• Former NBA player Kris Humphries has given his support to Chainlink.
  • He called it the best solution for incorporating data into smart contracts.
  • He is one of many professional athletes who have gone 'all in' on cryptocurrencies as of late.

Kris Humphries, a former professional basketball player, has praised Chainlink on Twitter as “the only solution to bring data into smart contracts.”

There are quite a few players in the sports world who have voiced their support for cryptocurrencies in the past year. For example, Russell Okung, offensive tackle for the LA Chargers, has been a prominent Bitcoin bull for some time now. However, we seldom hear about professional athletes throwing their weight behind altcoins.

Kris Humphries Is a Big Fan of Chainlink

Kris Humphries is a former NBA center and power forward who was playing in the league from 2004 to 2017. You may also know him for his high-profile, and short-lived, marriage to Kim Kardashian in 2010. However, did you also know he is an avid fan of Chainlink (LINK) as well?

It seems that he has come around to fully supporting the cryptocurrency industry—and he didn’t mince words recently in voicing his support for Chainlink.

In a recent tweet, he tells his followers that the world will soon rely on smart contracts.

“Chainlink is the only solution to bring data into smart contacts through a decentralized, secure manner,” he writes.

It was one of two tweets where he voiced his support for Chainlink. In another, he simply tweeted “Chainlink.” The replies from LINK fans were overwhelming support, happy to have another prominent supporter among them.

LINK May Be Rebounding

In the past month, LINK has seen some hiccups in its price activity. On the bloody market day of March 12, it even dropped close to $0 on Binance due to a slippage error. Although almost touching $5.00 in early March, it crashed to $1.68 shortly after. However, it seems to be staging a rebound this month. At the time of writing, it is up 18% or so for the day and is currently trading for $2.85.

LINK is often promoted as the best protocol for smart contracts on Ethereum and other platforms. Other companies have undoubtedly taken notice of the potential of smart contracts. For example, last year, BeInCrypto reported that Microsoft unveiled its own Azure smart contract auditing tool.

Ethereum’s main selling point recently has been decentralized finance (DeFi), which also relies on smart contracts. However, the assets locked-in to Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem have plummeted in the past few weeks. It is currently unclear whether or not Chainlink will form a pillar of Ethereum’s DeFI ecosystem—but if Ethereum is to be a bridge with other platforms, we can expect Chainlink to play some role.

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