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Blockchain-Related Scam Emails Reach Nobel Prize Economist

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Nobel laureate and economist Paul Krugman told his followers on Twitter that he has been receiving suspicious emails about his ‘blockchain wallet.’ The problem is, he doesn’t have a blockchain wallet.
Scammers have been a fixture of the cryptocurrency space since its heyday, but they’ve been trying every trick in the book to expand their operations. From fake giveaways to posing as tech support, scammers will never cease to reinvent their tactics to defraud more victims. scam blockchain cryptocurrency It seems that even Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman isn’t spared from the reach of scammers, either. Krugman took to Twitter recently to say that he received an email about funds being deposited into his blockchain wallet. He speculates that “some kind of fraud” is going on because he does not even own a blockchain-related wallet. The message caught the attention of many in the cryptocurrency industry, like Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. He took to Twitter to give Krugman a simple tip — to install Metamask to block a long list of cryptocurrency scam sites. Most, however, were mocking Krugman’s honest question. Responding with “OK boomer” memes and calling him old and stupid, it’s unlikely that these replies did anything but make the entire cryptocurrency industry look really childish. Much of the cryptocurrency community’s dismissal and mockery of Krugman is based on the economist’s established hostility towards current implementations of the technology. He has called himself a ‘crypto-skeptic‘ in a piece in the New York Times. Paul Krugman His reasons include the fact that Tether (USDT) is not actually backed 1:1 in dollars, something Tether’s co-founder has himself admitted. He also cites the high blockchain transaction costs associated with the most popular cryptocurrencies as an issue, which he finds unsuitable for actual global use. Based on his criticisms, it’s clear that Krugman could, someday, still come around to the idea of cryptocurrencies. However, mockery won’t bring anyone closer to the blockchain cause. Although it is easy to dismiss Krugman’s concerns as naive, it’s a similar question that millions of people who aren’t crypto-natives would ask. Buterin was the only one to provide support to Krugman with a clear and concrete answer.


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