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Bitcoin Sees Multiple Whale Movements, AI Altcoins Attract Traders, While Terra Classic Dips 5%

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Updated by Maria Petrova
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The recent price fluctuations around $43,00 for Bitcoin show some interesting trends from whales who are increasing positions. At the same time, AI-based altcoins such as InQubeta (QUBE) and Borroe Finance (ROE) are also in the news lately.

Whale Alert’s revelations that Bitcoin price only at $43,000 has been a centerpiece of interest given its volatility. Whales owning between 1,000 and 10,000 BTC rose to 1,958 which is opposed by smaller whales (100-1,000 BTC) that declined to 13,735. This data points out a nuanced market with more significant investors accumulating as the smaller ones may have started diversifying probably.

The most recent acceptance of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC altered the dynamics for investing in BTC. These are ETFs that allow regular investors to partake in Bitcoin but in a controlled way thus attracting bigger holders and possibly leading to more growth in terms of BTC whales.

Terra Classic’s Dip Amidst Challenges

Despite controversies associated with Terra Classic (LUNC), the project appears to still captivate investors in recent times. As of the time of writing, the value of LUNC is down by 5%, with its large circulating supply of 5.8 trillion. 

The network is powered through staking, price stabilization and incentivizing validators on its proof of stake blockchain using LUNA which is the reserve currency for Terra.

Borroe Finance – Transforming Web3 Financing

With Borroe Finance’s (ROE) presale, whales are now shifting their interest towards the platform as it aims to transform Web3 financing. Borroe Finance’s mission revolves around the introduction of a blockchain invoice discounting NFT marketplace, driven by an AI system to help address business concerns with regard to accessing funding.

Via its platform, businesses can create NFTs that reflect their future revenue streams such as subscriptions, royalties and management fees.

These NFTs are then sold through the marketplace at a discount, giving firms early capital while allowing investors to invest in and support their favorite projects.

Powered by blockchain technology, the project also uses AI-driven risk assessments and smart contracts to overcome all the barriers associated with fundraising via the traditional finance route, which includes long approval times and cumbersome paperwork.

Borroe Finance aims to provide fast, safe and effective transactions to accommodate sellers and buyers in the Web3 financing space.

Currently, the ongoing presale is at stage 4 and investors can purchase ROE at $0.019 per token. 

Over 86% of the tokens allocated for this round have already been sold and Borroe Finance has been able to raise more than $2.7 million from its initial coin offering (ICO) so far.

Taking advantage of the transparency feature that blockchain provides, all transactions are stored on the ledger and irreversible. 

This works on top of the AI-powered vetting processes that further ensure safety for investors on its platform. In addition, the codebase of Borroe Finance has passed audits carried out by Block Audit – one of the leading smart contract audit platforms. 

Borroe Finance Presale

InQubeta’s QUBE – Simplifying AI Crowdfunding

InQubeta (QUBE) is a new AI crowdfunding platform in the cryptocurrency space. It is currently at stage 7 of its ongoing presale and has raised over $8.6 million, with claims that it aims to initiate a new way of connecting AI technology startup founders and investors.

The QUBE tokens form the core of InQubeta ecosystem and offer an investment avenue for AI technology enthusiasts. Through deflationary mechanics together with a 5% selloff charge contributing to a dedicated reward pool, holders of QUBE are able to take part in staking their tokens; this allows them to earn for themselves while actively participating in support of AI technology start-ups’ growth trajectory.

Furthermore, InQubeta has launched an exclusive NFT marketplace where fractional NFTs can be used by AI start-ups to list their investment opportunities. This promotes affordable investments by QUBE token holders while simultaneously setting up a mutually beneficial relationship between investors and start-ups.

Token holders will have decision-making powers which they can exercise through this democratic approach that will help shape the platform’s development, operations and future path.

 InQubeta foresees a future where blockchain and smart contracts foster transparency, security, democracy and thus growth as well as success of AI technology start-ups.

InQubeta Presale

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