Missing Bitcoin Key Appears: Craig Wright’s ‘Shadowy Courier’ Reportedly Delivers

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The price of Bitcoin SV is pumping once again on developments regarding the Craig Wright vs Kleiman court case. Rumors are now circulating that the final key missing from the mysterious Tulip Trust has now been delivered to the Satoshi Nakamoto claimant.



Bitcoin SV, the cryptocurrency championed by Craig Wright himself, has reacted quite positively to the news, moving from a weekly low of around $160 to more than $200 at the time of publishing.

Most of these gains have occurred in the last couple of hours. The catalyst for the sudden move appears to be the spreading rumor that Wright has now received the final part of the private key that will unlock the original cache of more than one million Bitcoin mined in the cryptocurrency’s infancy. Screenshots, apparently taken from a Slack channel, show Wright appearing to confirm the rumors. Arthur van Pelt of Dragon Industries posted the following tweet documenting the revelation:



Bitcoin SV proponent and CoinGeek contributor Eli Afram also posted with reference to Wright’s apparent court filing of the missing part of the private key next week:

Wright currently stands accused of stealing half of more than one million BTC mined at the beginning of the cryptocurrency’s existence. Bringing the case against him is the brother of Wright’s former partner Dave Kleiman. Ira Kleiman argues that if Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto, as he claims to be, half of the Bitcoin mined belong to his brother.

Wright has given the court the runaround regarding the missing private keys. This resulted in 22 pages of a 23-page court document being dedicated to all the times the defendant appears to have attempted to delay the course of justice over the ongoing court hearings.

As BeInCrypto reported on Friday, Judge Beth Bloom of the Federal District Court for Southern Florida gave Wright until February 3 to produce the missing part of the private key that would allow him to give the Kleiman estate the billions of dollars he has been ordered to pay as settlement. As evidenced numerous times in many court documents, the judges in the ongoing proceedings have little faith in Wright’s ability to produce the necessary information. According to court documents, Wright will receive some form of sanction as punishment if he fails to deliver information from his “mysterious ‘bonded courier‘” by early next month.

If the rumors that appear to be pumping the Bitcoin SV price are indeed true, it looks like Wright will take a big step closer to settling the case and shining light into the mysterious origins of Bitcoin. However, as judges and Craig Wright critics have already pointed out, Wright has a history of bending the truth when it suits him. BeInCrypto will bring you more on the story as it continues to develop.


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