Binance Smart Chain and started STAKING, see it here and participate.

As I always say, CZ from Binance said some time ago adoption will come through gaming, as no one is more prepared than gamers to exchange digital assets. I truly believe that too. Our plans are ambitious and the updates will be concerned with the GHX ecosystem, GHX usability, and referral, P2E, Metaverse, NFT, and cross-chain. I am super excited about it!

As you can see above, the plan is serious and GHX token-wise there is a lot to do. With all the developments presented. GamerHash will be a truly web3 and NFT integrated place and leading the way into rapidly emerging trends. We would like to be active in the metaverse ( remember our tremendous parcel in Sandbox?!) + help other emerging projects with GamerCoin Launchpad and Play&Earn developments. We love NFTs, so there will be happening a lot in this direction, too.

BeInCrypto: How can the users benefit from your platform?

Artur: Using our platform, the users are earning passive income!

They just share the computing power and then daily the rewards are coming to their wallet. We are planning to bring to life the GamerHash app 2.0. It will be more powerful, faster, and more secure. The UI and UX designs are constantly improving and GamerHash will be part of that change. Stay tuned because we will definitely share some designs and mockups before the launch.

BeInCrypto: What is the total supply of the token? Also, please tell us a few words about tokenomics.
GamerCoin ($GHX) is a native GamerHash platform token based on the ERC-20 standard. In every single moment, more than half of a million of our users are doing “earning & ‘spending” transactions on the platform. GHX will improve this internal exchange and additionally will make mining & Play&Earn more profitable. As written in our White Paper there will be an amount of the tokens monthly which will be shared among gamers participating in the platform.

I have mentioned “spending” above. GamerHash has a marketplace included in the platform. Users can buy digital products out of +600 digital proposals – can pay for their Netflix or Spotify with us. Or go shopping with Amazon. Or many get the favorite game.

Our tokenomics are very conservative. At the TGE, our SmartContract generated 880mil of tokens, 36,6% were sold in private sales. We reached a hard cap of $2,8m and got oversubscribed.

In general, GHX combines the top qualities of blockchain & gaming – it’s the perfect time for us. Just see what is happening with Sandbox, Enjin, Exeedme, and many others.

BeInCrypto: What problems do you see in the industry right now and what problems is the GamerCoin team aiming to solve?

Artur: The application has been created with non-technical people in mind who would like to reap the benefits of virtual currencies. You don’t have to pay anything upfront, the only thing you need to remember is to turn on the application.

Time is money, or in this case, your computer’s time is money so the longer the app is operating, the more funds or Bitcoins accumulate in your wallet.

BeInCrypto: I’m quite sure we’ve covered all the main topics today. Could you please share all the links to your Social Media channels so that our community can get to know Gamerhash a little better?

Artur: Sure, find us on:

Twitter | Discord | Telegram| Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Medium | YouTube   


Community: From the AMA, I can see that there’s a lot that the GamerHash team aims to achieve, ranging from integrating NFTs to a P2E model. What systems/measures have been put in place to ensure that the team meets all these objectives in your roadmap? How do you mitigate against possible setbacks in your operations?

Artur: A great question, we have a very talented project management team and special tools for PM, we are setting the priorities and always working not only hard but also smart.

Community: Don’t you think GHX should be available on all major exchanges and in many pairs like BTC or ETH on the same exchange?

Artur: We are preparing some great updates, GH proceeds step by step and the NDA holds me to reveal more exchange plans, but acc. to the roadmap we will be on a new exchange.

Community: In order to strengthen a project, it is important that the people involved in it or the project managers are properly skilled.  Can you tell us about your team members’ backgrounds or skills?  Are they qualified and professional in their case?  What qualifications do you need to recruit team members to carry out this extraordinary project?

Artur: Our team is highly qualified, we have people with extensive backgrounds, just look here (scroll down to see the whole team), we are also joined by some reputable advisors such as Justin Plantholt, Ari Last, etc.

Community: To increase token value, you need to start a Coin Burn/ BuyBack program. My question is, do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token to make attention to Investors invest in your project?

Artur: Well, we are constantly developing and trying to assure our investors that GamerHash is a real deal and the team of founders is fully committed to developing the project and that’s why we have a token burn process, see it here.

Community: The epidemic is still raging in the world today.  In the current Russia-Ukraine war, people are responding to massive donations to show the power of crypto through crypto.  My question is, is your project somehow funding this war?

Artur: GamerHash is against #war, #propaganda, #disinformation! They’re people who need safety more than anyone. We help Ukrainians who are now struggling by donating money here. As you also probably know, the Polish community is very strongly involved in helping.

Our neighbors are looking for shelters and GamerHash cannot stay aside in such a situation. Therefore, we will hand over the company apartment to people who have run away from the war in a hurry – until they can get back on their feet. We hope, it can be a chance for a fresh start,

Please let us know your ideas on how else we can help you, as we are aiming to take further steps. We are connecting with the international community, and we want to help as much as possible and encourage our partners to do the same

We wish peace & safety to everyone.

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